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  1. Nintendos first mobile title is...

    I downloaded the app.... It's nothing special, but not horrible either. I added two friends and two of my cousins by Facebook in-app. So far that's who have downloaded the app. It's not a bad app, even though it's not interesting or fun. It's just there to fool around with every now and then. You get coins completing various simple tasks interacting with your Mii and friends so you can get rewards. 
  2. 2016 D1P trophy competition

      Yeah, newborns take up a lot of time, and deservingly so! Makes sense.
  3. 2016 D1P trophy competition

      Heh, not by that much. You got some nice amounts after a quarter of the year. It will be tough to keep up the pace I'm on, but we'll see if I can. Your numbers, or less, is what I'm forecasting to be gaining for the next 3 months.
  4. 2016 D1P trophy competition

    After close to 3 months:   + 462 total trophies   + 41 gold   + 9 platinum   I haven't checked, but I have a feeling I'm leading. 
  5. Finally Getting the PS4: What Should I Know?

    Add me on PSN. You should be smooth sailing with the PS4, but if you have any questions on how things work, let me know.
  6. The D1P PS4/Vita/PS3 Trophy Discussion/Help Thread

    Hitman GO: Definitive Edition  
  7. What's your PS4 theme?

    The FFVII theme is really nice.    
  8. I'll post ITT again. Will make a post sometime soon of what I completed since January, thoughts and ratings for each.
  9. What's your PS4 theme?

  10. The D1P PS4/Vita/PS3 Trophy Discussion/Help Thread

    Getting those platinums one after the other, lol.   #55   Saints Row IV: Re-Elected     Fun game and nice trophies that are not annoying to achieve.   PS, I will continue to post pictures of all my plats in this thread, even if I am the only one doing so. Lol.
  11. The D1P PS4/Vita/PS3 Trophy Discussion/Help Thread

    Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space     This indie game wasn't very good, but it was kinda cool. Only takes around 3 hours, or less even, to complete and plat. I heard it was made by one person. The platinum was extremely easy to get.
  12. Which Fire Emblem?

    I have Birthright pre-ordered.