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  1. Connelly is a plus. The subject matter is a minus. The movie was way overrated.
  2. Uh, no. She has a mountain of material that you could do. Everything we've seen of her with the Avengers is nicey, nice Black Widow. She's a fucking assassin for Christ's sake. You do it rated R, you get dirty and tell her transformation into Black Widow, the red room, etc. and maybe leave off with her contacts with Nick Fury. Hell, you could even throw in Winter Soldier in there since she already mentioned an encounter with him. It's like when they did that shitty Elektra movie after Daredevil. A PG 13 Elektra move. Yeah, that makes sense. Just like the rated R Logan, you have to craft a story and movie that fits with the character.
  3. Shipping 1.10.2018 - Week 2 Pull List

    I wish Alan Davis was drawing it as well as the cover and then it would be a no brainer.
  4. Official General Comic News Thread

    New Domino book from Marvel. Gail Simone writing! https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/05/gail-simone-write-risque-hardcore-domino-series-marvel-comics/ I'll definitely be checking this out.
  5. DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games (voting closed)

    Just a little zombie expansion.
  6. Request: a comic site that lets you search by character and...

    This looks like it will fit the bill. http://www.comicbookdb.com/browse.php?search=Character Looks like what you're looking for.
  7. DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games (voting closed)

    It was mostly in order. I've re-sorted it.
  8. DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games (voting closed)

    In exactly the correct order: 1. Anthem 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 3. Spider-Man 4. God of War 5. Far Cry 5 6. Days Gone 7. Detroit: Become Human 8. Soulcalibur 6
  9. So Mortal Kombat fans..whats better..

    Lol. THIS is the correct answer. I did play a lot of MK III back in the day, though.
  10. What the fuck, is this real life? Lol.
  11. DC dominates comics market in 2017

    Yeah, Wally West was definitely my Flash. Seriously, fuck Barry Allen and fuck the New 52 for fucking it all up. Of course I read comics when I was really young, but Uncanny X-Men #198 and the phenomenal Barry Windsor-Smith cover caught my eye and started me on the road to serious comic collecting.
  12. DC dominates comics market in 2017

    The main Gold and Blue books are pretty decent these days. All-New Wolverine is excellent as mentioned. (I have a real soft spot for Laura) Old Man Logan is really solid as well. Original Jean Grey is coming back in Phoenix Resurrection and a new book, X-men Red will be coming with her leading a team. Also a 6 issue mini New Mutants book is coming. The rest of the books are just not there, interest or quality wise, for me. Iceman is being cancelled as well, which I couldn't have possibly foreseen. Lol.
  13. DC dominates comics market in 2017

    Not on the same level? New 52 was a fucking atrocious failure of epic proportions, mainly because DC didn't think it was important to actually have a plan. That's bigger than anything Marvel has done. DC was in deep trouble before rebirth.
  14. DC dominates comics market in 2017

    If you really believe that then I don't know what to say. How about great stories? Superior Spider-Man was a perfect example of this. I'm sure Peter Parker fans lost their shit, but the length of time where he was out of the picture was more interesting to me than Spider-Man had been for a long, long time. Saying it was pointless is just wrong.
  15. DC dominates comics market in 2017

    Fundamentally, bringing in a new character by throwing the old one out and handing over their mantle to them is not only incredibly lazy, but also ineffective. I will agree that this is a problem and Marvel has definitely been guilty of this on more than one occasion, but don't lump every change into this category because this would be incorrect. The key to making a change like this, whether permanent or temporary, is having the person doing the replacing be someone that has been around, has a history both on their own and with the character they're replacing so that it makes sense. Iron Man is NOT one of these cases. Thor is one of these cases and doubly so as the original character is still around. Totally Awesome Hulk and Bucky as Cap are other examples of doing it right. Pulling a cold character out of your ass that nobody has heard of, killing off or getting rid of a decades old character and handing over the original's name is doing it wrong. Nobody will care and it's not earned. Let's try not to make broad strokes and put every case in the same basket.