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  1. XB1 2.0 already in production

    How it's ver 2.0 of the Xb1     I didnt say xb2.0
  2. XB1 2.0 already in production

    sure seems like it.
  3. give me a video game of the board game Axis and Allies
  4. Was that last night after I got off @skillzdadirecta
  5. Nobody keeps tabs on a game they could care less about
  6.   for someone who is not interestested in the game. You sure do keep tabs on it     @Checo24X
  7. we would have murdured their asses. @JPSoccer4  @skillzdadirecta   he was to giddy recieving 3 performance mods and 2 vests
  8. That would explain why i'm dropping so fast  I have protection from elites on a couple of my gear
  9. Yea you right about the remote controlled part. I should have said autonomous with remote control elements
  10. Piloted planes will soon be a thing of the past.  We will have remote controlled drones handling the hard missions. that way they dont have to worry about human limitations when doing extreme g moves.
  11. Pussy  I thought you were in the DZ with Snake
  12. When we doing the incursion   @JPSoccer4   @skillzdadirecta
  13. Android app for streaming music from a desktop PC?

    ES File Explorer File Manager    
  14.     @arz got to level 28 last night Skillz  He is almost there.    How the hell do you delete Quotes?