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  1. What are you going to die from?

    Falling asleep in-front of a fan.
  2. Are you gay?

    Im havin sex tonight wit ma fellow bum buddy! bring that pizza to the party! >: ) Though i want pizza SO GIMME! Sadly, no sex i just want that pizza. (O_O) (¬.¬) (>O_O)> (>o_o)> PIZZA!!
  3. Are you gay?

  4. I start an arsen attack at mcdonalds.
  5. Jesus, "The evidence for the Klan's causal role" I couldn't stop laughing at that sub title.
  6. SimCity 2000 is Free on Origin!

    >.> <.< (>¬.¬)> No one does such things... Well at least its not like "Crusader No remorse" That game is just awful.
  7. For those with the 6+...

    What the actual fuck am i reading, Sounds like dicksize comparing.
  8. I think its funny how they say "A white man killed a black teenager today" When even if it was "Man kills unarmed teenager" It would still look pretty bad for the officer.
  9. Most Disappointing Game this Year?

    Infamous! (And hello again im back on the forums)
  10. If it looked physically different i think they would of had a worst excuse for the mix up ;<
  11. Visually stunning anime

    Same here.
  12. d1p grammar quiz

  13. This is an odd thread to come back too o-o