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  1. Damn My memory is all Screwed up about that shit. But no way I would say Manny is Faster then Floyd
  2. He is younger then Floyd but was always slower. So slowing down with age made him even slower then floyd even though Floyd is older. floyd was always and still is faster. also never said that Manny wasnt Fishy with the Ped's but common wasnt Floyd daddy quoted in a fight saying not that one give me the one I mixed during a fight?
  3. I agree that MMA is Safer overall. reason being is because they dont take as many shots to the head and when they do the fight is usually over quick. In Boxing they take rounds and rounds of punishment to the head witch adds up. Still dont agree on the manny stuff. Floyd waited for manny to Slow down so he wouldnt be able to hit him with that power. Zab was never a power puncher in my eyes and he Hurt Floyd. Mosely was also never a power puncher in my eyes and he also hurt Floyd but I seriously believe that something was wrong with Mosely in that fight he just didnt look like himself to me.
  4. been slow on the site gotta wake people up
  5. Seriously hurt? you cant be serious Conner is a MMA fighter dont get no more dangerous then that when it comes to fighting. Now if Floyd was entering the octagon then you would have reason to say that but a damn boxing match Nope
  6. I believe that Diaz hits harder then Floyd. You also have to take into account the small ass gloves that the MMA uses so it makes the punches feel harder do to less padding. I'd be very surprised to see Floyd knock him out. He might drop him in the later rounds due to fatique but I dont see he knocking him out with a power punch. Conner needs to use his size and muscle in the early rounds to try and pin him in a corner to get that lucky shot. I dont think he will get the luck shot but its always possible especially with floyds age. Never have been a Floyd fan cause he ducked people. We should have had at least 3 Pacquio fights but he delayed til manny was to old.
  7. I agree with what you said but please stop with this Floyd Hits hard Bullshit. He is a pitty pat puncher. Never been a power puncher. yea some fighters might say he hits harder then you think but its still not that Damn hard. Floyd has NEVER punched with power. He is a defensive specialist. I want to see him get knocked on his ass.
  8. Not much to rebute It would be dumb as fuck to release a ps pro Pro That would be on the verge of Sega dumb. Sony is in coast mode until they decide to release the ps5. Cerny has the Ponies all lined up and following blindly
  9. Damn totally different from the list I seen yesterday. It had forza horizon 2 on it oh well
  10. But Conner always has a Punchers chance. He has to do it in the first 4 rounds doe. After that he's done
  11. LOL I didnt create the article just posted about it. I dont believe the shit. But it is Funny to think about
  12. Sony must be Really Scared of Da X if they are going to do another upgrade to the pro before they release ps5 http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/832439/PS5-release-date-Sony-PlayStation-4-PS4-delay-Xbox-One-X
  13. Halo is basically made to play Coop on Legendary. Cant wait to play it in 4k. bought it on sale just to play it in 4k on Da X
  14. It's a joke about me I'm just playing along