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  1. I stupidly bought a 4K tv just before HDR came out. It's on the list too.
  2. FINISHED! So my brief review... The story was outstanding. The combat mechanics were outstanding. The graphics were outstanding. What I didnt like: Climbing/platforming was terrible. Coming off BOTW though, I think most games will seem sub-par going forward. I really hope BOTW set a new standard for climbing in open-world games. Needed more ruins/bunkers/cauldrons to explore. Those were super fun but disappointing there wasn't more out there to discover and explore. Late game combat tactics really didnt allow for traps, bombs or tripcaster to be used. Final Boss fight: Now... about Hades EDIT: Found this on a search and it makes perfect sense:
  3. soon while its fresh in your memory!!! im on the fence about a pro. I have a 4K tv but not HDR...so im not sure its worth it. I have a guy who wants to selling me his pro for $250. Then I can turn around and trade in my OG PS4 to amazon for 125. So $125 out of pocket upgrade.
  4. Nice... Tonight Im finishing it!
  5. Alright.... I'm at the mission I've gotten all collectibles, vantage points, tall heads, and couldrons. I skipped a ton of errands and side quests bc I'm too intrigued with the story and felt like they havent really added much to the game (most side quests never do in any game). I have a question before I finish this.
  6. Horizon, Horizon and more Horizon. Im hooked. About 3/4 done with the story. All collectibles found. 1 vantage point, 2 tall heads and 2 coldrons left.
  7. Thanks. Sounds like basically what I'm doing. I do have a steam controller and it is pretty good for games with no native KBM support. I looked a bit today on what it would take to convert to mini-atx/itx ... doesn't look like there are many options left for LGA1150. It would be too much now to build a new rig. I saw some KBM lap trays that looked cool for a wireless setup, but it was expensive for what it was. I think im going to move my gaming rig permanently to my 4K tv and play exclusively with a controller and just bring it back downstairs for my FPS sessions when they pop up.
  8. Just curious what your setup is like in terms of controller/KBM? My PC is in my office down in my basement. My kids are at the age now where they are getting more interested in playing and tend to enjoy watching me. When I'm on my PC, I'm completely isolated from my family. There's really no place for them to sit and watch and I'm basically useless to my wife helping out upstairs. This usually severely limits my playtime to an hour or so. I recently ran a cat5 to my bedroom where my 4K tv is and I hooked my PC up and play a little Mass Effect. It was cool, but I'm limited to playing with the controller. I don't mind playing almost all games on a controller except FPS PVP and games that require KBM. What I'm thinking of doing is converting my system to ITX so it's more portable. Causal gaming upstairs, competitive in my office. This would require me to get new mobo and at this point if I'm doing that, might as well get CPU and memory. Then I think I lose my windows 10 license, right? Not really wanting to upgrade right now. Trying to hold out to fall of 2018. So so how do you guys do it? We know wireless KBM isn't the greatest, and wired limits your range. Plus not sitting upright in a chair seems like it would handicap your accuracy.
  9. I'm sure a year later, with Scorpio out and switch out, they will have a good sale this holiday. I'll probably try to stick it out until then.
  10. thanks. youre the 2nd person to tell me to check that app out. Ill give it a go. Just checked slickdeals..... monoprice had it on sale for $300 6 days ago!!!!! people confirmed receiving it too!
  11. If I could get like 175 for my OG PS4, I would do it. maybe ill throw it up on the buy n sells and craigslist and see what happens.
  12. It was also on sale at BB for 32 with GCU and I have a $5 reward coupon. Got it for $27!!
  13. i was there was a decent trade in deal for OG PS4s to buy a Pro. Just started Horizon and with new Uncharted, then Destiny 2....Ill be spending a lot of time on my PS4. I just cant justify the price for a slight upgrade.
  14. good to hear about diversity towards end-game. that makes me more excited to play. as for the collectibles, climbing...on my way towards the mission i mentioned above. and naturally bought them all. i proceeded northeast to the I felt it was fun to get on it, but then once up...the climbing was just too easy. you couldnt screw up at all. Also, in there was a