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  1. James Franco Multiple Man movie in development

    I like James Franco and hopes this happens.
  2. The theatrical cut was the definitive version of the film and should have been the one shown. The theatrical version removes many small plot points that have a major impact that contributes to Luthor's plan to have Batman and Superman face each other. It's not a masterpiece of story telling but it helps so much where the theatrical version fails. Just my opinion. Regardless of the version one watches, BvS is a disappointment.
  3. Anyone watching Punisher?

    I only got thru episode 1 but loved it. Looking forward to more episodes over the rest of the weekend.
  4. Unfortunately yeah, that news probably will be running thru.
  5. Official General Comic News Thread

    I was reflecting on this editor change as well. Axel had some good moments but much of his time had probably more controversy than good regardless of what was happening good or bad. I do welcome the fresh change though to be honest.
  6. Rampage Trailer

    Perfectly said. Some movies just have the right kind of dumb to be entertaining.
  7. Rampage Trailer

    Yup, agree as well.
  8. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Even some of the actresses have come out and said they liked their costumes.
  9. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    I just got thru watching the first episode of The Punisher. It was good! I know I won't be seeing JL this weekend due to Punisher and WWE Survivor Series.
  10. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Looking forward to your impression.
  11. Rampage Trailer

    Truth be told it looked a lot better than I thought it would. I only had an interest in it due to The Rock but I had low expectations due to Hollywood trying to make a movie out of weird childhood properties now. The trailer did score some brownie points for me and I did enjoy San Andreas. I'll keep an eye out on this one.
  12. 2017-18 NBA Regular Season Discussion

    Celtics are legit and Kyrie is a much better player and leader than I've ever given him credit before.