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  1. BATMAN #20 $2.99 - OH YEAH!!!!!! NIGHTWING #18 $2.99 ALL NEW WOLVERINE #19 $3.99 AMERICA #2 $3.99 - First issue wasn't as good as I thought it would but enough for me to see what's in store for issue 2 CAPTAIN AMERICA STEVE ROGERS #15 $3.99 IRON FIST #2 $3.99 X-MEN GOLD #1 $4.99 Uhm, Marvel is popping off Steve Rogers like every 3 times a month, lol!
  2. @JVC920 I really appreciate you passing those links. I will not get not get Jean Grey outside of the first issue since Hopeless is writing it as his All New X-Men was the weakest of the current X books, IMO. Then while I was a tad excited for Astonishing X-Men cause Bishop is on the team, saw that Charles Soule is writing. Dude is a serious meh roller coaster of a writer. Some moments of brilliance then a lot more so-so writing. Sad to say but I can easily pass on this. I will at least give the first arc of Astonishing a try. Not interested in Gen X at all.
  3. If I can avoid it, I will. I know that the theater will probably most likely get me but I can accept that in the theater but if I am at home or on the net, I'm keeping it moving.
  4. Watched a few so out of order. These are good. It's Wrestlemania SEVENTEEN !!!!!! LOL!
  5. Thanks for sharing, that's a great run down.
  6. I will take it if you aren't going to use it. I just about extra storage for my PS4 and will definitely get a game.
  7. Sony must not like me. I haven't gotten this code or the last one from some months ago. I'm a PS4 day one adopter DAMMIT! (In a Vince McMahon voice)
  8. Yeah, I am so over the young X-Men in the present. I wonder what will be THAT EVENT that gets them back to their time and mind wipes them. It was fun when Bendis was writing since it was teens adjusting to situations and that is up his alley but it's over. The reason the blue appeals is that Magneto is their teacher. I'll see what the first arc offers but Gold is where my attention is at. I love All New Wolverine and have recently gotten into Old Man Logan which is pretty damn good. I've liked Cable so I may give that a try. Gen X, Iceman, and Jean Grey will get the first arc try out from me. I have little interest in but DAMN the have Greg Land on there and I love his art.
  9. Almost done with video 1. Dude is very critical in his comments, things I never thought about as I was playing but on the other hand can agree with him on some other things. I do want to play this now.
  10. The first Iron Man 3 trailer was beast! I like Iron Man 3 (now) but that trailer is still better than the movie, lol!
  11. I don't know. I think the first Civil War Trailer says hello. I can't remember the last time a trailer has me so hyped and especially that it was so little in reveals.
  12. That's all I needed to know. I won't watch it. Thank you.
  13. Is it too revealing?
  14. I will put some time into these.