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  1. Anyone here play Summoner's War?

    It's not amazing, but it's a semi-competent "gacha" game. You can clear all PvE content without spending a dime, but any type of high rank PvP requires either a shitload of time or a shitload of money. It's an alright distraction. It's a little dishonest to say this thread "continued" for two years (closer to three), though... considering it was only just bumped after being dead. If you actually want information about the game itself, it's out there, I wouldn't use this thread as a lone reference.
  2. Anyone here play Summoner's War?

    I play it every day, have it open on the side while doing other stuff.. Pretty burned out on it, but since it's the only game I can play with one of my friends, I keep going.
  3. ~*D1P Mechanical Apartheid Weekend Giveaway*~

    Hrm... may as well give it a shot. I'm in.
  4. ITT we summon people who still post here

  5. Oh, derp, right... I totally forgot about those indicators for some reason. I can certainly see how they might be hard to spot but, again, I never personally had an issue with it myself. Sadly, nothing I can help with. Edit: Also, quick question about teleporting. Are the crystals you're trying to teleport to the smaller ones within town? Those are mini aetheryte, they're set at points around towns to make navigation easier. You can teleport between them, but you cannot warp directly to them. There are large aetheryte located in all the major outside zones and each town, and those are the ones you can teleport to from anywhere.
  6. If you open your map and... I can't remember if it's shift or control + right click, you can set a waypoint on your map. It even adds a link to the chat that your party members can click to see the same waypoint. On the right of your HUD by default should be a list of the most recent quests you accepted. If you click on the quest description, it will usually (but for some reason not in all cases) show you the exact spot you need to go. It'll be indicated by a red circle. I don't know if there's any way to fiddle with the colors to make it more easily noticeable to you, but I've never personally had that problem. On the top left of the map (I believe by default), you are able to select regions, and then separate areas within each reason to look at. You can, I'm pretty sure, click on the picture of the aetheryte (The blue crystal) to teleport directly there. My map has labels? I'm pretty sure. Unless you need... more labels? I guess it is a little sparse. If you zoom out they'll disappear, which is definitely odd. Try zooming the map in a few notches. Most of the zones actually are connected, so that seems like an odd complaint. However, there is one section that is disconnected... I'm not sure if they've added any other way to link it to the others (I think they did?), but you unlock the ability to ride airships at a very early level (15, after running through the story missions) that let you travel between to any of the 3 major cities. Maybe I'm a bit biased because I kinda enjoy the game, but I don't think I've ever had a problem locating where I need to go for a quest. The only "trouble" I've really had are the quests that only direct you to an area, but don't mark the specific spots within that area that you need to go to... but... that's more of a slight annoyance. Hopefully these tips help, but if not maybe there's something else that may help.
  7. Do you use Club Nintendo? If not enter here!

    120 coins short. Any unused codes would be greatly appreciated, but I also understand that I'm not gonna be on the top of anyone's list of people to help out. Edit: Nevermind, apparently I had several codes I hadn't ever used. I'll keep you guys in mind if I buy any Nintendo games with Club Nintendo codes within the next couple weeks.
  8. MH4 Ultimate best selling version in the West

    Yeah, I was hoping to pick up a physical copy (I know, I'm old fashioned), but it's completely sold out everywhere within 15-20 miles of me. I may have to end up getting the digital version, but I'm in no rush until my friend can pick up his copy as well. Either way, glad to see that it's doing so well! This is going to be my first real attempt at a Monster Hunter game, but I've always been interested.
  9. wow Sony wasnt kidding...

    Suikoden 2... I've been waiting for that. One of my favorite RPGs ever.
  10. I enjoyed Shadow of the Colossus, but not nearly enough to feel like The Last Guardian will be worth all this wait. I'll be playing it regardless when it does eventually release, though. I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
  11. (>'_')>Bravely Default FC Thread.<('_'<)

    Added everyone. 4055-4137-2312
  12. Decided to grab Sly Cooper since I've been meaning to play it, and for just shy of $7 I figured why the hell not?
  13. It's FRIDAY 1/10 what are YOU playing this weekend?

    3DS: Animal Crossing New Leaf Vita: Ys Celceta PC: FFXIV I still need to start Fire Emblem: Awakening on my 3DS, but I've been pretty hooked on those three games.
  14. What 2014 3DS game are you most looking forward to?

    Right now I'm most looking forward to Bravely Default.