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  1. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

      A few things seem like a stretch to get things back to "status quo". Have you read the latest and last issue of Grayson? (This is not a spoiler since the comic is coming back) He will be going back into the world of Nightwing but how they resume things after the fallout from Forever Ever seems like a HUGE stretch. Hell the end to DC Rebirth to me was a stretch.     Like I said, it will be interesting to see how they work thru things after this. To be honest, things will probably be more disjointed than before cause it seems like the writers will have the ability to pick from Pre-Crisis, Post Crisis, Post Zero Hour, and New 52 histories if they wish. Could be a good and bad thing depending on the writer. 
  2. Official General Comic News Thread

    Grayson #20 - While I did not want this series to end, it comes to an end. It was overall a good read would have much better except for one thing. Dick had the mental toughness to get out of his situation. I wondered how he would go back to his life as his identity was outed in Evil Forever and there was a way that he's able to go back to his life. Now I don't know if that was the greatest solution. Seemed pretty whack to me.     But Nightwing is now back. This was a really good series overall though.
  3. Official General Comic News Thread

    Convergence was garbage, hot garbage. Nothing was good about that. 
  4. Favorite MS game by year: 2007

      I mean immediataely started after the credits. Created my character to be renegade and played for maybe a good hour or two. 
  5. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

      While true, only a small few will recognize and or acknowledge that. 
  6. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    Great game. Hats off to both GS and OKC for a great series. I am bummed that 72-10 won't be the standard cause I think GS will beat Cleveland in 6 games and to be honest, I could see GS taking down the Cavs in 5 games.   
  7. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    I don't know what to expect Monday. I can see the game going to each team in various ways but with the series going back to Cali and the Thunder just not playing well as when they peaked. They look like they are losing steam. But if the Thunder play less sloppy, I can see them wining.    Game 7 is gonna be on!!!
  8. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    I needed to get to sleep early Monday night.......GUESS THAT'S NOT HAPPENING NOW!!!!
  9. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    GS wins game 7. The Thunder have put themselves against the wall. 
  10. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    Thunder will be hearing this until game 7......    
  11. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

  12. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    I am shocked as well, lol! As Marv said that the crowd is shocked. 
  13. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    That's how you silence a crowd!
  14. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!
  15. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    Klay seriously doesn't get the respect he deserves due to who he plays with.