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  1. I’ve got a dumb one. Back in my late teens early twenties, I Was into body piercings (it was the late 90s after all). One in particular i had is called a Conch piercing. So this is through the cartiledge and even during the initial piercing it’s extremely painful and makes a loud cracking noise (or maybe loud bc it’s right next to your ear). It wasn’t enough to have gotten a conch, I decided I was going to start stretching it bigger. You use a taper which looks like a long arrowhead it will start with your current gauge and then get larger as you push it in. It takes a month or more before you can stretch to the next level. I decided I didn’t want to wait. At that point I had gotten it down to around 10 gauge and decided I was just going to go 4 gauge in one shot (it goes 10, 8, 6, 4, etc). So I had my buddy help me bc it’s hard to stretch cartiledge and esp reaching around your head to push the taper through. So we get start and my ear is cracking and crunching and bleeding. I’m screaming bloody murder....and it’s only probably around 6ish and it just doesn’t want to budge anymore. So the taper doesn’t get flat until it gets to the end (4guage) so I cant leave it. It will just slide out. My ear is throbbing and going numb at this point. Blood all down my neck. So we decide I should put the edge of ear down on the end of a table and try and flatten in out and my buddy would basically put his thumbs on top of each other and give it a huge giant push. I’m kinda bracing it against the table to stop it from moving. So he’s pushing, my ear is cracking and making like crazy ripping noises. I’m getting hot and sweaty and feel like I might pass out. I’m screaming. Blood everywhere....but he gets it in. My head is throbbing. I’m woozy. Covered in blood. My entire side of my head is red and hot. I had taken a Vicodin or 2 and as they kicked in the pain kinda went away. I get cleaned up and go about my business. My ear all fucked up looking. Eat a few more vicondin that night and go to bed. In the middle of the night I hear almost like a whistle. I wake up to the taper working it’s way out of my ear and it literally shot out of my head and like 3 feet away hitting the window. I look at my pillow and it’s covered in yellow and brown puss and blood. My ear is oozing and it likes like a tiny gunshot wound and massively swollen. I’m feeling sick. Take my temp. Have a fever. Next morning the pain is unbearable so I get myself to a walk in clinic. I have a massive infection. Dr is basically telling me how stupid I am. If I waited and didn’t come in, it could’ve been life threatening, might lose my ear. He calls in the other dr and they are both shaking their heads. So yeah. Fucking dumb. Went through all of that and the piercing didn’t last 24hrs and i sick and in pain for a few days. Cost my self tons of money bc I didn’t get paid time off.
  2. FAQ: https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/102519/star-wars-battlefront-ii-progression-update-faq#latest
  3. Im sort of excited about this I guess. This is what all the backlash was about and they fixed the entire system. Im sure people will still find a way to bitch, but whatever. So the progression patch is March 21st. And the purchasable cosmetics (via mtx or earned in-game currency) will be out mid april. Crafting parts will be converted to skill points at a 40-1 ratio. Im sitting on 4000 crafting parts - so Ill have 100 skill points to disperse. Most of my classes are already unlocked with most of the cards. And the cards I use are at least rare quality. Class needs to be level 35 to unlock epic level cards.. I think Im at 32-34 most clases, so I will need to bump up a few points to hit the 35 mark and then just upgrade nearly everything to epic. Not much of a progression for me after that. Sounds like season 2 will pushed to may and be solo-themed. Kinda lame we had to wait for this progression system first, but if it gets people playing the game and then smack them with all new content...maybe it will give this game a breath of life and a growing community.
  4. Xbox Game Pass

    State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves plus whatever other 1st party games get released this year - for the 70 bux I paid, thats more than worth. Other than SoT, the other 2 are probably games Ill play and never touch again.
  5. Fortnite BR Players?

    Finally stating to get sick of Battlefront II. I suspect they arent going to release new content until the Solo Movie in May. I played like 3-4 games of Fortnite and its so much fun. I wound up getting invited into a party chat with a group and played with them and it was 100000 times better. anyone play? wanna squad up?
  6. what a shame. I played TNO, TOB and II all in a row and was looking forward to the new DLC. I guess Ill wait until I can get them all for 5 or less.
  7. Xbox Game Pass

    Go check out ebay. I grabbed a 12-mo Gamepass subscription for 65 bux.
  8. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    Man, reading some reports on the xbox subreddit, not much has changed in terms of depth, content and liveliness since the aplha. I really think this game is going to bomb. Such a shame.
  9. Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 announced

    What?? that game was amazing looking. at least on PC. It was exact but they did a damn good job of coming close that that E3 demo.
  10. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    i bought a cheap 12 mo game pass on ebay, so ill be getting the game regardless, but that is disappointing to hear.
  11. Sea of Thieves - March 20, 2018

    did anyone play the beta this weekend? curious if they addressed the lifelessness of the game.
  12. I finally gave BR a shot over the weekend. It is so much better than PUBG. I had a blast playing squads last night. If you get in a good group that communicates, its great. Is the $10 battle pass worth it?
  13. Battlefront II looks absolutely amazing. Ive been playing on my 4K HDR TV and just the other day I saw it on a standard non-hdr TV and the difference was amazing. Its a seriously beautiful game, regardless of its flaws.