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  1. SDI is alive and well today. They just told the public that it failed.   laser weapons everywhere.  
  2. What the fuck is the District of Colombia?

    District of Columbia sounds self explanatory to me
  3. I played the original in the arcades and the 7eleven by my house growing up  
  4.   they are testing Survival mode right now
  5.   Fuck Yea  Make it happen I love that game
  6. As a guy that Dabbles in recording this is fucking incredible.   I like that it leaves a type of watermark so you know that the persons real voice has been edited. When does this release I will make sure to pick up a copy
  7. I need to get new gear. they changed they way my shit works
  8. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I need to lead a country
  9.   I missed the this is Western Thrace part above the map.  I just assumed the yellow area was the new territory that Turkey was trying to claim.  I remember going to the Black Sea when I was in the navy. Remember reading something lately that Russia was claiming Black Sea was theirs and we shouldnt be there
  10.   yea that map is misleading. Part of that Yellow highlighted is already part of Turkey
  11. so they want full control of the entrance to the Black Sea?
  12.   Show me where I called you a Racist.  I'm saying Soros involement is not good for the cause. He has paid Puppets to mess up the true cause for BLM now it's the mess that you described.
  13.   TomCat is Smart enough to know that nothing will change until mainstream White people join the issue. Otherwise the movement will just be turned into some Racial BS.  Look at the heat BLM is getting.  Why arent you guys calliing out Soros for instigating black people to riot with his large influx of money to BLM. Soros isnt funding leaders he is funding Radicals and mixining them in with the BLM movement
  14.   I was in the Middle of the Mike Brown demonstrations. I did my part for the unrests in my city.   Explain to me this?  How can the police take a terrorist alive that was shooting at the cops but cant take an unarmed Man alive?  I'm talking about the pressure cooker bomber. He shooting at police but taken alive  Yet Blacks are dieing everyday without even having a Damn Gun