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  1. The Official Thread of Hollywood Sexual Predation

    Looks like the original story had some merit after all...wow. I wonder if this will spread to Kruek as well, assuming that part of the story was also true.
  2. What Are Some TV Shows That You Guys are Watching/Enjoying

    The Tudors on Netflix. I just started season 3 last night, it's been really good so far.
  3. Wes Craven's 'Shocker'. Granted, this is not a good film, but I saw it at a certain point in my adolescence and it just really clicked for me. Cami Cooper could haunt me anyday. I love this movie as a cheesy 80's B movie.
  4. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    This is some fantastic info, thank you! I'm hoping to start purchasing everything in February/March, and then getting started. I'm sure I'll have a question or 2 at that time, so probably expect a pm from me at some point I really appreciate everyone's help so far, I didn't realize just how far behind the curve I was on this stuff until I started looking into it a little. As usual, D1P is the best. Thanks guys.
  5. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    If I don't care about subtitles, then converting the MKV to a MP4 is fine though, right? It preserves the main audio track & you don't lose too much in picture quality? What I'm gathering so far (correct me if either of these is false): 1. For movies I simply want to backup on a server (with no regard for subtitles) so I dont have to mess with disks, I just rip the BD with MakeMKV, handbrake to MP4, and then it's ready for storage & viewing on something that supports MP4. 2. For movies I wish to edit after backing them up (such as inserting deleted scenes or moving scenes around), I rip it with MakeMKV, handbrake it to MP4, and then I don't need to change the file type again until I'm finished with editing. Is that right? When I'm done editing, it needs to be converted again if I recall so that everything in the project is one video file. Would I convert it again into another MP4? What if I wanted to burn it back to a BD disk as a backup, would that still be mp4 or do I re-convert it back to MKV? I'm starting to see why @ort has the opinion he does I'm a pretty smart feller, but I was still expecting this to be simpler.
  6. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    Lots of good stuff here, and thanks @Keyser_Soze for the link to the other thread. My eyes are glazing over a bit, but I look forward to jumping in!
  7. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    I hadn't quite gotten that far. I wanted to nail down the process of ripping the discs & editing first (I don't even have a server picked out yet lol). I'm still very much in the fact gathering stage. I see most seem to use Plex to stream to their TV or consoles, so I suppose I'd probably go with that. I've never had my own server before, so I'm still researching things. For something very time consuming, like The Godfather, I'd probably also back it up to a disc & put it away with the other discs just in case the server took a crap. Or dump it on a usb stick or something.
  8. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    Wow, that's quite a size difference. Cool. Thank you! I like the cut of Power Director's gib, so I'm gonna pick that up. It's only $50 on Amazon for PD 16 Ultra, which will do way more than I need it to for now. Looks like MakeMKV & Handbrake are free? MakeMKV still in Beta, or am I looking at the wrong one?
  9. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    I'm interested in a chronological cut of the Godfather, which begins with young Vito coming to America after his mother's death. I saw it on television once, and while it doesn't compare to just watching GF 1 & 2 as they were intended, a chronological cut is still a lot of fun. There aren't a lot of films I would put the time into (things are often cut for very good reasons after all), but for a few of my favorite movies I figure "the more the merrier" on the content. And since I'm the only one watching them, it doesn't matter if it interrupts the flow or pacing of the movie.
  10. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    I think I see how this works now. MakeMKV will bypass the encryption & make the copy of the movie in question, and then Handbrake will convert it to a file to use in a video editor. I about got that right?
  11. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    I appreciate the help, thank you. There's a few films I would like to edit by inserting deleted scenes, and maybe re-ordering some (I've always wanted my own Chronological Godfather 1 & 2, for instance, just for something different), so I'm just looking for an easy way to do it. Unfortunately, I'm pretty out of date on file formats and what's best for importing/exporting. I know some projects I'd like to see are available online already, but I have a lot of free time these days so making my own cuts of films sounds like a fun little hobby to dink around with.
  12. Can we talk about ripping discs to private servers here?

    I looked at Power Director, it looks like a nice program (and pretty cheap as well). I really appreciate the heads up on it. MakeMKV is the go-to, huh? I will be giving this a look then. Will Power Director allow me to easily put mkv on a timeline, or does it need to be changed to a different format first? Sorry for the probably simple questions, but the last editor I used exported to mpeg-2 for DVD authoring, so I'm a bit out of date.
  13. Or is that against the TOS? I'm not talking about piracy or anything, but if the topic flies too close to that particular sun then mods can lock this. My bluray collection has reached peak levels when it comes to storage space, and even though I keep things alphabetical by genre it's still a pain in the ass to find things sometimes so I was thinking: 1. What software do you guys use to rip your discs to a server? 2. What would be a good editing program if I wanted to use the digital files & insert some deleted scenes that I enjoy back into certain films? I have experience with editors, of course, but the last software I used for it has to be from 2005 or so. I googled it, but a lot of them require you to change the file type for compatibility & I'm hoping to just be able to use the original ripped file. Anyway, thanks in advance! And also apologies in advance if this isn't allowed.
  14. Anyone here ever watch "The Tudors"? Do you remember in season 1 when the sister of King Henry had to marry the King of Portugal, and her reaction to him? I bet it was a lot like that for 'ol Stormy I think she's the one who got ripped off!