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  1. Going into The Force Awakens with the idea that Finn was a force user and seeing that he wasn't was kind of a bummer but seeing as how it set up the audience to reveal that it was actually Rey (great by the way), I really don't want Finn to have force sensitivity now especially getting his butt whooped by Kylo Ren. If he was force sensitive, it should have been hinted and not be something that forced onto the audience in the coming films. I am so fine with Finn being the new Han Solo type character.
  2. The last 2-3 years of All Star games have bored me to tears cause the guys are just chucking up 3pt shots. I always hope for the days of when the 1st 3 qtrs were exhibition then the 4qtr the competitive nature would come out and folks would play some D. I'll watch the intros, which unfortunately has become my favorite part of the All Star game now, and watch when Russ and KD are in together but if we have an 80-78 half time score, I may cut it off and do something else.
  3. Gordon was obviously favoring an injury. Too bad he didn't come in 100% healthy.
  4. Damn!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Ugh! That first round of this 3pt contest is pretty ugh right now. C'mon Clay!
  6. C'mon SWAGGY P!!!!
  7. OMG!!!!! James Harden looking like an extra for the Wizard of Oz in that Tin Man jacket,lol!
  8. That was an ugly first round for Kemba. Those money balls saved his a**.
  9. Pozingis winning that trophy is the closet gold Knicks fans will see, lol!
  10. Yeah, unfortunately they saved the best effort for last.
  11. That's what it should be. Don't get me wrong, Jar Jar got way too much attention is Phantom Menace but the hate was crazy! It didn't help that George tried to justify Jar Jar every 20 seconds in interviews. This is the way to write him away as he knows the issues he caused (within Star Wars and the fanbase, lol)
  12. Might have to finally pick up Infamous Second Son.