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  1. I don't understand how that is even possible.
  2. I rented from gamefly and it was unplayable within a good hour or so. The camera or non existent camera is terrible.
  3. I am looking forward to this one as well. The Wii game was not what I expected but it was still fantastic to play the game loud and dance like the King of Pop.
  4. I love the immediate moderation on the boards. And I agree on the first post. I couldn't wait to send this game back to gamefly. I even lowered the difficulty so I could finish faster.
  5. I am going to test this out later.
  6. In the signature. Currently waiting for Need For Speed from gamefly. Add me if you want, I need more friends. Most of the ones I had got the banhammer and have been to cheap to get back online.
  7. Great site for forum alternative. I just hope tons of ads don't come streaming through soon.

  8. I loved it but essentially didn't play the demo through the end because I didn't want to spoil anything for myself. I am also now on the fence if I want this to be a PS3 or Xbox purchase. I played the demo on PS3 and everything looked a little crisper.
  9. I used to care more but my kids are getting older and it's harder to find time to do everything on a game. Now I just beat the game and move on. Whatever happens in between that im satisfied.
  10. It was surprisingly a very good movie.
  11. Just made the transition from IGN where I was a member since June 2002. I have no major gripes with IGN, I just need a little variety in my life. IGN handle:kidkobe