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  1. Is this some sort of Socrates method thinking???
  2. man, I wish Socrates was in it but it wouldnt make sense for the timeline of the game.
  3. You’re either right or anti right or as I call it antiri
  4. what happened to apoc?

    lets keep it going gang!!! Apoc rhymes with kid rock!
  5. what happened to apoc?

    urgh, I call bullshit. We have very few pain receptors. We evolved so we could be tortured more!
  6. what happened to apoc?

    he's right
  7. Self-driving Uber vehicle kills pedestrian

    Especially if you're a teacher
  8. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Dammit. I feel like I got my fill with my playthrough and I've got so much on my backlog. Wonder if I should bite on this. hmmmm
  9. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    So I picked up Titanfall 2 on the cheap and was having a blast with it. Then this weekend I decided to boot up Ratchet and Clank cuz it was free. My first time playing a Ratchet game and I'm loving it. Anyone else take advantage of the sale last week or boot up Ratchet or is everyone playing Fortnite?
  10. Game giveaway because I love you guys!

    Yay! Your the best because your polite and respectful but being of the same generation as me, you harbor a great deal of hate and rage for the youth! Jk but seriously, great D1Pshit! 78