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  1. OH SNAP!!!! Lost Odessey!!!!
  2. Shipping 10.5.2016 - Week 40 Pull List

    You're right. I need to tone down the hope and excitement. Well hope any way. I still don't care for the Inhumans they are pushing like Vince McManhon when he has his new star he wants to push all over people in WWE. Marvel is doing that over pushing with Inhumans. 
  3. LOL!!!!   I forgot who recommended it but that was there praise for it. 
  4. It was knocked? GTFO!!!!   That game is sweet as hell! I so missed that time of the negativity. Well at that time I really did not care for FPS as much as I do now. 
  5.   It's fun as hell. I remember I bought it due to the recommendation of a D1P member stating in something to the degree that I had to get Bulletstorm as it will "tickle your dick". LOL!!!   Also, Steve Blum who has done the voice for Wolverine for years in various animation and game projects lends his voice to the main character in the game. As I was playing it, I thought the voice was familiar and sure enough I knew why. 
  6. Supergirl: Season 2 "Now on CW!"

    Doesn't look bad at all. 
  7. Aw hell......I need to finish this game on my 360. I started it up this summer for the first time and while fun, I got away from it. 
  8. Damn, If you had bought a physical copy, I would have easily bought it off of you. I enjoyed the movie. 
  9. Shipping 10.5.2016 - Week 40 Pull List

    BATMAN #8 (MONSTER MEN) $2.99 CYBORG #2 $2.99 GREEN LANTERNS #8 $2.99 NIGHTWING #6 (MONSTER MEN) $2.99 SUPERMAN #8 $2.99 ALL NEW WOLVERINE #13 $3.99 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #19 BDNM $4.99 DEATH OF X #1 (OF 4) $4.99 UNCANNY X-MEN #14 $3.99 This will the first of my all digital purchases but I have learned that I will have a few options in town if I want to get physical comics.    Death of X better bring it. Whatever happen from X-Men here on out, write something GOOD!
  10. This is the first excellent month I can think of where I was happy for both PS4 games. 
  11. I can see it being an issue playing the older REs if your first was 4. That would be tough. 
  12. Wow!!!!!! I am glad that this was posted. I almost bought Transformers last Saturday and was debating picking it up this week. (Eyebrow wipe)
  13. Shipping 9.28.2016 - Week 39 Pull List

    Let me add this to the list as I did not know this was part 3 of a story...   DETECTIVE COMICS #941 (MONSTER MEN) $2.99
  14. Bayonetta is sooooooooooo good.