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  1. did you expect anything else. MS has been spot on about what this thing will do. DF has just been slow to confirm even though the technical specs says it can do what MS said it could. Quantum Break was a 720p game so it wasnt suppose to ramp up to 4k natively. Gears 4 was running at High/Ultra PC settings
  2. Help Support My New Stream!

    I was talking to grodd when i was playing prob didnt see it
  3. Help Support My New Stream!

    I'll stream some Division with you on Legendary
  4. this is not the 1960's india. dont underestimate them
  5. Do you like cheese?

    Grande Queso is Bueno
  6. It's time for Fire and Fury. Kim has ran his mouth long enough. Cant keep saying you are going to nuke america and expect nothing to happen. If someone says they are going to punch me in the mouth I take them seriously and usually hit them before they hit me
  7. So what's the deal on the PS4 Pro?

    Didnt know they added that in 4.5 so I stand corrected. I know when they first introduced the feature games needed to be patched to take advantage of boost mode
  8. So what's the deal on the PS4 Pro?

    and what part about what I said was fake
  9. Graham: Trump says war with North Korea on the table

    lol true true
  10. Graham: Trump says war with North Korea on the table

    Trump doesnt know that
  11. So what's the deal on the PS4 Pro?

    Ps has like 1500 games I bet 10% dont even take advantage of the pro
  12. So what's the deal on the PS4 Pro?

    False information. Most games dont take advantage of the xtra power of the pro. Save your money until you get a 4kTV
  13. http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-one-xs-power-lets-assassins-creed-origins-in-4k-ubisoft-says Ha Ha Pretty sure TomCat said that Da X was powerful enough to run the game at native 4k and that Dynamic Resolution wouldnt matter if the game was running at a constant 4k