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  1. TLC 2016 Thread

    I couldn't watch it. Looking forward to see the replay when I have an opportunity to watch it. 
  2. Updated The Mummy trailer

      It is. The initial trailer did not do anything for me but when I did my research and saw who else was in the movie, I started to get excited for the possibility of what could be coming our way. 
  3. Finally bought myself a PS4.

    Nice! Friend will be coming. 
  4. Akuma coming to SFV

  5. Akuma coming to SFV

      Has to be the most bad a$$ move ever in fighting games. 
  6. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Teaser

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!   I can't stop laughing either!!!!   LMAOOOOO!!!!!
  7.   This! I guess that's why I have no major NEED for 60 fps. I kind of roll my eyes when the conversations start going there. 
  8.   Everybody is blowing this game up. I will eventually give it a whirl. 
  9. There needs to be a dedicated first player mode. For all the talk that I thought I was making a change to embrace mulitplayer only games, this and Street Fighter V really turned me off to the games that lack single player modes with some dedicated effort. 
  10.   This is exactly how I feel. I am more excited about this movie now. 
  11. Game Awards Sale - 12/1 through 12/4

    That Killer Instinct Season 3.........hmmmmmm.......
  12. I know I wanted that, a Star Wars with a Battlefield feel.