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  1. Battlefield 1 beta impressions thread

    Takes up a cool 5GB of RAM even on low everything. So my apologies to the pilot I was tailgunning for using my pagefile.
  2. Should we keep the new boards, or go back to the old style?

    On mobile, can't find the "New Content" button
  3. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working.
  4. Titan X benchmarked...Mother of God!

    According to the website my card is in 75th place *shrug*
  5. Oh, Uma. What have you done, gurrrrl?

    Pow! Right in my childhoods!
  6. The local Greek restaurant parking lot is always packed with a lot more cars after closing than it is during dinner hours. Gambling den is the only explanation.
  7. is LinkedIn worth having?

    Hasn't done me any good, but YMMV
  8. Steam... auction? Recycle community items? Whaaaa?

    It's like Valve watched the Freemium episode and went "Why make mere Freemium games when you can make the game store itself a Freemium game!"
  9. Anyone get in Fortnite Alpha?

    Not I
  10. Lordoflesh It was 1998 and Turok 2 was my favorite game at the time. So I wanted to name myself after the coolest enemy. http://turok.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_of_the_Flesh Little did I realize how gay bondagey it all sounded.
  11. edit

    This is how broody people hit on each other. You were in, man!
  12. JURASSIC WORLD Trailer

    Remember how merging dinosaur DNA with frog DNA nearly got us all killed? Well let's try it with human DNA!