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  1. eh - I already pay for Red as I watch enough Youtube crap to justify paying to not see commercials (music an added bonus)
  2. Interesting. They are definitely going for a blade runner feel in terms of looks. They lost me at horror though Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  3. Spider-Man: Homecoming Tomatometer watch

    I went because my niece and nephew wanted to go - that movie was trash. I felt like I was watching a Disney afternoon teen angst movie. I don't really care about the character ... never have ... I'm sure that helped form my opinion but really the movie felt perfect for my 13 year old niece.
  4. Sorry, just seeing your reply. I accept the below... Paypal Venmo - damn millennials got me to install Chase quick pay
  5. I like how there aren't any more load animations for the fights. Will definitely help with the flow.
  6. Oh nice. I'm down for that ... I'd wait for a bunch to be published though to be sure that it's worth reading Also you have to see John Wick 2
  7. Blade Runner 2049: new footage from Time

    Too long...don't want to spoil anymore. I can't wait for the release
  8. Cryteks new game actually looks amazing.

    So is this multiplayer only? Cause I don't care if it is
  9. Buy Shadow of Colossus The Last Night Wolfenstein Metroid Samus Returns Far Cry 5 - only if there is significant difference to prior games. Kind of tired of the formula and need a break from open world Ori 2 - if I like Ori 1 since I haven't played it yet Metro Exodus
  10. You need games for $499...they don't have really have any to justify it
  11. After that trailer, I'm glad I cancelled my backing. Trailer isn't doing much for me - the sound effects...seems to move slow...eh
  12. Cant say that trailer did anything for me
  13. I'm down for a good need for speed game...that may be it. I have no problems with the Fast and the Furious feel