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  1. Started it last night and it's fucking amazing so far. This is going to be a ride.
  2. lol. Holy fuck. I saw March on the posts and thought it was just this past March. I'll rephrase and say that if it's on PSN then I'll check it out. EDIT: Metacritic isn't great.
  3. No, I probably forgot about it. lol. If it's out, I'll check it out!
  4. He's looking pretty fucking tired and frail at his current appearance. His "handler" is literally telling him how to spell his name when he's signing stuff. If something shady isn't going on, why in the fuck would you run a guy that old, that hard? Fucking sad.
  5. This is not wrong. I just watched it again last night and every time I watch it I love it more and more. I like 7 and 8, but Rogue One is my favourite.
  6. Shipping 4.11.2018 - Week 15 Pull List

    DC Comics: Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42 Image Comics: Deadly Class # 33 Oblivion Song #2 VS #3 Marvel Comics: Domino #1 Exiles #1 Old Man Logan #38 X-Men: Blue #25 X-Men: Red #3 Valiant: Bloodshot: Salvation #8
  7. Incredibly sad and tragic. What a fucking shame.
  8. Going to have to get back to this game at some point. Also, was that Michael Ironside's voice? I thought they changed voice actors recently.
  9. I saw this. I'm not even sure this is real life anymore.
  10. Official General Comic News Thread

    Quite frankly, this is fantastic news, most notably with the creative team of Slott and Pichelli. Slott could do some great things and Pichelli is easily one of the best artists that Marvel has right now. I'll definitely give this a go.
  11. Started it last night. Excellent opening. It's got enough tweaks that this doesn't feel like just another Far Cry. I'm enjoying it quite a bit so far.