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  1. Samsung announces "mass production" of GDDR6 memory

    Projected to give future graphics cards nearly 1TB/s of bandwidth. Preeeettty nifty.
  2. Some of you probably already saw this but I think it's a worthy video that echos some of my thoughts.
  3. Time for some doomsday theory-ing. If this problem doesn't get better, this could seriously kill PC gaming.
  4. I swear when I first suggested the 1060 just a few days ago it wasn't nearly like that.
  5. GeForce GTX 10 series cards are good as well, largely due to architectural tweaks.
  6. Whoops. Shoulda kept the money.
  7. I remember this in the movie The Sixth Day, of all things. They had autonomous vehicles with swiveling chairs so they could talk to each other.
  8. This is the worst it's been in a long time, maybe ever. Both camps are affected, so basically gamers are all screwed. This could either die down, or become an even bigger problem putting AMD and NVIDIA right in the crossfire.
  9. OK... that seems like a really bad idea, and I'm fairly certain some autonomous vehicle laws in some states require a driver to be able to take over at any point.
  10. Universal Parks & Resorts, the company I work for, just announced a $1,000 bonus for all part-time and full-time non-executive employees out of the blue, and their only qualification is you had to be there for the past 90 days. Also, they weren't firing those people.
  11. Black Panther Breaks Marvel's Pre-Sale Ticket Record

    Nope that was me walking while typing on my phone while being a derp. This is why I'm not active on the CEB. To people arguing that plot never sold a movie, I'd argue that Civil War WAS a major plot point that sold the movie. "OH SHIT CAPTAIN AMERICA AND WINTER SOLDIER ARE KICKING IRON MAN'S ASS!!" Kind of makes you wanna know what's going on. But probably the other 50% was "HOLY CRAP SPIDER-MAN!" Well, also The Avengers, since the whole team coming together WAS a story element, aside from also being a vehicle for ridiculous star-power. This is more just me pulling at straws. I recognize my own disinterest does not reflect the rest of the world's level of interest.
  12. Black Panther Breaks Marvel's Pre-Sale Ticket Record

    I'll refer you to Winter Soldier, a movie about an idealistic US soldier dealing with a world full of embittered war veterans and overeaching technology, and being forced to question authority and the pro-nation culture he came from, while coming to grips with a childhood friend-turned-deadly enemy who doesn't know him anymore. It's really impressive for a silly larger-than-life comic book movie. @Greatoneshere sure I like to judge the final product too, and it might blow everyone out of the water. But as for where the hype comes from? I mean, is Africa really that popular? I'm pretty sure most of America ignores everything going on with that country. Just don't get it.