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  1. The game is amazing. It improves on the first one in every possible way. Currently lvl 15 and been having a blast.
  2. Sea of Thieves will launch with an optional 540p mode and 15fps lock

    Nothing wrong with them supporting whatever they can. Game will still be gorgeous to those of us with powerful hardware.
  3. Sweeeet. i'm planning on picking up the 7700K and the Gigabyte Z270X GAMING 7.
  4. Astroneer

    ^^ We got to play it at PAX, and thats very much what it feel like. But with a much more "fun" art style. Really looking forward to playing more of it.
  5. WTF is the windows key used for now?

    I think your Windows key is broken? Windows + Typing will search my shiz. Windows + L will insta lock for me. This is on Win10.
  6. Pretty good indie Humble Bundle this week

    Many awesome Co-op games in there
  7. Starbound Reaches Ver. 1.0

    Theres a reason for that. One of the original sprite artists for Terraria founded Chucklefish to start working on Starbound. I'll also mention that I enjoy Starbound a lot more because it holds your hand a bit more. With Terraria I felt like I had to have a Wiki to understand what to do. It also just feels more "grand" that Terraria. Multiple planets, taking to the stars, etc... Give it a shot!
  8. Starbound Reaches Ver. 1.0

    One of my fav games. I'm loving all the 1.0 changes. Also, they added Steam Multiplayer integration. Friends can right click on your name and "Join Game". Much easier than setting up the dedicated server. Also, Steam workshop support for all their awesome mods! Highly suggestion everyone give it a look again, now that 1.0 is out.
  9. Got to play it last night with the devs at the Portland Indie Game Squad Drink and Draw event. Honestly took my breath away how good it looked. The devs (Nightdive Studios) are known for buying older IPs, getting the games working on modern OS's, and rereleasing them. Take a look at their history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Dive_Studios#Acquisitions But they said this is their first step at actually remastering a game to this extent. They also mentioned that if it goes well, they will very likely do the same for System Shock 2.
  10. Stardew Valley finally released.

    The game is amazing, plus Multiplayer is still in works!
  11. Thoughts on The Division?

    Just played a few hours of the beta. Really digging it so far. Anyone else in the PC beta? Wanna team up? None of my lame friends are in the beta, and this game seems like it would work way better in a party.
  12. Rise of the Tomb Raider impressions?

    Just played for about an hour. This game is damn pretty.
  13. Thoughts on The Division?

    Hows everyone feeling about The Division? I'll admit, after the newest trailer, I'm pretty hyped: For those that know nothing about it: It's any open world co-op 3rd person shooter that takes play in a ruined NYC. There are RPG elements, with leveling up and picking abilities. There is PvP, where you can run into another group of players and either work together, or kill them to steal their loot. There is some small elements of base building as well, where you can level up your base to unlock different NPC's and vendors in it. All weapons drops have randomized stats to them as well. This Developer walk-through I think does the best job of explaining most of the games features: I'd say it's closest comparison is probably Destiny. But it looks far more entertaining to me. Plus its on PC! So, are you hyped?
  14. Need an encoding/streaming device for Twitch etc.

    OBS for streaming. If you want to do console, i highly recommend the Avermedia Extremecap U3 as a capture card.