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  1. GWG for August

    nice never played the new wwe
  2. Another case where Mr. overseer  errrrrrrrrrrrr Mr officer will get off with no repurcussions.    How many time do we have to see this shit.  Black man COMPLIED to everything the cop said and was still shot.  Cop missing at point blank range doesnt need to be on the force in the first damn place
  3. HELP! I'm white

    tell us how you really feel
  4. HELP! I'm white

    Kitty want some Black in her?
  5. I only pay for internet. I use Kodi for everything else
  6. I am the most popular person on d1p

    No I'm talking about Seeing Kitty Kat Titties.  I dropped into one of those video chat things they be having and Kitty Showed dem titties.  I was like damn this is what they doing in Chats now.
  7. I am the most popular person on d1p

    Flashing dem Titties on the internet tends to make you popular
  8. How the hell you launch a Coup and not secure the former leader. thats just dumb as fuck.  Once Erdogan was able to release his message it was basically over
  9. I read a twitter that an F16 shot down a helicopter full of coup starters
  10. so what does this mean for Syria. I mean the military did shoot down a Russian Jet
  11. Hoping that the republicans throw out Trump at the convention. With all the confusion going on Hilary asks Connie to join her ticket as Vp as a uniting force for America. Talk about Political Intrigue
  12. putins words not mine. he was talking to western journalist