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  1. Rams Trade Tre Mason to Skins for their 2nd Rams Trade Kenny Britt to the Saints for a future 2nd
  2. http://pizzahut-coupons.com/?ref=f45662
  3. Rams send Akeem Ayers and 2 2nds to the Steelers for Bud Dupree
  4. Rams Trade Nick Fairley to the Cowboys for La'el collins and a 3rd
  5. Rams Trade Robert Quinn to the Saints for Brandin Cooks and a 4th rounder
  6. Rams Trade a 2nd and 4th to Minny for  TJ Clemmings
  7. MS said they are listening to gamers on this one and there was a poll and Red Dead was the easy winner. Ms said they took notice so we will see
  8. Intellivision football was so much better with the Game overlay for the buttons. I felt so much in control of that game LOL
  9. I was the Parent doing all the ass whooping. Especially at Pokemon Kids hated I would whoop that ass and never watched the cartoon
  10. Yea I think you are right rewatched the demo again. I misunderstood what he said a the beginning. He never said how many people are going to be in the multiplayer ver.
  11. His mistake is comparing it to battlefield. Multiplayer is co-op from what i've seen so it's not the same as BF multiplayer. It will only be four players in the world at the same time. As far as Server Farms MS has plenty to spare and that wont even be an issue.
  12. Havent seen to many co-op games that were an unbalanced mess. you are already seeing the benifits of the cloud with the total destruction that city is capable of. Not sure how you cant be excited if you are a fan of the Original