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  1. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass teaser trailer

    AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that's not an imitation that's actually my reaction
  2. I feel like most people battling cancer go through that at least once. It's nothing but extreme ups and downs. But this is terrible news, and it unfortunately harkens back to unpleasant memories.
  3. Same, and I'm no where near minimum wage.
  4. I think they missed the scarier issue. What's worse? Trump stating an idea and following through on it, or the fact that the impetus for this idea came from freakin Fox & Friends?
  5. Hooooly fuck that's a juicy revelation. I always figured there was probably a financial connection between Trump and Hannity but this is just as good!
  6. New Incredibles 2 trailer

    In Brad Bird we trust!
  7. I could believe that Comey announced the re-opening of the Clinton investigation and declined to admit Trump was being investigated to save his job.
  8. New Incredibles 2 trailer

  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story - New trailer (8 April)

    You guys are really reaching. The only famous sarcastic droid in Star Wars films before this was R2, and he was made to be more cute than anything. Anyway the similarities between this thing and K2 are painfully obvious, and a clear gimmick to pull fans of that character to this film. It's ridiculous that I even have to spell that out.
  10. Solo: A Star Wars Story - New trailer (8 April)

    Well whatever. They're replicating K2.