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  1. I bought them too for a warlock Ill probably never level.
  2. Is it transversive steps? Reddit is saying Sweet Business Raiden Flux Doom Fang Pauldrons Winters Guile EDIT - Nevermind - Transversives were last week
  3. Im in tonight as well. Wanna get a normal raid done with the titan!! Maybe a prestige NF or arms dealer.
  4. #1 Rule: shut up and listen #2 Rule: dont bitch about being out of ammo
  5. I dont ever remember long wait times in D1. Maybe its because I played control 98% of the time as did everyone else. If that is the case, maybe Bungie needs to rethink supremacy as a game mode. People seem to simply not like it.
  6. So is this like a Left 4 Dead meets Dayz meets PUBG type of game?
  7. I played a bunch of crucible yesterday...trying to step up my game. A few things: I determined I dont mind the new crucible 4x4, team based gameplay. Its actually fun when you get into a grove with a good group and PTFO. Here is what I dont like: Getting team-stomped. Im not even sure how to correct this, but when I load into a game and see a full fireteam and know they are communicating, I know we are about to get our asses whopped. It is fun though when you do beat a full fireteam. I think a solution to this would be, if at the end of the match, you were given an option to roll with the same team. Kind of like at the end of some MP games where you can vote to select the next map, you can vote to stay with the same players. If you dont respond, or opt out you will be removed from the fireteam and a new player brought in. I think this would encourage people to actually talk to each other too. Not being able to select game mode. This has to be the worst. I realized I played a ton of IB because I knew it was always control, which I find to be the most fun mode. I wouldnt mind the random playlist if it wasnt: supremacy, supremacy, supremacy, clash, supremacy, control, supremacy, clash, supremacy, supremacy, control, supremacy, supremacy, etc. etc. People who leave the match early bc we are getting stomped. Im sorry, competitive or non-competitive, if you exit match early you should be on a cool down timer. I dunno maybe 5-10 minutes. And if you do it again within the same hour, it goes up to 20minutes or something. This is probably the worst. Yesterday twice I was left in a 1v4 situation until new players loaded in.
  8. protip - if you fast travel to a point and dont see other players, fast travel again to that exact same point until you load into a populated instance.
  9. I do need to start my Lock. I just dont want to do it solo. Anyone have an alt they want to level? @Bruizza - I know you do. Lets do this! As for the D1 grind... dont get me wrong, Im not saying it was fun...but it was there and it kept people playing.
  10. Nah. D1 had more staying power. The grind was real in D1 and not necessarily in a good way, but it was there. Forever 29 was thing. I remember it being weeks to finally get to 30 after running the raid so many times. Ive had my hunter at 305 for a few weeks now and my titan at 304.
  11. Its definitely starting to lose is luster. I finished all of the weekly stuff yesterday on my Titan except the raid and most of it on my hunter and i really only played for 2ish hours. The problem is that there is literally nothing to grind for once you finish the weekly stuff. Exotics and thats it..but I cant remember the last time an exotic engram gave me something I didnt already have. My friends list is shrinking big time. There is definitely a greater drop off in players this soon after launch compared to D1 (at least in my own anecdotal evidence). Feels bad. Hopefully they turn it around in December with the DLC.
  12. I got lucky I guess. I got Arms/Legs/Mark on my titan and Cloak on my Hunter.
  13. FUCK. I almost bought this last night bc it looked hilarious.
  14. Battlefront 2 COD WW2 Forza 7 Metroid maybe AssCred:O
  15. I really haven’t been. So far my experiences with them have been purely cosmetic( Battlefield, Overwatch, TF2, Destiny, etc) If that changes and I’m forced to buy loot boxes for necessary content or upgrades to stay competitive, then I am on board with the fight against it.