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  1. bummer. Always loved grabbing cheap nvidia codes
  2. Can I install on Windows 10? lol
  3. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ea-is-not-making-skate-4-right-now/1100-6447441/ I STILL BELIEVE! ITS ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS!
  4. really? where did you hear or read that from?
  5. Don't piss on my parade! I would imagine that a Senior Community Manager making an out of the blue statement like that does hold some weight. Absolute confirmation? Not yet I suppose. but likely.
  6. Daniel Lingen is a Sr Community Manager at EA. He confirmed skate4 is a thing with that tweet. If if you liked the skate series, that should excite you. If you don't, then nothing to see here.
  7. Please come to PC. Please Come to PC. https://mobile.twitter.com/HuskyHog/status/825216875021869056
  8. good to know. I may have to jump on this when I finally can pull myself away from BF1.
  9. im kind of jumping in at the end of this thread..but I see a lot of comparison to RE4. Is that the case? I might be one of the few, but I absolutely hated RE4. I played it for a few hours and found it boring and the fact that I couldnt at least walk and shoot at the same time utterly game breaking (Ive also always found it odd that RE4 gets this nod as being one of the first over-the-shoulder games when Splinter Cell clearly did it way before and much better). If 7 is anything like 4, Im going to pass. If its something different...Im tempted to give it a try.
  10. Give me your top 5. Seriously curious about your taste in qualify as a great game.
  11. this is what im waiting for. I bought a 980ti late in its life cycle and its still going strong @ 1440p. I know this year Im going to start seeing a drastic drop in performance. Im hoping 2018 brings us cards capable of 4K/144. That will be my next jump.
  12. @markot what games do you like? I cant even understand why you play video games at all when 95% of them suck to you. What is your favorite game of all time?
  13. please let this be the death of Nintendo hardware. Keep at the DS, that's fine....but for the love of god, give up on consoles already. Just develop the games and release them for all real, non-gimmicy platforms.
  14. I did play it. I don't quite know how to put it....but I feel like it's as if the developers dont want you to have fun. Take the halfpipe for instance, there is a bridge over the halfpipe. If you don't time your tricks perfectly, you'll smash into it. Why? Why put it there? There isn't a halfpipe in the world with a bridge over it. On top of the clunky controls making it difficult to actually pop off the lip of the pipe, you know have to worry about a bridge. Just a really dumb design choice. Then there are "Red Bull" themed spots where it's kinda like slope style or a cliff huck. On the cliff huck they have these bumps before the cliff so it makes it difficult to set for the huck properly. And because they put you into it with a ton of speed, one bump will throw you off track. Then the cliff itself is not a sheer drop, it's like a long rocky slope. So you need to carry the speed or else you'll land on the rocks. Why?? Just give me a cliff that I can spin and flip my face off over and over. It shouldnt be a chore just to line up for the drop. Ugh!!!! Same with slope style. Stutter bumps before the jump, too fast, huge rocks in the landing you need to avoid. No. That's not slope style. Slope style should be perfectly groomed and transitions should be smooth and perfect. All over the mountain you come across shit like this. Coupled with the clunky controls that make jumping in the first place a chore, It just completely sucks the fun out of it. However, the game is beautiful. It's gigantic. I read that it took someone 4hrs to hike from one side to the other. There are no load times. The other sports are fun for a while and if that's what you're into over snowboarding or skiing then you may enjoy it more than me.
  15. Ive had a media blackout on this game. Want to go in fresh and blind...but I have two questions: 1.) I played the original trilogy on the 360. Are they doing anything with those saves?? Or is this starting completely fresh. If they are doing something with the saves, does that mean I need to play this on X1 for my game to carry over? 2.) Is there no physical PC deluxe version? Looks like only physical console deluxe version.