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  1. Picking up the X tomorrow

    It allows you to Dl the game to your hardrive and play instead of streaming.
  2. Nope you said you could make 5ms adjustments I'm not putting words in your mouth. Once I questioned you on how fast 5ms is you started backtracking
  3. Picking up the X tomorrow

    Not sure the digital Dl might already have the 30fps locked patch. From what I understand you had to have the disk in order to do it
  4. Fuck you talking about. You said you could make 5ms adjustments and I called you out on it.
  5. Picking up the X tomorrow

    Thats only if you have the disk and dont dl any patches. The patches caps the framrate at 30
  6. The Patch is released for preview members so they can test it out. It appears to have fixed the problem
  7. Firefox Quantum Released

    I likey Chrome would crash constantly when I ran 1440p videos Firefox is running them smoothly with no issues
  8. Why is that a problem? I can play it better on the X. My pc is a 8350 with a 960.
  9. Xbox One X upgrade or Nintendo Switch purchase?

    That is adult size in Japan One of the main reasons I hate the ps4 is their controller sucks
  10. Have no idea who he is. But I know Brazil
  11. It's not perfect or ideal but MOST people dont notice latency until around 100ms. Unless your @Rbk_3 He can make 5ms adjustments in game