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  1. This is the best review ever. I will most certainly think about it to see how accurate it is after viewing.
  2. lol. Thank you for responding to my nonsense. I just love talking about pizza. Also, Rogue one kinda sucks.
  3. WRONG! This is a movie in a genre. All pizza is like saying all scifi. So indeed I would prefer someone's input on whether the pizza I'm about to order sucks or not. Dominos sucks but most pizza does not. frozen pizza sucks. I had a pizza in Cuba that had some kind of white cheese, canned veggies and iceberg lettuce. Safe to say that was a 2 outta 10.
  4. Well, I got the He's (not) dead, Jim trophy so yes I ended up doing the bank heist. Thanks for reviving this thread. I might go back and play this again
  5. Ugh. Now I'm reading guides to remember. Dammit I think I tried both. Gonna have to boot it up. Ugh. Wait, I'll check achievement s
  6. No man, I looked at the pics in this thread while in the room. I went into all vaults. It's a stealth game. I must steal everything!!!
  7. During bank mission I think. Could have been earlier cuz I remember rooting around there prior. Damn I don't remember. But nothing inside I could see. I knew of this thread too so tried different angles and such
  8. couldnt find a decent photo of the lost show with a polar bear to caption "meanwhile in Canada"
  9. You sound, and by your pic look like a well educated man. Thank you for coming. We'll Take them smart ones you can make us go
  10. Yeah, y'all are lame for even thinking this. but way to turn it around. I know your not on that time but still, silly.
  11. really people. We have to spell it out. or are people playing ignorance on behalf of their team. Who am I kidding. It's not a question.
  12. no, no, nope. were fine! Plus, most of you know a lil spanish. Nothing to see up here. Please exodus through the southern exits. Thank you, move along. Thank you.
  13. God is the root of all evil

    Did you know that the first of God's creation was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the reality. Entire crops were lost. Some believed God lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the earth was redesigned to this.