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  1. Even though you dont post here anymore I still hold you deep in my heart. Hopefully one day we will be able to meet and maybe even hit it off. Until then, wishing you the best on this wonderful day for you!
  2. I'm actually thinking about dick enhancement for the rest of the year. Not the enhancement in terms of making my dick bigger, because Im extremely happy with my size and every woman I've been with likes it. Im talking enhancement in terms of being able to shoot my load like a porn star every time. More often than not, it just seems to dribble out; and from routines I've read where you exercise your PC muscles you can shoot every time. From what I've read, a fleshlight actually helps with this. Both in terms of shooting and delaying orgasm. Anyone have any testimonials?
  3. the simple answer is pump some iron. Lift that fucking bar like you are picking up a secret government agent ninja up and slamming him down,.

    ok is this a fantasy draft set up?
  5. just got a promotion and pay bump to 75k
  6. After this badboy in Detroit, I gotta re-up. Dude puts on an amazing show.
  7. @DirectTrust after rolling thru your hood twice, Ive determined its a fucking shit hole. I'd rather live in Detroit, tbh.
  8. anyone know the name of the song Rhianna first comes out to? nvm figured it out
  9. How is "stepee" pronounced?

    nah bro post your pic again and let others judge, but you def have a young phil collins look to you
  10. 1939 World Series footage in color

    cant say i care much about that video or baseball in ggeneral.
  11. I actually laughed at this

    Older than the secret government ninja hiding in your closet
  12. How is "stepee" pronounced?

    I say young phil collins
  13. I would not. It would always end up in the back of my mind whenever she came home late, went out with her g/f's, etc. I wouldnt want to endure that sort of torture.
  14. lets start with who you DISLIKE
  15. did you like me when I was gay?
  16. I hate everyone of you. No one brings anything to the table here from an entertainment standpoint.
  17. Post your pic!

    You aint Bomb, thats for sure.
  18. because he hit and run? He has a family, he isnt going to settle down with you.
  19. bomb got exactly what he was wanting for a years time and you just handed it to him like its a napkin. You could have made him work for it and buy you some shit at least.