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  1. I'll be playing it tomorrow, that's for sure.  There's a lot to like about the Division and it's not all about crushing the end game content.
  2. About the only ones are the Mass Effect series because they refuse to do a remaster.    That being said, my feelings may change after Andromeda comes out.
  3. Official General Comic News Thread

    Is this actually a glimmer of hope for Marvel's mutants?
  4. Comic industry reacts .
  5.   Wow.  I've got to say that this is quite the shock.  His art style was far from my favourite, but he was certainly a well known fixture of the comic industry.  I think what's most shocking about his passing is that he was so busy as of late.  I had no idea he was sick.   All respect and RIP.
  6. Official General Comic News Thread

    And now 2 new main X-Men titles. X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue.   Covers extra large.     
  7. Official General Comic News Thread

      Since AvX.
  8. Official General Comic News Thread

      @JVC920   lol.  Great minds think alike!
  9. Official General Comic News Thread

    And Cable.  
  10. 12 years ago tonight...

    That is some really devastating shit, apoc.  I lost my mother to cancer when she was 45, and while that was terrible, I think losing a partner is something else entirely.    Sorry for your loss and continued hurt. 
  11. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    Trailer was fucking amazing! God, I hope they don't find a way to fuck it up. 
  12. COD Infinite Warfare BETA

    I've got tomorrow off so I'll probably give this a spin.
  13. Official General Comic News Thread

  14. Shipping 10.26.2016 - Week 43 Pull List

      Yeah, I won't be picking up Ultimates 2.  I fucking despise this "season" format that Marvel has a hard on for. 
  15. Official General Comic News Thread

    I kind of like these covers, with all the different images from different time periods / versions of the character.