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  1. I see a lot of people protesting against Valve, and I see Valve doing a lot to cover up or try to prevent people from protesting, rather than addressing the grievance behind the protests. Not that they're capable of doing that.
  2. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    That's generous. I give it 28%.
  3. Oh fuck yes! Every kid hated and envied the kids that won those contests. It was literally what every kid dreamed about in the 80s and 90s.
  4. I would not regard that aspect as sad, unless you're glad those days are gone. In a statement to its customers, they said they don't intend to close any stores.
  5. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    Actually those of us who have mentioned them putting out another 4870 probably aren't that far from the truth. Going back to the comparison between Vega 64 and the 2900XT, the 3870 proceeded the 2900 purely because AMD decided to change their strategy from trying to compete with NVIDIA in the expensive and risky boutique GPU market (and surely with some doubt they even could) to instead designing the best and most efficient $300 card that they could. And the 4870 followed in those footsteps. This situation they're in now seems like a perfect mirroring of where they were then.
  6. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    Will they even have a response? Will it even matter?
  7. I shop there all the time! I hope they can resuscitate their business over time.
  8. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    *looks at poster* Hayden Christensen had a sex change?
  9. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    The best gets better. *yawn*
  10. Things like this might turn me into a crazy revolutionary some day.
  11. I'd love to romanticize Raja's leaving as some sort of corporate "punishment" for Vega's failures, but it's really because he literally has nothing to do for the next few months and is probably exhausted from leading his team to new levels of suck. It doesn't really matter what NVIDIA does as they've already won the gamer market, and Vega has totally sealed up the bitcoin market for god knows what reason. Neither company has the product to encroach on the other's turf, which at least means AMD is still in good shape for a while.
  12. The Disaster Artist teaser trailer

    It would be hilarious if something-something Oscar were to happen to this movie.
  13. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    My power is out. We spent the night in the living room, as there is a large tree hanging over the roof of the bedroom, and it seemed less safe to spend the night in there. The tree is still up, but the gusts were pretty strong all night, and little branches kept falling on the roof making noise, so we hardly slept. Got up this morning and the driveway and street are just completely covered in leafy debris. But no major damage immediately around us that we have seen so far.
  14. ~*Official 2017 Hurricane Season Thread*~

    I have never puked out of relief. That would be a brand new experience.
  15. Hollywood is mad at Rotten Tomatoes

    Came to say this. Complaining that your movies are bad and people now have a way to find out is like a grocery store complaining that it can't sell expired food anymore.