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  1. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    See, I knew I wasn’t on the CEB, so I thought I was safe (sarcasm, for those ready to pounce!)
  2. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    My “concern” is 100% purely hypothetical. I’ve seen no reason thus far to doubt any story that has popped up, but in the case of stories from decades ago I just wonder when the public will start requiring “more.” And, it’s possible, they won’t ever require “more”. It was a concern for a hypothetical situation, and then sblfilms turned it into me somehow being “more concerned about the accused than the accuser”. This place can be weird sometimes
  3. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    And I largely agree. But like my initial post said, what if just ONE person decides they want their 15 minutes of fame and makes a false claim? Won’t that then tarnish future victims’ (true) stories? That’s been my concern since the “concern” post, but instead some are taking it like I’m saying nobody should come forward ever. If everyone believes one false claim won’t hurt the rest, then I won’t be concerned about it anymore
  4. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    So for allegations that are 30 years old, with no witnesses, how can we be so sure said event happened?
  5. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    Just for the record (although it’s clearly stated in my original post), I never said people should keep their mouths shut. I specifically referenced accusations that are decades old, when there is only the word of one person vs the other. Spacey? Fuck that guy, his behavior has continued & there is more than enough evidence against him to suggest Rapp probably wasn’t even the only one. Joe Schmoe actor who apparently said something sexual to someone in the 80’s, and has never been in trouble since? I’m just saying how do we know before finding them guilty in the court of public opinion. Regardless of who is right vs who is wrong in the argument of whether lives are ruined forever or not over false accusations, the fact remains that careers certainly DO get affected, and rarely recover. I’m sure if I walked into sblfilms’ theater & accused him of sexually harassing me 4 years ago, he (and others) going to demand some proof of it. Or should his patrons just take my word for it and stop giving him their business?
  6. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    Perhaps you should follow your own advice.
  7. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    Where did I say anything like that? Is it because the thought crossed my mind? I try to be cordial with everyone on D1P, but this is just fucking ridiculous.
  8. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    Is this directed at me for posing the concern? Concern for one side is not saying there’s no concern for the other. I even started my post by saying I was happy this stuff is coming to light because it’s long overdue. I was just posing a thought, so don’t read too much into it.
  9. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    I also think some common sense logic should be applied. If a little 150lb skeleton of a man starts something with a much bigger man, then yeah the situation can probably be solved without violence. I’m not sure anyone’s really arguing that though. It seems to me that most here are speaking regarding “averages”. The average sized man really has no reason to punch an averaged sized woman in the voicebox just because she grabbed his cock, as that can be resolved differently. Whereas an average sized man may have to resort to violence if another average sized man attempts the same cockgrab. If the man is sucked up & weak, then the average sized guy probably doesn’t need to hit him either. Bodybuilders and freaks of nature probably don’t need to hit either gender, to be honest. Unless Kitty’s example of a weapon comes into play. Edit: re-reading @sblfilms‘s last post, “averages” are exactly what he is talking about. I think some are talking about 2 totally different things.
  10. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Some people ITT are super excited to punch a woman in the face
  11. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    It looks fine on my end? Take a chill pill kitty.
  12. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Actually, my comment was designed to fit only 2 scenarios: No weapon = me no hit, weapon = me defend. I’m not “arguing hypotheticals all day”, it is literally 2 situations. Weapon vs no weapon. That’s it. Not sure why my personal code of conduct in regards to violence against women is such a problem for you. But it’s my choice, and if we were in a room together and you took a swing at me, I think you’d be happy with my choice
  13. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    I don’t think anyone was talking about defense when someone has a weapon (i.e., a frying pan). I was raised to never hit a woman, but the spirit of it was during non-weaponized instances lol As in, I’m in a verbal argument with one and she decides to hit me, I am not going to hit her back. I can dissolve that situation without hitting her. If she comes after me with a weapon, then yeah I’ll defend myself. I’m not gonna let her conk me on the head But I wasn’t talking about weapons being involved. For the record, in addition to being raised to not strike a woman, I was also raised to pull out chairs & open doors Maybe that’s sexist now, but I call it being nice.
  14. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    I’m extremely happy that these things against Weinstein, Spacey, and others are coming to light. Long overdue it seems. I do have a concern however, and I never see people talking about it: for allegations from 30 & 40 years ago, how do we (as the court of public opinion) know that allegations that old are always truthful? Granted, using Spacey as an example, I absolutely believe the Rapp allegation because Spacey has a history of repeated behavior throughout the years. But for some of these, it seems it could be seen as convenient, like “it was so long ago, nobody can refute this.” I hope I’m explaining my concern correctly, because I don’t want to be accused of ignoring very seeious claims. But am I the only one worried that somebody is going to eventually make up a story just to get their 15 mins? Right now, any story is going to basically destroy whatever career it is aimed at, and even if a story was proven false I don’t believe the actor would ever recover from it. Again, I’m not saying victims need to have proof or keep their mouths shut, or anything like that. Definitely not saying that, or insinuating it. I’m just worried about false accusations, because 1 false claim could lead to many of these decades-old allegations being automatically dismissed. Anyway, I hope I explained what I’m trying to say without sounding bad lol