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  1. Anyone here ever watch "The Tudors"? Do you remember in season 1 when the sister of King Henry had to marry the King of Portugal, and her reaction to him? I bet it was a lot like that for 'ol Stormy I think she's the one who got ripped off!
  2. Warcraft Tomatometer Watch

    I thought it was a fun movie, and I've never played Warcraft or WoW. It wasn't a game changer or anything, but I think a 6 or 7/10 is pretty accurate. A lot of complaints seemed to revolve around people who didn't play Warcraft being confused with the plot, but I thought it was all pretty clear & straightforward (I'd call it 'thin', but not 'confusing').
  3. Maybe that's the problem then. I'm pretty sure I've only seen her in big-budget "big movies"...Hunger Games, X-Men, Passengers, etc. And she just looks so goddamned bored in each and every one of them that she seems very terrible at this being human stuff (or mutant, as it were). I'll check out Winter's Bone
  4. I did not, actually.
  5. Also: how did Lawrence ever get so popular? She's terrible in everything.
  6. A couple years ago, I would have enjoyed a prequel film for Black Widow, telling her history & eventual friendship / "turn to good" with Hawkeye. Perhaps ending with Fury giving her a fresh assignment wherein she pretends to be an assistant for Stark (leading into Iron Man 2). Now? I don't really care anymore.
  7. Kid gets NES in 1988 for Christmas, cries and hugs his dad

    That was pretty cool. I was 3 when my brother got his NES, and he let me play it sometimes. But I'll never forget Christmas morning '93, when a big box labeled "open last" was handed to me & inside was a shiny new Super Nintendo, complete with Super Mario World & a copy of Super Tecmo Bowl (wrapped seperately, but in the big box). I didn't have tears but the emotion & excitement that kid in the video has, well that was definitely me! But with a better wardrobe (well...marginally better...it WAS the early 90's! ) I still have the VHS tapes from that Christmas, and I have a DVD recorder to digitize the tapes with, but I'm terrified of putting the tapes in the machine If the tapes get eaten, they're lost forever! At least right now they still exist lol
  8. What movies are you watching this Christmas Eve & Day?

    Late to the party, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We watched a ton of movies throughout the month with the kids...but after they went to sleep, the missus & I watched our favorite "grown up" ones over the last week. Bad(der) Santa, Krampus, The Night Before, Four Christmases, stuff like that. I missed out on Die Hard & Lethal Weapon this year, but I did get time for Batman Returns, so I was mostly happy.
  9. Over half of Americans say Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

    Batman Returns is my favorite "Christmas" movie, but Die Hard is up there. And I put Christmas in quotes only to denote a difference between Christmas movies focusing on angels/Santa/presents, and Christmas movies with the holiday as a theme or backdrop but containing pretty much anything but angels/Santa/presents. I'm going to contradict myself a little here, but since only about 20 minutes of "It's a Wonderful Life" actually takes place at Christmas, I'd argue that Die Hard is more of a Christmas movie than Wonderful Life is
  10. Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer

    JP was 25 years ago...why does the Rex look worse now? Would it kill them to mix in some animatronics? No reason for the dinosaurs to look faker 25 years later...I'll forgive any stupid plot if the dinosaurs at least look good
  11. If he could recapture what he had with Kill Bill Vol 1 (vol 2 is also good, but Inprefer vol 1), then I would absolutely love to see a sequel to it (or, dare I say, a prequel about Bill?). But I don't want sequels to his other films. I love it when he has an original idea, because you never know quite what to expect. My wish for a Bill prequel or sequel aside, I don't think I'd be very hyped if he returned to one of his older films because it would tread old water.
  12. Happy birthday ALL December babies

    December 14th
  13. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    On the WW bluray, there's a "bonus scene" with Etta Candy. She's gotten the gang back together (sans Diana) and has been put in charge and given a mission. They were supposed to locate and retrieve an item that was "very old, very powerful", and deliver it to the Americans for safe keeping. Among the files & notes is a drawing of the motherbox that Man had buried. I wish this scene had actually been in the film, perhaps as a mid or post credit scene. In JL, it's mentioned that the Motherbox had been located around WWI, and that would have at least tied the plot of those two films together. Not a lot of connection, but certainly more than we ended up with. Edit: I agree that the box on Theymscira should have been teased, as well. Perhaps it should have been in that trophy room / room with the sword & outfit that Diana broke into, rather than a building by itself. It could have even been an easter egg in the background, the way that fake gauntlet was in Odin's trophy room in Thor.