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  1. I wanna see how many people light themselves on fire. Scratch that, I wanna see how many people are lit on fire against their will.
  2. They push their desks together to talk about Stranger Things and what bar they're going to meet up at that night. They make gizmos so they have a reason to get paid.
  3. I'm still debating putting an HDD or slow SSD (TLC) in my future build for storage/video cache.
  4. What does that have to do with gaps in releases?
  5. Strong characters is why I put TFA over R1, even though R1 had much better action. However I can picture a board meeting in which the execs were fidgeting on the script, worried that children would fall in love with the characters and then watch them die. It seemed like a conscious decision not to develop them too much, which some reviewers have mentioned.
  6. This is rearing its ugly head already with the Switch. How is that a differentiation from the Wii U, at least thus far?
  7. Ryzen could be 10% slower per core than Intel's i7 7xxx series and it wouldn't matter. They're still 8 cores for the price of Intel's 4.
  8. Yep I can't imagine it being any other way. The cheesy cameos and self-referencing are going to kill this movie.
  9. What you're describing is the SIMD architecture they've used since R300. If they wanted to keep that they could have just doubled the SPs of the HD 5870 and kept going. It's also NVIDIA's Keplar and everything after. They're dumber, denser-packed GPUs that aren't very adaptable to dynamic instructions. That's not really the way forward.
  10. You're lamenting the fact that your theoretical 596mm^2 Volta will beat AMD's 475mm^2 GPU? Don't get me wrong, it's refreshing that you aren't trying to overblow expectations this time like you did with the RX 480. But I personally wasn't expecting Vega to compete with $1,000+ graphics cards from NVIDIA. OK that's not true, but I don't expect it to compete with NVIDIA's future $1000+ cards. I expect Vega to be a $600 card, tops. More than that though, what you call the best case scenario for AMD with Doom under Vulkan, is actually fairly similar to what happens in other scenarios with other low-level APIs. I wouldn't call AMD's GPUs bloated, but more that NVIDIA's drivers are (were) more efficient with previous APIs. That advantage will only erode with time for NVIDIA, as their hardware architectures are, let's be honest, nothing special. AMD puts much more self-managing intelligence on their chips, less dependent on driver optimizations, and once the market transitions to more games requiring less driver overhead, we're seeing glimpses now of how that advantage will turn out for AMD. They played the long game with that strategy, for sure, it just requires some patience.
  11. She might want a playable framerate.
  12. Oh hell yeah you should buy that. Instant collector's item.
  13. What Zelda Wii U?