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  1. Think I'm wrong?
  2. I don't see Vega meeting up to the 1080 Ti, so if that's the performance you're shooting for, I wouldn't hold out hope.
  3. 32GB isn't really big enough for a video cache though. Sent from my VS987 using Tapatalk
  4. Cache for video editing? That could be something.
  5. Honestly it could be something as simple as a screwy power button.
  6. I'm sure they'd rather make a good series that can attract new fans. Depending on who you talk to, I'm sure that "additional business" they didn't get can still count as a loss.
  7. If that's the source of his grudge then he has NOTHING to complain about. That movie made a shit ton of money, so if anything it must be an ego thing for him. But I think the people that like RT do actually click on a movie's page and look at more detail about it. It might seem reductive to turn it into a score but if anything, the net result has been studios TRYING harder and gauging audience response before risking a stinker, something that just means better movies more frequently. Somewhat pandering, crowd-pleasing-est movies, but still enjoyable movies. Marvel/Star Wars, basically.
  8. I talk to plenty of people that either don't give a rats ass about Rotten Tomatoes, or only use it for confirmation bias, disregarding it if it disagrees with them. I think it has a major effect, but I also think a LOT of people love terrible movies and don't "realize" they're terrible or don't care. Most horror movies score terribly and still make pretty decent money. I've found that for the most part, my opinion has aligned with RT so I tend to trust it. But I know almost no one in real life that feels the same way.
  9. Sad to have it happen to anyone, regardless of their accomplishments.
  10. The unified memory concept was also something that was promised with the advent if the memristor. I'm sure that will be the distant evolution of PC architectures but as it stands now, they have to come up with a new bus system to accommodate that, and the controller technology has to improve drastically as well (and be integrated into the CPU). The chips themselves are beast, though. They just have to work on everything else around that, including how software is written. It's a very, VERY long-term goal.
  11. Why is this the first time I've heard the term "Trumpet"? Seems like such an obvious and useful term for them.
  12. Somebody put this guy on suicide watch.