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    Very well. Rather poorly, I am afraid. I began by gathering a large quantity of information straight from Dr Water's first threads, but the personal messages I sent out to get individual takes on his personality have yet to receive replies.
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    @MinnesotaFatz: Apologies for the delayed response - I was pursuing a fascinating connection between the demise of Flickr and Yahoo Inc. It is my understanding that you created a thread similar to this in January of 2012 - am I correct in this assumption?
  3. @Historian

    @brazil201: I shall consider your request. In fact, would a summer series on the influential and infamous members of the boards interest the people of General Insanity? I eagerly await your responses. My Dr. Water analysis will begin tomorrow evening. If those involved will prepare to receive a personal message, I would be most grateful.
  4. This will be a fascinating subproject. I would suggest putting it off until the middle of the summer, to allow for more phalangeal or manual wounds.
  5. @Historian

    Sir, It would be an honor to embark on such a noble assignment. I shall begin as soon as I am able.