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  1. So their navy is still crazy like they were during the Falklands era I see...
  2. https://news.usni.org/2017/11/17/nasa-aircraft-joins-search-missing-argentine-submarine-44-sailors-u-s-navy-submarine-rescue-crews-equipment-mobilizing Subs are freaky
  3. As resident cripple I pardon the ableist comments in my on going campaign to replace the term with simply "asshole".
  4. http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/360739-pentagon-retweets-then-deletes-post-calling-on-trump-to-resign Thus ended the career of a Media Specialist E-4.
  5. How large a military would this actually amount to (active duty, not reserves)?
  6. It's evening, hurry up. Apparently this reporter kicked off the Valerie Plame story.