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  1. Flooded apartment, comics ruined, need opinions

    That's terrible news, @Hurdyb1 !!   I haven't been through this myself, but my insurance only covers $5000 for collectibles.  If I ever lost most of my collection, I'd be screwed.  Just can't afford the extra insurance it would cost to cover everything that I have.   I wouldn't think there'd be too much to listing them if you know what you have.  Amazing Spider-Man 340-600 for example.  I guess only your insurance company can tell you what they'll require.
  2. Yeah, it looks like they've put some serious effort into the campaign.
  3. Official General Comic News Thread

    From the X-Men panel at SDCC.    "After Q&A begins, Alonso admits they are playing with everyone’s paranoia and the rumors of the end of the X-Men series."   This kind of shit really pisses me the fuck right off.    "Alonso does seem to admit that they are purposefully playing up to the fears and rumors of the cancellation of the X-Men line, even suggesting that fear has become so meta now, and why wouldn’t they play with that. "   Saying that kind of shit really puts me on the edge. 
  4. Shipping 7.20.2016 - Week 29 Pull List

      No kidding!  It has been a really good book so far though.   Also, confirmation that the X-Men titles are still around this October.  Dropping all of Marvel averted for now.
  5. I'm on PS4 and don't have it yet, but I'm pretty sure each level up cache in the underground will have a chance at max gear.   To a certain extent I'm with you on the solo stuff but they're constantly improving things so I'm not throwing a tantrum about it at this point. They tend to have a lot of the harder content geared towards a well equipped 4 man squad. I wish they could have a scalable modifier that would turn down the difficulty so a solo player could manage it. Right now hard story missions are cake solo, but you get destroyed on challenge mode. Imbalance much?    Either way, the game's a evolving work and isn't perfect and I still enjoy popping in for some daily stuff. The criticisms are a little harsh, IMO. 
  6. The All Things Wrestling in the NEW Era 7.18 - 7.22.16

    So what's the belt situation going to be like? I really hopethey don't have multiple belts like they did before.    They should do it baseball stylie. Save inter show belt matches for payperviews.  Shows would have bragging rights for holding most of the belts. In between paperviews you could have full competition for the belts that each show had.    What's your ideal setup? 
  7. Official General Comic News Thread

    And here's the official list. Should match the video I imagine.
  8. Shipping 7.20.2016 - Week 29 Pull List

    How far ahead did they have it before?  Or I should say, when did they put up the following week? (next week for example)
  9. Official General Comic News Thread

    @Hurdyb1   Quite frankly, I'm just so utterly fucking fatigued by this whole situation.  I can stomach them not merchandising, not advertising, etc. if Fox is going to get a good chunk of those profits.  What I can't figure out is why you would shit all over the characters in the comics.  I certainly don't believe that comics are a large driver of the movie ticket sales.  If anything, the movies would drive comic sales.   I've already stated my recent choice to try and get away from Marvel's event to event to event routine of story telling.  I'm also pretty frustrated that, with all the supposedly smart and creative people over there, that they can't figure out a way to attract new readers without relaunching a new number one every few months.  As a collector, this is annoying as fuck and recently these books aren't even getting to a dozen issues before a new number one gets put out.  Marvel and their shift to a "season" format.   All I've every asked is that you do right by the characters that I love and have been around for decades.  If you can't do that and are going to let corporate bullshit and pettiness get in the way, then that's it for me.  I don't even care if they bring them back later or some shit.  When I cut the cord that will be it.  I'm so far behind on my reading as it is that I certainly won't mind not having to worry about 20 some more books.
  10. Official General Comic News Thread   Well, has it finally come to pass? Marvel has been dicking with mutants with one mouth while saying how much they love them with the other, for months and months. Based on the list of titles this fall shown in the video, if true, this will be the last straw for me. I don't care what their long term plans are, but to fuck over the characters in this way is disgusting to me.    The X-Men got me into comics 30 years ago and has a really big soft spot in my heart. Marvel doesn't want to publish X-Men comics this fall then they won't have me any longer. I'll be dropping every Marvel title and won't be looking back if this turns out to be true.    As a side note, I also love how they're quietly changing every old character into an Inhuman. Fucking stupid. 
  11. Someone may have pinpointed when Robert De Niro gave up

    I really liked him in the Intern!
  12. Quake II is almost the best FPS on N64

    I played a lot of Quake II on PC at work. Network matches over lunch and such for months and months. That was obviously the best version but I did get it on playstation and loved it. 4 player couch co-op was great. 
  13. Sniper loose in Dallas

    Since there have been so many shitty police shootings and such caught on video lately, I was curious :   Fatal police shootings in Canada in 2015 - 22   Fatal police shootings in US in 2015 - 1208   Obviously this is just a flat number and there will be ones that are justified, and the US has 10 times the population, but still. That seems like a lot. 
  14. Games that hyped you up the most?

    After KOTOR and Jade Empire, I was pretty damn hyped for Mass Effect. 
  15. Shipping 7.13.2016 - Week 28 Pull List