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  1. My exact same thought bro.
  2. I too struggle with high blood pressure but he has money and resources we do not. That man cannot be 230. I am 5'10 and am 220. I work out, weight lifting mostly, and most my my friends and random strangers always comment about how buff I am.
  3. Your 2017 Year In Review from Playstation

    Dude, I was surprised that for my 3rd most played game with MGS 5, I put 87 hours into that game. Damn and I pretty much enjoyed all of them once I got the hang of the game. Easily one of the best games I have ever played despite some issues in gameplay design I question still to this day towards the end of the game. I don't like games that artificially extend games and Konami did this here. I wonder if that was a Kojima or Konami decision?
  4. 2018 WWE HOF reveals

    HA HA HA!!!!!
  5. Venom movie

    So knowing that this film will be based on Lethal Protector which I love and Planet of the Symbiotes which I have never read, I decided to go on my Marvel Unlimited Subscription hoping it was there to read. It was. While I wasn't too familiar with the story, I was worried that they were taking material from both these stories from what I knew of them. After reading Planet of the Symbiotes, I am now seriously scared for the movie. If it takes some material lightly like how The Wolverine took some light elements of the Wolverine mini series, I guess I can see that but the major problem with Venom taking material form these two stories is the fact that the major conflict Venom encounters in these stories are Other symbiotes and I mean a huge number of them which is mot a spoiler due to the title PLANET OF THE SYMBIOTES. Rumor is that Carnage will be the bad guy. Okay but if they go the other route with a number of symbiotes being the baddie or baddies, that may be too much for a mainstream audience to handle on the first go with Venom. Hell, this isn't a good first outing for comic fans familiar with the source material, lol. The other problem again is that Spider-Man serves as a central character in these two stories helping Venom to fight off the antagonist. Plus Planet of the Symbiotes is not a good read. I can see some elements pulled from these stories but they are so small that I can think of other stories without Spider-Man that they can use for material. We will see but keeping the expectations low on this but I hope the screenwriters and director are smart about what they do with this.

    As long as it's good and makes semi decent sense, I am game.
  7. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Sadly I got to playing the Splinter Cells backwards. I played the original and Pandora's Tomorrow (which I LOVED) way back on Ps2 while never finishing them, Over the years I have gathered all the Splinter Cell games to play one day so they are in my large backlog, lol. But then a guy on D1P needed help on the multiplayer portion of Blacklist. Never played it but I was willing to help out a fellow gamer especially when trying to earn a multiplayer achievement / trophy. I fucking fell in love with it and had to play Blacklist. I finished it then went thru Conviction finishing that as well, then tried to go thru Double Agent but the dated controls made it a little hard to enjoy the game. I probably wouldn't mind a remaster here and there with some updated control options. Not like Ubisoft isn't willing to try anything to make a buck, lol!
  8. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    Damn! LOL! I'm such a Street Fighter fan that the Zangef scene is by far my favorite and most unforgettable scene in that one,
  9. I hope that Ben gets one more warehouse like scene in Suicide Squad. That was the best scene in BvS to me and made Ben's Batman memorable.
  10. It doesn't have to be but DC shouldn't be scared or hesitant for Lex Luthor to make a joke about Batman's criminals in Gotham. I think small thing like that are cool but maybe I am in such a minority with that, lol! But at this point, I could probably understand why WB would avoid all Easter Eggs at this point due to their failed DCEU.
  11. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    Jumanji was good. I didn't think about it like that but it may be the best video game movie to date which was not it's intention to be, lol!
  12. New Jumanji actually ....good??? is that possible?

    You got some homework do to then, lol! Wreck It Ralph is great. The sequel comes out later this year which has seriously been under wraps cause I just learned about this over the weekend.
  13. Your 2017 Year In Review from Playstation

    October I played the most due to NBA2k18. I remember that game just grabbed me by how fun it was and I wanted to level up so I stayed on that game as much as I could. For as much as I played it, it crazy that others played it much more because I probably put so much time on that game irresponsibly, lol! I need to give my Xbox 1 some more love, lol! I barely play it.
  14. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Really makes me wonder now. Ubi Soft has a ton of games for BC. I didn't even think about that. Maybe they have a play to remaster them. I would hope but yeah, its crazy they are not.
  15. Going After Cheaters in PUBG

    I can remember hating going up a against Deathstroke players in the first Injustice game. Deathstroke had moves in which he would use his gun from distance to keep players away and it didn't matter what you did cause he had moves to cover even if you were ducking or jumping. He was an OP character and didn't matter who was using him whether skilled or a cheeser.