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  1. When Bendis first did this with the young X-Men, I thought it was great. It was new, fresh and interesting. They've fucked with it waaaay too long.
  2. Not a very informed opinion then.
  3. I just hope they learned how to manage their development properly and not scrap their story less than a year before launch. Year on Destiny was an abusive relationship, but they did improve over the last couple of years. If they don't remember how to write a story worth a shit then I won't be touching it. Not everyone likes to do the same raids over and over forever. I'm looking for some substance and for that, ME Andromeda has it beat by a factor of 100 at this point.
  4. For myself, it looks like I'll be picking up X-Men Gold and Blue and keeping Old Man Logan and All New Wolverine. Even X-Men Blue is going to be a trial basis, because quite frankly I'm getting sick of the young X-Men in the present gimmick. The rest of the books either don't have my interest or quality of me to take a chance. If Marvel fucks the X-Men up this time, it'll be the end of the Big Two for me. I'm just so far behind on my reading, so the reading I am doing needs to be great!
  5. Here's where I'm at. There are absolutely a few awkward lines here or there. I'll say this right now, after 29 hours in, the writing is easily above average if not better. Conversations with your crew are excellent and in a lot of ways, they are better and more dynamic than anything in the trilogy. Also, the Angarans are fucking awesome!
  6. I'd love to see where all of this "bad" writing is, because I just don't see it. I've yet to see any cringe worthy moments, to be honest. I'll also disagree with the looks of this game. I think it looks great outside of the faces which, also they're not horrible or distracting, are definitely the weakest part.
  7. Mass Effect 1 but that would take some rework. KOTOR mainly. A modern version of that would be awesome.
  8. I agree about the side missions. All the ones I've done so far have been relevant and not a single fetch quest yet. I think it's been excellent so far. Very fun!
  9. Yes. Gaming reviews today, where 75 is a piece of fucking shit. I didnt partake of the trial. Went through the first planet and found the nexus. Excellent so far and proof for myself that the animation bitching was indeed massively overblown.
  10. That's pretty amazing @Hurdyb1 ! i can't believe a store wouldn't do a little research on anything they might sell. Fantastic pickup!
  11. I know! I'll probably comment on the reviews later because I want to play it first myself before I start yapping about it. I just felt felt like some of the early previews and discussion videos that these guys were putting together had a negative tone right out of the box or they were wondering why there even needed to be another Mass Effect outside of Shepard's story. I know what my expectations of this game are and I don't think they quite line up with some of these reviewers.
  12. That's just got to be the most pathetic fucking thing I've heard. Get a fucking life already. As to this "great animation debacle of 2017", from everything I've see, it is MASSIVELY overblown as only the internet can. I will obviously see for myself personally on Monday night, but I've watched a fair bit of video and shit doesn't look that bad and certainly not enough to distract me when I'm playing the game. It also sounds like the other aspects of the game look pretty damn good. Fun combat, RPG and customization heavy and very nice visuals. I'll obviously have to wait until I finish the game before I comment on the writing too much as that could vary, depending on the writers and what parts they wrote. Either way, I'm super fucking pumped and my hype train keeps rolling.
  13. Slower first half, but I'm enjoying it.
  14. Just when I think I'll skip a year, damn! I've watched some vids and this looks really fucking good. They just keep refining and refining.
  15. Didn't they show a celestial in Guardians of the Galaxy? Or are you just talking about using them in a more prominent role?