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  1. Loved the game till the very end when you had to deal with the laser bots. Not sure what they were thinking but it made the game pretty annoying to deal with
  2. A skill that enabled that would have been great. I finished the game this morning with lots of side stuff still waiting to be completed. Don't feel like I need to. Also that special armor that you get towards the end of the game is pretty much game breaking. Barely died for the rest of the game while having it on. And also, I found it interesting that all the end game trophies are listed as "rare" - seems like a good amount of people decided to quit?
  3. I'm not sure I agree with better design... Both have issues with how quests are placed. You should not have to cross a map for a side mission just like you shouldn't have to planet hop for one either Both follow a very simple design for missions - scan and follow. I think I was more interested in the Mass Effect side mission stories (not all of them) than I am in Zero Dawn. I find myself rushing through the dialogue as I just don't care. The main quest is interesting enough to finish it but that's it. But yes, there are less of them in zero dawn. Of course, this is my opinion of the games so we don't have to agree. I just can't stand this type of game style anymore.
  4. I stuck with it in Andromeda and probably the reason I will not tolerate it anymore going forward
  5. Hah I was torn on whether I should start it up but I was bored and went ahead. Kind of regret that I did but will finish the main quest mostly out of curiosity to see how it turns out.
  6. Lately I've felt quite burnt out from all the open world games I've played up to this point. Typically I'll set out to at least to do all side missions that are available and some of the collectibles. But I think I've finally gotten to the point that in general I can't do it anymore. It seems like developers are just throwing crap into a game to artificially stretch a games length. I'm sure it still works for some but I feel like it's such a time sink that I think I'm done with open world games with the exception of the new Red Dead The mission design in general is problematic... 1) The quests given have waypoints that are usually across the map. This is fine if you can fast travel to the area but you can't initially so you have to make your way to the waypoint anyway. 2) There isn't a whole lot to do on the map besides fight machines or humans. 3) The quests aren't really that much different from one another and their plots aren't done much to hold my attention Usually I'll still power through and get stuff done. For example, Andromeda was the last game I played several months back which had the same quest / map design issues. I stuck with it but I really can't justify the amount of time required to invest in these games anymore. Sticking to the main quest line seems like the way to go with this game even if I miss some parts of the story. How did you handle the game? Did you get through all the quests? Or did you stick with the main quest.
  7. eh - I already pay for Red as I watch enough Youtube crap to justify paying to not see commercials (music an added bonus)
  8. Interesting. They are definitely going for a blade runner feel in terms of looks. They lost me at horror though Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  9. Spider-Man: Homecoming Tomatometer watch

    I went because my niece and nephew wanted to go - that movie was trash. I felt like I was watching a Disney afternoon teen angst movie. I don't really care about the character ... never have ... I'm sure that helped form my opinion but really the movie felt perfect for my 13 year old niece.
  10. Sorry, just seeing your reply. I accept the below... Paypal Venmo - damn millennials got me to install Chase quick pay
  11. I like how there aren't any more load animations for the fights. Will definitely help with the flow.
  12. Oh nice. I'm down for that ... I'd wait for a bunch to be published though to be sure that it's worth reading Also you have to see John Wick 2