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  1. Holy, fuck, that is just too messed up for words.  This is like doing a twist for twist's sake.   Someone thinks they're smart over there, that's for sure.  The key word is "thinks".
  2. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

  3.   Yeah, I heard that.  We'll see.
  4.   This is exactly what I was thinking.  If it's just a sampler, this does nothing for me at all.  If I'm going to buy a series, I'm going to buy a series, I'm not going to read the first two trades under their service and then purchase the later ones.   Even if it wasn't quite current, say one trade behind day and date, it would still be great.  You could almost get caught up on anything.  This way, it just doesn't work for me.
  5. MASSIVE Spoiler for DC: Rebirth Inside

    Fuck it.  I'm game.  Rebirth is going to be about one thing and one thing only for me.  Execution.  If they clusterfuck this like the New 52, then this will probably be the last run at DC I take.  There are a metric tonne of excellent creator owned books out there as well as some smaller companies that I can invest my time and money into, instead of waiting for the big company to figure their fucking shit out.   Based on what's been said so far, and the teams involved, I've got a glimmer of hope.
  6. Official General Comic News Thread

    I've pulled back completely on Marvel's big events.  I won't be partaking of Civil War Deux.   I also wonder what the over/under will be that they announce another event before this one is over.   They also better tread lightly with this whole "death of X" business.
  7. You're a gentleman and a scholar! PS4 would be to my liking. 
  8.   I stopped playing after I caught a glimpse of the first human running across a doorway.  That video got my heart going.
  9. X-men Apocalypse Tomatometer Watch

      Yeah, I don't think Fox has the rights to TV.  I think there was a rumour going around that after the horrid FF movie, that Fox wanted to do an X-men TV series or something and maybe Marvel could get back the FF license.  Turned out to be bunk though.
  10. Supergirl might go to CW.

    Bah! Fuck the haters!  I liked the show.  Plus it had the Martian Manhunter in it, so there!    And that Flash crossover episode was hilarious.
  11. X-men Apocalypse Tomatometer Watch

    Yeah, the Sony/Marvel relationship wasn't that bad as Marvel still had merchandising right I believe.  With the X-men and Fantastic Four, Fox gets a cut of shit that they had nothing to do with creating or investing a dime into as it "promotes" the movie.  Basically I think there can't be a movie within a certain time frame for this to not be in effect.   So Fox takes advantage of a brutal situation that Marvel was in, on the verge of bankruptcy and that's all well and good.  Stupid deal by Marvel then, but they were desperate as fuck.  I think it's the fact that now, Fox has this fuck you, we're not budging kind of attitude and is just reaping all the benefits.   That's why you're seeing X-men and Fantastic Four virtually blackballed from any merchandising whatsoever.
  12. The Uncharted Collection

    I picked it up about a week ago and was playing UC1 when 4 dropped. Still holds up. 
  13. Prey 2 - IT LIVES!!

  14. Prey 2 - IT LIVES!!

      7.  I really liked the first Prey as well.
  15. If they release a full featured game, maybe?  At least it's not every year.