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  1. The low flight one doesn't really matter to me.  The black space one does indeed make everything look a lot better.  I agree.  A bit too much color in space.
  2. Usually and hour or two during the week and a bit more than that on the weekends.  Maybe 10 to 20 hours.
  3.   I think the point is that you don't have to repeat the same thing ad nauseam.  We already know that you think Sean is a lying piece of shit.  It just doesn't have to be said anymore.  I can see the flaws in this game just like anyone else.   The difference with me is that I'm not playing it for 8 hours a day and I'm taking the game for what it is not some dream version of what I wanted it to be.  Either way, it's been well worth the money for me.   I mean, I just now, finally looked into the star classifications and found where the sexier planets are.
  4. I will probably be horrible at this but I love this style of game.  Looks really good.
  5. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

    Not spinning anything. I said he shouldn't have said the shit he said. There's not much more to say. Everyone can continue to talk about how terrible a human being that he is ad nauseum.    I hope a lot of the stuff that's missing get's back in there. 
  6. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

      Are you criticizing? Or are you just calling Sean a lier over and over?   I get it, but I'd rather discuss what people actually like and dislike about the game.  Not because someone else has tracked every syllable that he said and made a list of what they think isn't in the game, major or not.   Regardless, they should have said some of the things they said and that's true.  We will see how things are going to go in the future and what they're able to add and change.
  7. No Man's Sky: Just how much was cut?

      Well, you certainly aren't very self aware.    I don't think finding you amusing at the level that you're carrying on means that anything said about No Man's Sky is factually incorrect. Or that enjoying the game is burying one's head in the sand. 
  8. EA strongly hints at a Mass Effect remaster

    I would throw money at this.  Oh, yes, I would.
  9. Arab man killed by racist neighbour in Tulsa, OK.

    The definition of human excrement. 
  10. Cool.  Will see.
  11.   Yes. I believe 24 slots is the max. That's what I have now.