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  1. NBA 2K16 Thread

    Yep Steam had a pricing mistake and it was like $4.75 US on the New Zealand page. I paid a NZ'er $6 for a gifted copy.
  2. New computer

  3. NBA 2K16 Thread

    Grabbed this during the Steam price error for $6. Looking forward to checking it out this weekend.
  4. Amiibos... You buyin'?

    11 what? Eastern? Edit...ah, I see it on the page....is that 6am....or 7am EST....leaving the office...so not googling as I type this.
  5. Is this a known problem....noticed that the other night.
  6. So where are we posting screens? Here?
  7. WTF is with my body!?

    All that medication has probably done the damage. You need to be drinking water like you're dying of dehydration.
  8. Congratulations Good looking couple.
  9. Quoting myself from a couple years ago. Look at all my ladies..haha. My oldest daughter is growing up WAY too fast. More recent shots of my girls.
  10. Battlefront HD Wallpaper for those interested

    @Keyser_Soze 1200p True 1200p (upres)
  11. Didn't see these, so thought I would link them. 1080p 1080p 1440p 4k
  12. Name EIGHT members.

    I got plenty of love. Bring it in.
  13. Did anyone else find The Last of Us fairly underwhelming?

    I do plan on finishing it . Soooo many freak'n games to play/finish. Now that I'm sporting Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and PC hardware I'm swamped in what to play. Often end up not playing anything..doh!
  14. Did anyone else find The Last of Us fairly underwhelming?

    I quit playing around 3 hours in. I found the story predictable and boring that far in. The "bitten person as a cure" is one of the oldest zombie story ideas there is. Also, I saw what happens to your starting character coming from a mile away. It was obvious with her not being the featured subject leading up to the game and in everything I saw about it. The settings were drab for me too. I loved Uncharted 2's settings in comparison. The one thing I do like/love is the details in the game. I spent like 20 minutes in the house at the beginning. I do need to go back and try to finish it though.
  15. Amiibos... You buyin'?

    Here's my current collection. No fancy case/display yet. Have them lined up with some of my autographed memorabilia. Crappy low-light phone shots. EDIT** Just realized I left Gold Mario out. He's still in his box.