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  1. Civilization VI Giveaway

    I need to lead a country
  2.   I missed the this is Western Thrace part above the map.  I just assumed the yellow area was the new territory that Turkey was trying to claim.  I remember going to the Black Sea when I was in the navy. Remember reading something lately that Russia was claiming Black Sea was theirs and we shouldnt be there
  3.   yea that map is misleading. Part of that Yellow highlighted is already part of Turkey
  4. so they want full control of the entrance to the Black Sea?
  5.   Show me where I called you a Racist.  I'm saying Soros involement is not good for the cause. He has paid Puppets to mess up the true cause for BLM now it's the mess that you described.
  6.   TomCat is Smart enough to know that nothing will change until mainstream White people join the issue. Otherwise the movement will just be turned into some Racial BS.  Look at the heat BLM is getting.  Why arent you guys calliing out Soros for instigating black people to riot with his large influx of money to BLM. Soros isnt funding leaders he is funding Radicals and mixining them in with the BLM movement
  7.   I was in the Middle of the Mike Brown demonstrations. I did my part for the unrests in my city.   Explain to me this?  How can the police take a terrorist alive that was shooting at the cops but cant take an unarmed Man alive?  I'm talking about the pressure cooker bomber. He shooting at police but taken alive  Yet Blacks are dieing everyday without even having a Damn Gun
  8.     Only way a change will be made is if WHITE People join in on the outrage.  just like the 60's equality marches nothing was effective until Normal everyday White people joined the movement.  Yall to busy saying all Lives matters instead of trying to help the people that are saying Black Live Matter trying to make them out as Racist.  Saying black lives matter doesnt mean that White lives dont
  9.   why so i can be shot by the police. Then they post material of me being critical of them and turn me into some Radicalized black muslim through the media and you all will believe it like its 100% Gospel
  10.   Nope I'm smarter then that. I will never join a force that has Harrassed me all my life
  11.   yep.  Police main job is to Protect and Serve.  Who are they serving if they are constantly the one shooting First for NO Apparent reason but FEAR!!!!!!  they always try to make it seem like it was some Monster of a Black Man. Cops are in FEAR waaaaaaay to gotdamn  much for someone who is suppose to be Protecting the Public   WE DONT NEED TRIGGER HAPPY PUSSIES OR BITCHES ON OUR POLICE FORCES
  12.   who said anything about militarize the police force. I said the simple solution is Plain and simple. In order for cops to fire thier gun they should be shot at first plain and simple. If they did that No innocent person without a gun Would Ever Be Shot.  Not to hard to understand and would be a simple fix.  
  13.   so you are giving the cops a brake because they have a tough Situation to deal with That they are GETTING PAID to do.  You think our military men dont have to deal with Terrorist combatants on drugs?  How about them having to worry about if Kids are about to take potshots at them or Spot for the enemy combantants. You are giving the cops sympathy they dont deserve.    Cops have viewed the Black Community as enemy combantants for decades. Thats why we keep seeing these uncalled for killings.  Cops are Killing people for thinking that that person might hurt them.  How was the lady cop in danger when the guy had his hands up and his drivers side window was up. He never opened the car door so how was he reaching for a gun?
  14.   It works for our military in Warzones all the time. Why wouldnt it work in the best country in the world?  Cops are trained to shoot first and cover it up Second. Been that way for Faaaaaaaaaaaar to long