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  1. Official General Comic News Thread

    I just read this! Not overly surprised as a lot has slipped at Marvel over the past several years. Alonso was hitting it hard for quite a few years there and I loved a lot of what they did. The main reason for that was the talent that was driving the creativity. A lot of that has left the building and hasn't been replaced.
  2. BLOPS II was fantastic as well. Buried a lot of hours into that one.
  3. I think it was Titalfall 2 for me? I'll probably just ignore the ones that abuse this system or have a pay to win mechanic. I'm just praying that Anthem doesn't get any of this crude shit. There are ways to entice people to pay for shit without turning it into a gambling slot machine.
  4. Well now. The way this is going, I just might have to start boycotting EA. They're not even trying to be sneaky about this shit.
  5. I played for hours on the weekend and had no issues to speak of, outside of me dying too much.
  6. I get what people are saying when they speak of the Marvel formula, but I don't think all the Marvel movies are the same at all. Maybe the origin movies fall into this trap a bit, but I think we'll be seeing movies going forward have a bit more originality and more of the individual director's visions. I think Thor is a good example of that and I see Black Panther doing the same. That being said, making good, fun movies is a formula I'll always support. As for DC, I think there's much more to love and be interested in than just the three pillars of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. While I enjoy and appreciate these characters, the DC work I've enjoyed the most over the years have involved the lesser characters. Booster Gold, Blue Beatle, Metamorpho, Martian Manhunter, Captain Atom, etc. Warner Bro.'s have been complete fucking idiots to this point and have had success only in spite of themselves. I hope to God they figure it out one of these days.
  7. Did the glitch last night with my Hunter for New Monarchy. I did Future War Cult last time with this one. Based on the the way I got fucked on Iron Banner, I was not optimistic that I was going to get everything, but holy damn, I did. Full set for the Hunter!
  8. Official General Comic News Thread

    Holy fuck! While I don't think Brian Bendis has been quite up to the level he used to write at, I thought he recently re-signed an exclusive with Marvel. Either way, apparently he's signed an exclusive deal with DC. That will be interesting indeed. https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/11/07/joe-quesada-thanks-brian-michael-bendis/ @Hurdyb1 @JVC920 @skillzdadirecta
  9. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    This was phenomenal from start to finish. Had a grin on my face for most of the of the movie. One of my absolute favorites of the MCU so far. All of the Hulk stuff just killed me.
  10. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    AC Origins. Been really good so far.
  11. Mmmmm. COD or Battlefield with a Star Wars skin. I can't believe you wouldn't play through the single player campaigns. I picked up WW2 and it's got a pretty good start to the campaign. As for the multi, only 3 War maps which is a bit disappointing. Looks like 9 TDM maps which is my main jam. A little disappointend with that number. As for Battlefront, how good the campaign is will determine if I get it or not. If they can barely muster 3 or 4 hours, then I'll wait until it's super cheap to pick it up, if at all. When I look at the multi, it's DICE so it's pretty, but so was the first one. Their themes are pretty different so I don't think it's too hard to choose. You either want WW2 or Star Wars. Both will be competent.
  12. The Last of Us Part II: Paris Games Week 2017 trailer

    The Last of Us was one of the best games I've ever played. I don't need context to be excited for part II as I will get that when I play the game. Now for someone that has no idea what the Last of Us is, maybe this is an issue, but not for me and, I suspect, for many others.
  13. Official General Comic News Thread

    I know what you mean @Hurdyb1. Thor 700 is the only book I've read in the last 2 weeks! I'm devoting a disproportionate amount of time to games and tv binging.
  14. The Last of Us Part II: Paris Games Week 2017 trailer

    Well, why do the first trailer if Joel and Ellie aren't in the game? Maybe these are people that they will interact with? Either way, sweet Jesus!
  15. This is BioWare's A team. They need to execute the fuck out of this game. You want to take a crack at Destiny, you better take it to the next level and execute it perfectly. There can't be any bullshit controversy with Anthem, no matter how small. I'm hoping since they're my local dev!