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  1. Who still plays on the Xbox? Need some people to run with. I got this nice Seekermine build I want to try out Still trying to get that Barrets Chest piece. I got 40 field proficency saved up hopefully its in one of those
  2. lol I know I'm over 50 tries. tried almost every day in december multiple runs a day. I did get that named mask in a field cache but its not worth shit to me
  3. cause you went on a nice vaca and didnt post any pics
  4. sorry i missed it. when you sent the invite I had a madden league game scheduled so couldnt join up. but i'm free today and tomorrow to play at any time let me know
  5. I still play been Hunting for the Barret Chest piece for the last month with no damn luck
  6. What Skillz are you running with that build
  7. send me an invite to the discord division channel please
  8. Lol make all that fuss then say I dont want to be in there anyway. Attention Whore much?
  9. M$ needs to buy them or at least buy the Engine
  10. that build was good enough for a
  11. First smart Decision I've seen this Canadian make
  12. it will be the next thing they reverse engineer and add to thier fleet. I dont understand How we allowed them to steal our Military Designs and not make them pay for it
  13. you made me a pervert Flashing dem titties
  14. Karma for not uploading pics. sorry you were stung doe