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  1. I'm 100 times more excited for this game than anything to do with the Witcher and the Witcher 3 was superb.
  2. Shipping 10.5.2016 - Week 40 Pull List

    DC Comics: BATMAN #8 GREEN LANTERNS #8 NIGHTWING #8 (Ugh, crossover) SUPERMAN #8   Image Comics: PAPER GIRLS #10 RED ONE #4   Marvel Comics: ALL NEW WOLVERINE #13 DEATH OF X #1 DOCTOR STRANGE #12 SQUADRON SUPREME #12 UNCANNY X-MEN #14   I don't know what you're expecting from Death of X, @Hurdyb1, but for me my expectations are extremely low.  This isn't even a forward story to my knowledge, it's a fill in to what happened to Cyclops, Emma, etc. after Secret Wars.  I need another $6 book like a hole in the head, but I'm still getting it I guess.  This isn't going to make the mutants situation get any better or make the current books and less mediocre. (All New Wolverine and Old Man Logan the exceptions)   My tipping point for this whole thing is going to be IvX which is after this.  Yes, I know, this is exactly what everyone was demanding!!  Inhumans vs X-Men. I don't know about you, but I'm getting sick and tired of a property that I've personally collected for 30 years and one that has been around for much longer than that, getting constantly shit on by Marvel at the same time as they proclaim how much they love them.  The arrival of Hope and after that, new mutants emerging was supposed to be a resurgence after a long while on the edge, but they did a pretty hard about face on that with this whole terrigen gas bullshit and now it's fun on the edge again, where mutants are either scared or sterilized.  I mean, for fuck's sake, when is enough, enough.   /Angry nerd rant subsides
  3. Pokemon GO player mugged on stream

    Cockroaches.  You'll never get rid of them.
  4. Holy fuck, the US is one scary fucking place. You have some incompetent fucking police down there and that's no joke! 
  5.   It's for illustration purposes. 
  6. I know nothing about the details of this game, but it seems that everyone and their dog is bringing out a cartoony team shooter like this.  Free or not, this does less than nothing for me.
  7. Shipping 9.21.2016 - Week 38 Pull List

      Very true.  I've got a real soft spot for Laura.  There was some excellent character building stuff in the first volume of X-force (as a hit squad).
  8. Shipping 9.21.2016 - Week 38 Pull List

    I'm a slave to collecting.  I mean, at my age if I ever lost my collection, I'd definitely go digital for you.  My wife and I just bagged and boarded only my loose comics (not even all of them yet) and damn, it's a lot when you stack it all together!  I think it's at least 3 long boxes or more.   Right now, Marvel is really rubbing me the wrong way.  They say they love the X-men, but those books have been average at best for quite a while now, and it's just one shit kicking after another for the ol' mutants.  Combine that with the fucking ridiculous events they're running, how terrible they plan them, how much they get delayed and how they add more issues mainly so they can charge more money and not for more story.   As for DC, and they're still on a trial basis with me, but I've enjoyed rebirth quite a bit so far.  That must be why DC is stomping Marvel in market share the last few months.
  9. Destiny Help

    The Strikes have matchmaking. All the "1 to 3" player stuff means is that you can do the story missions with 2 friends. 
  10. They're making some big improvements. You should watch the state of the game that Skillup posted on YouTube. I'm pretty hopeful because there really is a lot to like with the Division. 
  11. Destiny Help

      My thoughts aren't too far off of yours for year 1.  Up to level 20, even with the vague as shit story, it was enjoyable.  Then it's grinding like you wouldn't believe.  Like brutal grinding in a real inconsiderate way.  Fucking hated it and I was obviously not alone as they changed the whole game from that.   The Taken King was a much better effort, leaning a bit more on actual story which was great and generally going in the right direction.  There was also quite a lot of content to go through and things to do and that's not even getting into raids and stuff.  I think the Rise of Iron expansion will be more steps in the right direction along a path that hopefully leads to Destiny being the game a lot of us thought it could be coming from the Halo developer.   As for the content, Dark Below is kind of shit, but it's not that long so no biggie.  House of Wolves is better and a bit meatier and the Taken King is really quite good.   If you've got this game already up to the Taken King, then I'd definitely give it another go and if you see the improvements and you like them, then give Rise of Iron a try.  That's my 2 cents.
  12. COD Infinite Campaign gameplay

    I was actually surprised at E3, as I'm watching the trailer and seeing think this looks cool, and my first thought was not COD.   Still on the fence as I had and still have save issues with the campaign from BLOPS III.
  13. AC II and Brotherhood were excellent.  Revelations faltered a bit with some of that tower defence garbage that they tried jamming in there, but there's still a fair bit of good in that one as well.
  14. Early Luke Cage Reviews - "Sweet Christmas"

    I am excite! 
  15. Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek!

    I've been rewatching Deep Space 9.  Currently on season 4.  I think I tailed off of DS9 and Voyager and Enterprise for that matter and didn't finish the series off.