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  1. What you drinking this weekend?

    Only if having a nice Italian meal.
  2. What you drinking this weekend?

    Stuff is so good.
  3. Do you tip your barista?

    I usually tip everyone at least something.
  4. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    PS4- COD WWII multiplayer Gran Turismo Sport SWITCH- Skyrim Zelda BotW
  5. Rate my haul for the day

    How are you liking the SWITCH and Xbox 1X @Dodger ?
  6. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Fired this up on lunch break. Got through the beginning part where you escape. Man, when that shit opens up into Skyrim and you realize you’re playing it on a handheld system. Wow, it’s fucking nice.
  7. 3DS - Community Thread!!

    I own both digital versions. Good choices.
  8. Rate my haul for the day

    Nice. Very nice indeed.
  9. Skyrim Switch Discussion