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  1. Anybody getting Disney Infinity?

    I've gotten big into the power disc trade lol
  2. Anybody getting Disney Infinity?

    What are you looking for/looking to trade?
  3. Anybody getting Disney Infinity?

    Anybody interested in trading power discs? Currently have these: These are my extras: Wreck it Ralph landscape Alice sky Alice landscape Mulan x2 Mickeys car x3 Nemo sky? Nemo landscape Repunzel landscape Cinderellas coach x2 Chrome Pieces of 8 Looking for bolt x2, Felix, dumbo, Abu. Let me know.
  4. Should I jailbreak?

    I'm considering jail breaking my phone but I'm unsure about it as I've never done it before. I'm mostly thinking about it because I'm looking to get mobile hotspots and FaceTime without wifi (I have the unlimited AT&T data plan and am not eligible for either). My main question is is it worth it? Do I lose anything? Does Siri still exist with it? Pros and cons? Also thinking about jail breaking the iPad and pretty much have the same questions. Is there only one kind of jailbreak? Is it difficult to do? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Booked Wrestlemania tickets

    Congrats! Me and my bro went to this years mania and it was incredible. Enjoy!
  6. Can anyone recommend some iPhone 5 slim cases?

    Exactly. I have a three year old as well and he knows not to play with my phone because he has his own otterbox covered iPad 2 to play with (he can't touch my iPad 3 either). I got the zagg hd for front and back scratches and that's what brings me to the bumper. I'm currently eying http://www.amazon.com/Photive-Hybrid-iPhone-Bumper-Case/dp/B0092TQHP2/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1352733416&sr=1-1&keywords=iPhone+5+bumper but I'm not quite sure yet
  7. Can't use full editor to change my posts anymore.

    Quotes aren't working either. Something's messed up
  8. Can anyone recommend some iPhone 5 slim cases?

    Quotes aren't working for some reason, but I disagree so much about otterbox. They are good protective cases, but whats the point of hiding all the sexiness of your phone. If you would insist on full phone coverup why not wait until life proof so that you now have a waterproof phone? On topic, I am now looking at bumpers, any suggestions for under $20?
  9. On my 4 I had the elago s4 feather case. Nice little case that provided some protection. I got the Zagg HD full body skin and love it but I'm still paranoid about drops. What are some nice options, if any?
  10. Can I just walk in and get an iPhone 5?

    Well it turns out I wasn't eligible until today, and when I walked into Best Buy and asked for an iPhone 5 they gave it to me. So the answer is yes, I can walk in and get an iPhone 5
  11. gamer.tv is ADORABLE

    what in the hell is this?
  12. Pictures from NXT, 10-26-12

    That was a pretty epic Raw, I doubt anyone could forget us lol
  13. How is the food at Cheesecake Factory?

    I'm not a fan of Applebees, thats more of a family style restaurant than the others. But Chili's is way better than CF to me. Fridays is a little bit. I'm just not an overall huge fan of the CF, way overrated to me.
  14. How is the food at Cheesecake Factory?

    It's not bad but chilis or Fridays is much better IMO. Also for a little more money you could hit outback and really eat.
  15. Pictures from NXT, 10-26-12

    I honestly don't know lol