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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think I will eventually get these but I am going to wait awhile since I played the hell out of these games last gen.  
  2. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    It will be interesting to see where they go with the price. The price, to me anyway, determines the market they are going for. Are they going to cater to the serious gamer market with the idea that the family and casual market will eventually become adopters or the family friendly price which is probably means they are selling the consoles at a loss in hope to level out with long term sales. (I am by NO means a business major, lol) This doesn't seem like cheap tech to me.    Will Nintendo cause another innovative trend that Sony and MS try to copy?
  3. so what's everyone thinking Nintendo Switch is going to cost?

    I think it will be $299 at the very least. This is a hybrid home console and handheld system. I agree with @Paperclyp as this is not just the next "gameboy". This is seriously take your console on the go with you. With that it wil have some power in it to be full fledged portable living room console on the go that we have never seen before in this type concept.    I think it will be $350 to be honest. 
  4. Official General Comic News Thread

      I was going to ask the same question as well. He seemed pretty doucebaggy prior to AvX. I used to read Uncanny X-Men all the time but when I graduated from grad school I dropped out a comics for a little bit and Cyclops just seemed to be more, how to put it, assertive than he was in the past. I also know that him and Xavier had a major falling out prior to AvX I am still trying to catch up on. He really went wildcard after AvX. 
  5. Official General Comic News Thread

    I am happy to see X-Men Blue and Gold. I am not a fan of how many solo X-Titles are releasing. Looking like Marvel is trying the "let's see what sticks to the wall" method as they do every so often. I'd be lying to you if I told you I wasn't curious about the various titles coming but I won't be buying all though. 
  6. Official General Comic News Thread

      I have to agree. The Rebirth stuff, that I have been getting,  has been really good. DC is really killing it and I am not questioning or trying to justify things I read like I have to do with some of the Marvel stuff of late.
  7. Official General Comic News Thread

      I did not even think about that...........    
  8. Logan: Official Trailer #1

      I think it gives enough but I guess I am happy we had no major reveals or spoilers like the BvS trailers. I hate to beat the dead horse again but the BvS trailers were by far the worst and that tends to be my measure of movie trailers now. 
  9. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    That was a damn good trailer. Gets you in emotionally, teases some conflict, and DOES NOT spoil anything.    With that being said, this will probably begin the Logan blackout. 
  10. Official General Comic News Thread

    Thinking of X-Men......   Death of X #2 - Tensions are rising and Cyclops is off the damn chain! This was a good read for me. Fun and kept me engaged especially since there was no fisticuffs action. Decent so far. 
  11. Official General Comic News Thread

    It is interesting to see the various time periods in these covers. I wonder what is coming from that but I am just happy that X-Men comics are still coming!
  12. Ghostbusters was a decent movie

    I thought it was fine. I loved Kate McKinnon's character. 
  13. Shipping 10.26.2016 - Week 43 Pull List

    CIVIL WAR II #6 (OF 8) $4.99 EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #15 $3.99 Wow, next week is probably going to be a HUGE week. 
  14.   I did not even think about that. That thing will need some good duration but probably will have a short battery life. 
  15. WWE 2K17

      While it was a learning curve on last year's game, I mastered the submission and loved it. This year it's tougher. I haven't tried the button mashing option.