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  1. He may not have been a Sith Lord but he was effectively a hapless villain. The heroes of the story should have treated him as such.
  2. Oh my god that so--oh russia, ok. That makes sense.
  3. the touch......... the feel...... of penis.
  4. Considering this was the exact thing she DIDN'T want to do. Amazing that electing someone that knew the landscape so well was deemed a bad idea by so many.
  5. They won't get anywhere without public support. So it's an acceptable and necessary evil.
  6. Outing potential corruption of the administration via Russian interests being the "political reason". Pretty sure almost everyone is OK with that.
  7. Too often the mandate seems to disproportionately affected poor people, so I'm personally fine with this.
  8. They're just trying to survey their new country.
  9. And that's why I'm not on board. Firefly would be pretty generic without the cast and Whedon.
  10. The Senate seems a little more game, though.
  11. There's going to be a market upset because of Ryzen, one which will be written about for years to come. It will change Intel's whole strategy going forward, maybe even their roadmap (ala Tejas). AMD has always advertised more cores for the money, but this will be the first time it actually results in better performance in most things.
  12. http://wccftech.com/intel-core-i7-7740k-core-i5-7640k-amd-ryzen/ A couple days old but apparently Intel's response to Ryzen will be...more Kaby Lake iterations. This time at higher clockspeeds, and higher TDP. And even then, not til August. Not sure how that's an adequate response to 8-core processors. They better plan a price drop for the 6800k alongside this.