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  1. Entertain me ITT

    you know you want to. you need some chocolate in your life
  2. Entertain me ITT

    is Boring
  3. Madden league

    you think we dont know about that ?  
  4. Nobody will love you if you think all you have to offer is good breast.  You have to love yourself in order for others to love you. If you believe you are a diamond people will treat you like a diamond. If you believe you are shit. people will treat you like shit
  5. I've been Big Daddy for a long long time. Hell it's my gamertag
  6. I'm queer

    Well I know how to treat my fellow felines
  7. I'm queer

    After we take a bath together  I got that Catnip that we both enjoy.  Will make sure it's a Hybrid so no anxiety attacks
  8. I'm queer

    Bet if you get some Chocolate you would change your mind
  9. Madden league

    Yea My pet Triceratops  killed a T-rex once. He was trying to get to my cattle
  10. Madden league

    Blasphemy I'm ancient compared to the rest of the league.  You should be able to keep up  and they have large Icons now for us old folks can see