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  1. The last Wolverine movie was pretty good, despite the shitty ending. So glad this is turning out as good as the trailers looked.
  2. Jesus people, you can create your own female Ryder. Have we seen anything yet on the character creation?
  3. Very nice, @apoc81 ! You'll have to put up some pictures when all is said and done. Also, nice sentiment with the Sick Kids hospital!
  4. Not a big stretch.
  5. Lol. Truth about hockey though.
  6. Some people are so well informed. lol
  7. They've been working on it for a few years now. They've on shown like two teaser images. After all the Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I'm kind of dying to know what it is.
  8. Yes. That's what the games are.
  9. That looked pretty funny. And Nathan Fillion made an appearance.
  10. Damn. RIP
  11. Completely agree! I'm running slowly through ME2 right now. This is going to be so fucking good.
  12. The guy's currently in Code Black, so I know half the duo at least.