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  1. Well hi thar

    Pfft. Our donations run this site, it's not owned by any corporation. Crowd funding, bro. @Siebzehn As for the mod issue, how about making someone reasonable a mod for once, instead of these people who are crazy (not talking about Ana), and someone who has been around a long time. I know the GI is bigger than the CEB, but look at the quality of posters here. There are tonnes of users on the CEB who would be great mods (myself included I think, not that I'm running for mod), it doesn't even matter if they are part of the community are not, as they can become that. Better a reasonable, fair individual than a GI crazy just because they are popular with someone or another. If the owners don't want to sell the board to Wade or anyone else, then at least utilize the most mature set of forum users on the internet, in my opinion.
  2. Well hi thar

    Also a Jew doe.
  3. Big Picture Mode is finally coming out in beta in early September

    My friend set his XP computer up so he could navigate the mouse pointer with his 360 pad, and he could click on things with the A button (or B, or whatever).
  4. Paul Ryans taxes are out

    lol wut, Biden is practically the poorest, "everyman" member of the US federal government.
  5. Mann vs Machine @ 9:30pm Eastern tonight

    Probably. But unless he resets it there is no chance of anyone getting in, all the servers are always full now. Maybe more servers will be added and it will get better, but since only 6 can play at a time it's cut the server capacity by 1/4.
  6. College grads leaving the GOP in large numbers.

    As a party they'll be fine. They'll move to wherever at least 50% of the public lies. So if the public moves left, they'll move left, and the party will survive. Just look at the Democrats. But individual politicians will be in trouble, no doubt.
  7. Game Of Thrones Season 3 CASTING ANNOUNCEMENTS

    Yeah they haven't really done any bad casting yet (well except for not having the original Mountain return for season 2 and onward, the season 1 Mountain was perfect...but that was because he was offered a spot in The Hobbit, can't blame him!)
  8. PC turning on and off after cleaning.

    Your computer is a machine, and therefore is closely related to robots. From what I remember on Futurama, robots need alcohol to function.
  9. Come up with a punchline for The Breakfast Club's joke, and Kyio buys you some movie tickets!

  10. Something I don't get about Ryan...

    It was a joke based on how you think everything is the government's fault.
  11. Well hi thar

    I don't know how I would handle that. My dad divorced my mom, but he never cheated on her. Must be rough, especially trying not to take sides (or maybe wanting to).
  12. Something I don't get about Ryan...

    I think Joe thinks the G in GDP stands for Government.
  13. Guild Wars 2 final server list is up. What server will D1P be playing on? What will our Guild be called? EDIT: Its the Never Nudes!

    Hmm, the Arrested Development names are spreading the AD vote too thin.
  14. Guild Wars 2 final server list is up. What server will D1P be playing on? What will our Guild be called? EDIT: Its the Never Nudes!

    Voted for Never Nudes. But I am ok with Terms of Enrampagement if it wins (is it too long though?)
  15. I think I'm being hacked when I play EverQuest 2.

    So is he the type of person who posts here first, instead of using google? Does he know what google is? Or does he think that all websites are an extension of google? Or does he have an actual, definable developmental issue? I don't know this guy. Or is he kind of a troll? Or just 12?