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  1. They use some salt and more sand. But they are good about addressing road conditions as much as they can.
  2. I used to live in Michigan so I understand the hardships all too well of winter driving. I don't think I could move back to Michigan due to the heavy snow fall up there.
  3. Ha ha! Maybe....
  4. Never played this but I've wanted to.
  5. I need to check that fan made Han Solo film above. Almost time to wrap up for the day.
  6. I am not pre ordering one but.....
  7. I did not even think about it leading into New Hope. I never imagined it doing so but I hope that doesn't happen now. Like others, I could see myself enjoying what was stated above as long as it's good.
  8. I did not watch it but I will eventually check it out.
  9. At the same time, Draymond needs to stop drawing attention to himself cause any time he fouls, people will think the worse.
  10. Why does a player of LeBron's caliber have to flop? His flopping over his career is why I cannot put him in the argument of G.O.A.T. It's one thing to always look for calls. I may not like it but I get it but LeBron tries to sells his flops like The Rock selling Stone Cold stunners. There is no way he should be trying to look like he's getting hit with a shotgun blast.
  11. Clones Wars are really good. It really fleshed out things that the movies didn't do whether due to timing or just Lucas not having a proper focus. Anakin was so much deeper in the cartoon. I need to finish it as I got to the end of season 4.
  12. Wow! That looked good. I really hate that the Injustice series doesn't have combo breakers but that seriously has me interested in nabbing it day one.
  13. Redeemed! Thank you @SeVeN CDN
  14. Eh, it's Nintendo. They'll find some way to still be behind the curve.