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  1. I just want to be in one. Is that cool?
  2. LTTP: Mirror's Edge:Catalyst

    Folks are selling me on this. I loved the first one. 
  3. With me starting up school again, I know this is not happening for me any time soon. 
  4. The Miz GOES OFF in a promo with Daniel Bryan

      I know. I'm pretty sure there was some areas of truth in there and they amped it up for smack talking on Talking Smack. Still, it's rare when we get those moments where it's so intense and good. 
  5. LTTP: Mirror's Edge:Catalyst

      This is the first time I am hearing or seeing a comment as this. I would hope it is with new tech and lessons learned from a good foundation in the first game. Could you share some things you have seen as you played?
  6. The Miz GOES OFF in a promo with Daniel Bryan

    I know! Both her and Maryse either did not know or they sold the hell out of this. 
  7. LTTP: Mirror's Edge:Catalyst

    I haven't played it but it seems that they really dropped the ball and tool a step backwards with Catalyst. It seems very consistent among readers and professionals that it's meh and you seem to confirm it as well. Sad cause the first, with flaws, was great with a future up side.    I'll get to it someday.
  8. As a long time viewer when I have to question at this point in pro wrestling what's reality and what's kayfabe for a promo, the star has done a good job.      Wow! I've always liked Miz on the mic but this right here....WOW!!!! He snapped. 
  9. The year of shoulder injuries continue

    Seth gets another guy. I love Seth but he's rough in the ring. 
  10.   Yup! Have to watch this. 
  11. NBA 2K17 First Official Trailer!

    Had no intentions to get this or at least day one but that 92 Dream Team pre order bonus may have sealed the deal for me.
  12. Anyone pre order nba 2k17?

      Thanks for the heads up!  
  13. I just watched my copy last night. It really does feel like a 3 hour movie and some parts of still nonsensical but I liked this version MUCH better than the theatrical version. As I was watching I couldn't understand why some of the scenes were cut. Many scenes, to me any way, tended to connect the dots with some intentions or at least gave me a 1 +1 = 2 explanation. Bruce easily getting duped to fight still rubs me wrong,  Lex's motives are still lost in translation, and the fight as great as it is, is still the probably still the highest point of stupidity in the movie as it still did not need to happen.    Still, IMO, a much better watch than the theatrical version as I think more and more about it. WB really shot themselves in the foot. 
  14. I am looking forward to this. It may not be day one but I am glad it's going back to a horror type situation than the action oriented stuff we've gotten for the last couple of games. I personally think they are setting us up with these teasers to think the game is something else. Even if it is something else now, I am still looking to see what the result is.