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  1. Ultimate Deletion

    I watched it. Like others have constantly, what the hell did I watch? But I was engaged though.
  2. Does the PS Store suck for you?

    The shit is horrible. Finding things are just plain stupid. I just happen accidentally ran across Mutant Football League a few weeks ago. I would have a had ZERO clue it was releasing if I seriously wasn't goofing off and for some odd reason decided to just keep scrolling down one page. It's not good.
  3. Ultimate Deletion

    OH DAMN!!!! I hope there is a version that is released with the whole thing.
  4. Ultimate Deletion

    I don't know if the ultimate deletion was received well because it sure was cut off from the Hulu version of Raw. It's broken up into 2 min pieces on youtube but I want to see the whole thing in totality uninterrupted.
  5. Ultimate Deletion

    I don't get it either. I've tried to understand it but I guess you had to catch it from the very beginning. It's interesting but I don't care for it.
  6. Yup, I sure do. People have bad intentions.
  7. Shipping 3.28.2018 - Week 13 Pull List

    DARK NIGHTS METAL #6 (OF 6) $4.99 DAREDEVIL #600 LEG $5.99 (Maybe)
  8. God of War Has Gone Gold, A Message From Cory Barlog

    I don't want to see the son die at all. I am a father for real and that would crush me. Also, I know it's the thing to make Kratos more miserable than any human can bare but I hope that doesn't happen at all.
  9. God of War Has Gone Gold, A Message From Cory Barlog

    I'm ready to hack the hell out of monsters and beasts! BRING IT!!!!!
  10. Deadpool 2 last minute reshoots

    Can't wait.
  11. Ever hated a movie then ended up liking it?

    Yeah, I see myself coming around to this film lately. Initially I was so adamantly against it and was like meh when i first saw it. But I have revisited a few highlights of the movie recent and have had a change of heart on it. Still wish it had a R rating though and wish it did better cause despite how I felt initially when I first saw it opening weekend, I wanted a sequel for this.
  12. @Dodger Damn! I wish I had a answer for you. That's messed up. I would hope that family wouldn't take advantage of other family but unfortunately it happen more often than not. Do you have any other family to turn to for help or advice like uncles or aunts? I'm sure you have probably thought of that already but I'm just trying to suggest. Peace of mind is so important. hang in there man.
  13. @AndrewDean84 I wish you well buddy. I know it's not easy for you and your wife. I trust you are doing your duty as a supportive husband to keep your wife's spirit up. I don't know if you are a spiritual man but keep the faith alive. With modern medicine, I trust that things will work in the favor of both your wife and you.
  14. Current job situation is not good and a serious crossroad is coming. I hope that I nail an upcoming interview for a job I know I can do so I can leave my current situation and seriously have peace of mind. The interview isn't for some time as it's scheduled in April and the wait is seriously driving me nuts.
  15. I doubt that game will see a sale anytime soon knowing Nintendo's track record for discounting games.