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  1. PlayStation 5 rumors are back

    Whenever Last of Us II is released, that's when we'll see the console revision
  2. I would have preferred a Splinter Cell game announcement I actually just finished Black List month which was pretty good.
  3. No but it expires on the 30th after God of War is released if you were interested in that
  4. Watch Dogs 2 - keep thinking I'll get around to it but probably never
  5. Before I had a spinal fusion... 1) Spent more than $500 on seeing two different holistic healers because a nut job of a former friend said my back issues were because of worrying. One of them mentioned that her dentist was in a car accident and that he wanted to crash into another car subconsciously because of the stress he was wonder. Never went back. Thought my friend was probably just as crazy for recommending the person 2) I let a trainer convince me to go on a diary and gluten free diet for a month - never have I questioned existence as much as I did during that life. It was a terrible period of my life and I hated my trainer every day because of it. Never noticed any improvements internally besides the fact that I was constantly pissed I couldn't eat bread.
  6. Days Gone is delayed to 2019

    Isn't Last of Us 2 out in 2019 as well? Will be weird to have both
  7. Eh. Didn't really bother me. Honestly, this country is full of prudes jk I finished it this morning. It was ok but I wish it would have been great since I like the setting / style. It was good for background viewing while doing other stuff but I'm not really anticipating another season nor does it feel like it needs another season after the finale
  8. GTA5 $24 on Steam for next 20 hours

    Honestly they should just sell it for like $15 and try to get more players into multiplayer. No reason to keep the price higher where the money for them is in multiplayer now
  9. Anyone interested in a Uplay code for AC:O

    I'll take if still available Not clear from the above
  10. The Stock Market is going bananas

    I'm up 10% ytd - I expect a pull back next week when the news start calling it a bubble and the sheep follow
  11. I made a bad decision today...

    Sounds like you should see a doctor instead of self diagnosing but good luck!
  12. I was kind of excited when I saw his name at the start of the trailer before Star Wars but then showed the trailer
  13. Not sure what to make of those videos. Definitely like the look of it but it doesn't seem like an actual game