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  1. I think the guy was referring to actual game worlds with established lore, history and characters rather then story. I think the guy is right in that are not enough, but wrong that there are barely any games that meet his criteria.
  2. I think this is why I hated it so much.. Every time I killed the enemy I knew that I could just cloak right past them instead. So stupid.
  3. All legitimacy of the video was lost when they deemed video games "western culture"...
  4. Hat's off to anybody who has the patience to actually beat it. It's one of those games where after a couple days of playing it you ask yourself, "what is the point of playing this?"
  5. It sounds like they are booing the idea of Obamacare, not Romney. I could be wrong though. I hope I am, cause that'd be hilarious and awesome. edit: Oops, I had to watch this quickly at work and realized it was in front of the NAACP. I thought he was giving a speech to his fellow conservatives. So I definitely am wrong
  6. So are all the heros in this game supposed to be famous Blizzard characters? I haven't followed this at all. Or does nobody really know anything about the game yet?
  7. This means nothing. Every great game has a bunch of no-name journalists writing attention-grabbing articles like this to stand out. Yeah it's hilarious, because you can replace the "II" with a "III" and the article is relevant, but that doesn't change the fact that D2 was a classic masterpiece.
  8. So basically you want Demon Souls with a isometric point of view? I guess that would be worth trying but I think you're looking too much into it. People like hack and slash games because they like taking down huge hordes of enemies in a breeze. It's just a good feeling, especially when you couldn't do it before because of lack of a skill point or piece of loot. I still agree with you though that there is room for experimenting. Genres should never be a black or white thing. To your specific points, though.. 1) I completely agree with your first point. The weapon you choose should have a huge impact on your skills. This is completely evident by how pointless weapon-choice is in D3. I'm not sure how this would add combat skill though. This falls into the skill to pick the right gear/skills category. 2) I say make these kind of defensive mechanics skills you can choose from, which they already are. Would making them base skills for everybody really add much skill? An active block would be useless. The class would no doubt have better skills for avoiding damage, especially considering that blocking against huge hordes of enemies seems like it wouldn't be so great. 3/4) I think everybody would agree with your 3rd and 4th point. 5) I think this is a huge part of the charm in ARPGs and I think if Diablo 3 got 1 thing right it was how fluid and well you can control your character. What do you mean by "auto-targetting" though? Would you rather have WASD controls and use your mouse to move a cursor in order to target?
  9. If you want direct player skill to make it through a game, hack and slash (and most action rpgs) games are the wrong genre. Choosing the right set of skills, stats and gear is where these games take player skill into account. Unfortunately in diablo 3, the loot sucks, you can't pick your stats and skills can be replaced anytime which kind of gets rid of the skill to choose the right ones. If Diablo 3 did a better job rewarding you with being skilled at the above mechanics, i'm sure you wouldn't be so focused on the mindless combat. That said, I'm interested in how you would make actual combat take skill in this genre. I can't honestly think of many ways.
  10. The whole Europe bashing America thing is total BS and just an internet thing. I went to school with and work with SO many people from Europe, Asia, South America and just about any other area of the world and they all love America. Sure they still think we all eat like shit but they all love it here and wish it was easier for them to live here.
  11. Lately I have had the urge to get back into BF3 and i've been wondering if CQ is worth getting. Is it just a bunch of Metro style clusterfuck gameplay or does it actually translate well with BF gameplay?
  12. Rofl. No amount of patching can save this game. Apparently they can ruin it more though!
  13. I never understood this argument. You're literally saying that because one thing sucked and was fixed later, that in the next game that feature is allowed to suck and be fixed later.