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  1. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    I actually just check some picture of Tyler Hoechlin as I have never seen Teen Wolf but he actually seems to really fit that image of what Superman looks like. He seems fit. That is just one terrible ass photo. Maybe it was on purpose or just somebody not letting other eyes get put on it. Superman looks terrible there. 
  2. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    That is one bad picture. I think this is probably the worst first shot of a major character in my life. This is Superman and that's what we get? And maybe he looks the part when we see more photos but that one RIGHT NOW..........that picture makes his look puny as hell. Superman doesn't need to be Arnold big but lets be real, he grew up on a damn farm. Clark has the build of a football player due to his being raised on a farm and soaking in the sun, well at least to me. Even in the John Bryne Man of Steel mini series (my favorite Superman story), Lois comes over to Clark's apartment and she notices that he has weights which he uses as a cover but she notices that they are much too light for a man of Clark fit build.    Dude is puny as hell in that pic!
  3. I hope they tell a good story about her having to face racism and sexism at that time but at the end, I want the story to be strong. The Rocketeer had a strong story with good action that dd not feel dumb or over the top. This needs to do the same. I am sure when it's time to put on the mask, the hero will act.    Looking forward!!!!
  4. Indonesia prepares to send 14 to the firing squad

      What's the issue? 
  5. Flooded apartment, comics ruined, need opinions

    Update!!!   I finally got thru my losses. I lost damn near my whole Amazing Spider-Man collection as I have bought almost every Amazing Spider-Man since 340 to now, a good chunk of my Batman comics (#600 and prior), all of my New 52 Batgirl, Green Lantern Corp, and Green Lantern New Guardians. Some incredible Hulk stuff that was current and old. Thank goodness for the few things I bagged in the last year or 2. But still, hard to actually have to throw that stuff away.   On the good side of things, insurance gave me the maximum of what they could give me of course minus their deduction.    Comixology has a sale on New 52 Batgirl so I will be re-buying those digitally. If I replace comics it will probably be in a digital format with the exception of a couple of comics that I NEED physically. 
  6.   Pretty much. Hopeffully they do a good job to make this access to the jetpack believable but at the same time address the reality of that time. . 
  7. What I want from Madden 17

    I think Madden needs to allow people to continue their franchise from one year to the next. I'm pretty positive I am not the only person that puts time into that mode and would love to continue it. Other games are transferring information obviously we've seen this in Mass Effect but I am positive that MLB the show allows year to year continuation of career/franchise mode data, and even NBA2k16 took the facial data of my career and transferred all that information automatically from the NNBA2k15 save data.    C'mon EA...get on it. 
  8. Loved that movie growing up! Interesting where they are going so far BUT I want this to happen. We should have had a follow up Rocketeer long time ago. 
  9. GWG for August

    Good month. Too bad I own 2 of those already but still a good month. 
  10. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

      This actually captures my thought on the film in addition to not a lot of action. It was very small scale when you think about a character rich with mythology as Thor. 
  11. Justice League: official Comic-Con trailer

    OMG!!! That line.......powerful.
  12. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

      I honestly didn't have high expectations for it as I thought it would be the most boring of those first movies. I thought it was the 2nd best behind Iron Man with Thor being the worst. Thor wasn't bad, just not enough action in it for my tastes. 
  13. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

    I do know that Cap 1 is not highly regarded almost but not as downed like Incredible Hulk which I thought was a great movie. Again, I am in the minority.