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  1. UWP makes it so that they will just use the pc vers of assests. Scorpio will be using PC assests not checkerborded ps4 assets
  2. Well at lest people are coming to the realization of how good these fuckin chips are. Xbox Scorpio is gonna be a fuckin Beast
  3. nope you want the 2 16gb sticks
  4. You should talk about How AMD is kickin some serious Ass with Ryzen
  5. did you watch Linus Video? he ran the benchmarks himself without amd watching over his shoulder these are real results
  6. I know you dont hate them but you always complain about the final results. Hell you talked me into my last 6core amd cpu They have hit a fucking Grand Slam with these line of chips. Basically Shook up the world. Better performance for half the damn price "Where they do that at"
  7. AMD is kicking some Serious ass not sure why you guys arent making a bigger deal out of this. Where is @Lucian04 to complain about these results
  8. Yea I said that also. I have a gaming PC but I'm more of a console guy. I like RTS's on the puter but dont like mouse controls for other games. I do use my controller on the pc but still prefer the box cause of ease of party chat and universal friends list
  9. Yep I think I told you to wait for Vega but you were excited to get your build done
  10. News seems to be better and better. AMD did they thang
  11. its 1080p 30 on ps4 and 900p 30 on xb1 ps4 pro is 1800p 60
  12. I better be able to make my black female ryder. finishing up mass effect 3 now
  13. one thing they should add to the dominion mode is the ability to send the cpu Minions to what zone you want instead of them always going to b