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  1. The Eve player in me wants to resub just to see how badly Liquid Ozone prices (fuel for cyno beacons) spiked after that.
  2. I legit think the red line for Republicans is if Mattis goes, that's when this gets scary. Beyond that Republicans won't stand up to Trump because they fear the base.
  3. Different committee has jurisdiction? Thought Generals and Admirals have to be reconfirmed for every 3 and 4 star billet they move into.
  4. $20 says Lockheed releases a statement that Sniper Pod wouldn't have needed 3 attempt to lock the UFO and that ATFLIR Pod sucks.
  5. Stephen Hawking dies at 76.

    I've done that...
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/trump-proposes-us-space-force-to-guard-the-galaxy A Space Corps has been being pushed for by some in Congress, basically break Air Force Space Command off and form Space Corps under the Department of the Air Force (like the Marines). I don't see the point of having an entire branch's force reporting to a single command (US Strategic Command which oversees space).
  7. I have seen Captain America 1, half of Iron Man 1, and GotG 1, that's it.