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  1. Butcher's bill estimate: 50,000 American troops dead 500,000 - million South Korean dead Global recession / depression Possible escalation with China
  2. Uday gives up secret service protection

    Fredo, Uday is too much of a complement.
  3. So how's this all going to unfold? Mueller just going to hold a press conference and drop a bunch of indictments or they going to drip out?
  4. It also plays into Trump's paranoia that this is about overturning the election.
  5. He was one of the main pilots followed in PBS's "Carrier" series.
  6. Except the sidewinder somehow missing...
  7. https://livestream.com/wab/tailhook2017/videos/162478715 @SFLUFAN @CayceG
  8. And this is why we need Federal community based long term care. Right now nursing homes are the default option and home based care needs Medicaid Waivers (including waiting lists that last years) in each state. Sick part is the nursing industry has fought community based care tooth and nail claiming nursing homes provide better care since they are regularly inspected and everyone is "trained", fucking bullshit.
  9. Well hi thar

    Oldest in the Phase 3 Trial with my type (type 2) was 15, and the X factor seems to be how many motor neurons are just "sick" vs completely dead. Doctors aren't comfortable talking about results yet outside the trial data and there just simply isn't any published for adults. The FDA gave it an open label for adults because the results for kids was so good that the the Phase 3 type 1 (the type known for killing infants) trial was ended early and transitioned to an open study so no type 1 kids were getting the placebo. From my interactions online, the results in my age and type are all over the map. It's RNA therapy so any real shouldn't be showing in any commercial doses yet, but a lot are reporting positive results. Doctors are considering a "win" as slowing progression, halting progression, or improvement.
  10. Well hi thar

    Looks like I'll be getting my first $125k Spinraza dose this fall!
  11. Season was slow at first but got really good fast.