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  1. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    I feel the same way. What the hell have they been doing for the last 4 years. Beta was bare bones but I thought it was because they was just basically testing the net code. But watching the streams they havent added much more. They better take the Grand theft auto approach to adding content cause it most def needs more then currently available. Why only skeletons where are the NPC pirates to fight. They need legendary ship battles like what was in Black Flag
  2. Hey, this place still exists..

    almost caved for march madness cause best guy had a nice sale on'em Glad I didnt may 1 is not that Far
  3. Hey, this place still exists..

    Sorry for the late response been busy with the new job. Yes I was gifted an Xbox 1x bye the kind gentlemen of this board. My free time has been spent playing the hell out of it. Just found out today that the new TCL will release may 1 so I plan on joining the 4k crowd in May.
  4. Ea supposedly had a Shareholders meeting today
  5. How much do you pay for rent?

    I pay nothing as I own my house. Only owe dumb ass taxes each year 1000sqft
  6. Not worried about the sooner part. It's more about the price. You can typically find games on steam cheaper then you can on consoles. being able to get those cheap prices on consoles is what I would look forward to
  7. No for all the games that are playable on STEAM
  8. buying Valve and putting steam on Xbox makes perfect since in this case
  9. 2billion for Minecraft was discussed as being excessive
  10. MineCraft and Playanywhere say hello
  11. Exactly MS Frowns on Exclusivity they been trying to get sony on the Cross Play train for awhile. IF they bought Ea they would still release the games on other platforms It would just be cheaper to do it on MS system cause of Game Pass. No imagine if they bought Valve and Put Steam on the Xbox eco system. MS would make MONEY out the WAAAASU and Share holders would be happy. Remember we talking bout a company that paid 2billi for minecraft and people said they were crazy then. boy were they wrong
  12. Megaton Rumor Alert

    ahhhhhh well they can lock this one
  13. Megaton Rumor Alert

    https://www.polygon.com/2018/1/29/16930892/xbox-one-exclusive-games-analysis-microsoft ACQUISITION RUMORS Some of the names being thrown around as possible acquisitions by Microsoft are, frankly, astounding, even unthinkable. But the fact that they are doing the rounds is instructive. The most recent one we heard (from a reliable source close to Microsoft) was, in fact, Electronic Arts. We also heard a whisper about Valve and about Korean outfit PUBG Corp., which Microsoft last year signed to a timed exclusive for its hit survival shooter, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. “Because of where we are in the lifecycle of all these things, I’m expecting to hear Microsoft announce something very, very shortly,” said van Dreunen. “I’M EXPECTING TO HEAR MICROSOFT ANNOUNCE SOMETHING VERY, VERY SHORTLY” Another reason for optimism about an acquisition comes from internal shifts within Microsoft. Spencer was promoted in the fall to executive vice president, gaming, where he has a much bigger say over how video games fit into the company’s overall strategy. “He came on at a time when the Xbox One was in a bad position,” said Cole. “I think he’s made the best of a bad situation. The overall strong position of the company is positive because it gives the room to invest in gaming.” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is more enthusiastic about games and Xbox than his predecessor, Steve Ballmer, greenlighting the $2.5 billion purchase of Minecraftdeveloper Mojang as one of his first major acquisitions in 2014. What if M$ bought Valve and put Steam on Xbox Peter Moore went to Ea to facilitate the buyout
  14. I wish I had a brother

    sorry Queen I've been busy with this job search