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  1. So I stumbled into BB today...

    Nice Here's my setup in the left Entertainment center in our living room now.
  2. It's worth trading in your "non-X" for an actual X. Forza 7 is breathtaking at times. Also, love the way 360 games look. Played some non-4k and a couple 4k-updated 360 games yesterday. Red Dead looks great and Mirrors Edges looks insane for a 360 game. Incredible.
  3. I've heard good things. As for the game comparisons, yeah, there's no reason for any game to not run better or look better on the One X. No wonder they're miffed.
  4. Not sure, but I'll have to keep that one in mind as a "to watch soon". I got Starship Troopers for stupid cheap the other day and thought about going with it first. Haven't opened it yet. It's supposed to be the best version of it, and I've heard Atmos is great. It's not listed as the "best image" for showing off the hardware, but it should be a fun watch and has good "contrast/quality" reviews.
  5. One of the first things I noticed in early side-by-sides is that the "black crush" has disappeared in the One X versions of games.
  6. So, the last 48 hours has been really expensive. I was charged for my One X Sunday by Amazon and it's on its way. I finished customizing and paid for my GF's engagement ring around noon today too. Wipes sweat from forehead. Anyone want to buy some random stuff from me to make my wallet feel heavier? Haha Edit* I've had a 4k TV for about a year now, and am planning on watching my first (physical) 4k movie on it this week with the One X.
  7. Ninjakitty says hi!

    Well, she actually cheated on me for 3 years. That's a lot of "trying to work it out". Part of that was me simply hanging in there for my kids with the hopes she would change (and begging/working/trying to get her to). She had some bad PTSD and anxiety problems, but always resorted to damaging tactics to "feel better" rather than productive ones. I'd say just watch out for "crazy"....and avoid it at all costs . If the person you're with breaks down or gets upset anytime they don't get their way, or if something that is definitely nothing more than an "inconvenience" causes them to act like the world has come to an end...RUN......RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! I worry about them when it comes to communication. I'm not great at that as a guy, but I've had to work on trying to help them get past how bad she treated and cared for them. She's a very manipulative person...fakes kindness, concern, etc. Very self centered in reality, no telling what she says around them when I'm not with them. I know the day is coming where they'll want to know why we were divorced. That should be fun, haha. Hearing your toddler ask you if she can "Please come in the store with you?" broke my heart each time she said it. It seems downright insane someone would leave a toddler in a car so they can "Shop Faster". <----Actual response I got from her once. Thanks Just have to keep pressing forward and making things better. Trust me, I'm certainly much better off..and I hope they will certainly be in the long run (if not immediately). Anyway, this isn't my thread...lol. Carry on.
  8. Digital Foundry unboxes the Xbox One X

    I need to start downloading all the enhancements for my Library. I can't wait to see what kind of bandwidth I use up in the coming week....going to be smoke coming off my router. I also need to get the second, matching, entertainment center in my living room put together so my One X has somewhere to sit.
  9. So I stumbled into BB today...

    I think they're 4'...with the SNES, don't quote me..may be 5'. Hold both shoulder buttons and press "select/start" at the same time I think. It does just reset the game though...I agree on it should have been alterted to go back to the system menu.
  10. Ninjakitty says hi!

    Between her leaving them in vehicles while she shopped (when they were 2 and 6), to finding her passed out in pools of vomit due to "legal" head-shop drugs when I got home from work (while they're alone in the back yard in their pajamas/diapers), to her leaving them at home to "run to the store", to her using my income to book vacations with other men, to her literally only feeding them junkfood (like cheese puffs) when they "inconvenienced her" instead of the good food I'd buy...etc. Yeah, there's a lot of reasons. I can't imagine how hard it was without family. Thankfully my parents were there for me. I lived with them, with my girls, for a year from last September to this September. The house you see in the picture of them is my new house I just bought. Nice place for me and my girls, they needed a "home" and stability. Their mom still sees them during the week, but just after school till I pick them up. I worry about them...A LOT...when they're with her. Glad to see you're doing well, and thank you on the compliment to the girls. (PS, Wow...18!! I'm over here stressing that my oldest turns 10 today..haha) Also...good on you @Emblazon
  11. Ninjakitty says hi!

    My GF has a better one...the old one has been deleted from memory. Thankfully I'm not completely by myself. Have a great GF, and family that have been a huge help.
  12. So I stumbled into BB today...

    Grab some 6' extension cables on Amazon or somewhere else where they're cheap. I got my a 2 pack for like $8.
  13. Ninjakitty says hi!

    Hi back to Ninjakitty. I too have way too much to do. Got divorced, got full custody of my daughters, etc.....so my time is limited in every single way. Basically work, eat, take care of daughters, sleep...repeat. I'm lucky to play games 2 hours a week . Here are my babies now. I think the last time I posted about them was a few years ago.
  14. I Guess It Was Inevitable

    Do believe I'm getting this bad boy this holiday. Mario being so good has been painful to miss out on. I was there day one on the NES/SNES/N64/GC. Man, Mario 64 was the greatest thing ever....this feels like it would be a return to those moments. I'd sell our darn Wii U, but the kids still love it.