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  1. Favorite MS game by year: 2007

      I would also say Mass effect but I had great fun with Crackdown and Halo  
  2. Look what I just found.  Guess I wasnt totally wrong like some are indicating in here.    
  3. what time I'm down.  bout to make a store run but will be ready after that
  4.     wont take long for you to catch back up.  It's raining Loot
  5. Thank you sir.  havent really thought about it.  Let me look a future releases and I'll get back to you.
  6. Is this for vets who served or everybody.   i qualify either way just asking
  7.   exclusives mean dididly squat anymore. people overvalue exclusives all they do is make people multi console owners
  8. How is the XB1 failing?  I thought it was selling better then the 360 in the same timeframe. the ps4 is just setting selling records
  9. I've said this whole time that this is my view. doesnt mean it rights. You guys coming at me like i'm preaching a gospel LOL.   Playstation will be just fine by the time all this new xbox stuff releases dont see it being limited 6teraflop GPU  is equal to a 390x 
  10.   MS is going for the Me2 thing with the Oculus Rift partnership but they will also say hey we are also inovating  with Halo Lens which will provide a different experience
  11. My standard has always been based on PC VR  I never switched any goalpost. I dismissed Morpheous because its not going to be the same experience as Oculous Rift. I could be wrong for that at this very moment I dont believe that I am.
  12.   I dont have a ps4 so I havent kept up with its dev. I honestly didnt know that Morpheus was capable of generating 1080p images.  I find that hard to believe when most games arent even true 1080p on the Ps4.  from my understanding for vr you have to generate a seperate image for each eye. So if the ps4 doesnt have all of its games at 1080p on one screen. How is it going to do 1080p images for each eye?  LOTS of sacrifices will have to happen
  13. When I post on the site I dont give my posts deep thought and expect them to live up to extreme scrutiny. I tend to just post thoughts.  From my point of view "true vr" is the pc standard for it.  You came at me for using the term "true vr"  so I changed it for you to "limited experience" compared to the pc standard. And I never dismissed the "Morpheus experience" I said it was not up to the Pc standard or could be considered "vr light".  Luckey said his Standard is high resolutions at over 60 frames a second in 3d.  Now he didnt declare what his ver of high def is. so lets just use 720p.  Can the ps4 generate 2 720p images at 60 frames a second?