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  1. Official friend codes switch

    Added ya back.
  2. NFL Conference Championship 2018

    Jags and Eagles.
  3. Nintendo Labo - coming 4/20

    For once I agree with you. How fucking dumb.
  4. WSU QB Tyler Hilinski found dead in apparent suicide

    They would be foolish not too.
  5. I don’t understand why it bothers people that gamers enjoy a game that they don’t.
  6. Aaron Rodgers has a New Receiver..

    Oh lord can you imagine when their egos collide? BOOM.
  7. I have the $$$ to buy a Switch today but

    Good suggestion.
  8. It’s been great so far. Probably one of my fav JRPG.
  9. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    The NFC Championship lacks excitement. I just hope the Jaguars destroy the Patriots. It would be so sweet watching Brady lose by 30 on his home field.
  10. 5 hours all at once. Sometimes 6. But usually never more than 6 consecutive.
  11. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    I wish they would try a little bit harder. Falcons don’t look impressive at all.
  12. Do you give panhandlers money?

    No. Never.
  13. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    Yeah that was the game Big Ben was saying maybe he didn’t “have it anymore”.
  14. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    Brown is out right? I just feel the Jags have their number. They match up very well. Jags defense vs. Steelers offense.