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  1. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

    It's all about trust.  If you watch the panel video, they ask for some trust that they've found a worthy story to tell. They didn't just pull some random story out of their ass just cuz.   Also, I think there's going to be a lot more to this sequel than Ellie just "mercing" goons.
  2. The Last of Us: Part II Announced!!!

    It IS several years after the first one. Ellie is 19 so I wouldn't actually call this a direct sequel.   And yes, that fan theory would be very cool.
  3.   I think you may have had a stroke.  lol.
  4. Official General Comic News Thread

    Details on the creative team and such for Generation X.  
  5. Official General Comic News Thread

    Oh, and get Kitty out of the generic X-Men unitard for fucks sake.  I fucking hate those outfits.
  6. Official General Comic News Thread

      I agree.  I love the original "all-new" team.  Plus I've got a soft spot for Rachel Grey.
  7. Man's Sky? No. Update Achieved.

    It captured my attention for a while.  I don't know if I'll pop on right now, but the video on the updated looked pretty good.  If they keep dropping additional updates like this, No Man's Sky just might become the game that many were hoping it would be and were told that it was.
  8. Official General Comic News Thread   X-men Blue and Gold members and creative teams announced!   @Hurdyb1 @JVC920
  9. Playing ME1 on the Bone and the load times are soooooo much better!
  10. Shipping 11.30.2016 - Week 48 Pull List

    IDW Publishing: THE X-FILES #8   Image Comics: DEADLY CLASS #24 SAGA #40 SEVEN TO ETERNITY #3   Marvel Comics: IVX #0 OLD MAN LOGAN #14 THE TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #12
  11. Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer

    I don't know if they ever set a date outside of holiday?  But yes, it got delayed until spring 2017.  Rumor is March 21st.
  12. Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer

    ME3 is not immune to having it's own issues as well, but damn, is there some great stuff in there.  Combat and customization is much better and crew interactions are fantastic.  For some reason they completely fucked the mission logging.  It's different from ME1 and ME2.
  13. Shipping 11.23.2016 - Week 47 Pull List

      That's a crying shame about Venom.  I mean, not that bad since I didn't collect the book, but I liked the idea of Flash Thompson in control of the symbiote.
  14. Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Trailer

      I think that's going to be more of what you're going to see.  More exploration.  Loyalty type missions back (best part of ME2) but not part of the main quest or tied into the ending.   Obviously there's no way to know until it comes out, but with them having a solid 5 years to work on this, I think it's going to be phenomenal.  I may be setting myself up here, but my expectations can't help but be extremely high.   I would agree though, that more of that ME1 feel would be great!