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  1. Yep no in game yet. But it's their next one and they talk about much bigger they're making it than W3 which is hard to imagine
  2. I'll gladly "settle" for Cyberpunk!
  3. That she does
  4. (edited for more accurate quote)
  5. He can be so much more though! I've seen the good hidden behind the bullshit!
  6. It would be a lie to only highlight objective things the game does that you dislike rather than futilely assert your subjective evaluation as an objective one? That's a strange thing to say.
  7. I think you'd get a lot better response if instead of starting from "the games are really really bad," like some authoritative claim on their quality, you focused only on specifically what the games do that you dislike. The games clearly were doing something right because they do have a strong following, not just among casual gamers, but the more hardcore who are well versed in the gaming pantheon. Insisting that all these people are wrong about it and it's actually "really bad" is off putting. But there is lots of specific things that people can take issue with in the series, and most of the fans even readily admit a lot of them. I'm even happy to do that with The Witcher 3, my favorite RPG. If you restrict yourself to truly objective claims instead of dressing up your subjective claims as objective ones, there'd be a better discussion, especially since I do often agree with the more specific things you'll cite in your criticisms of various games.
  8. Pretty sure this trailer was almost exclusively focused on being spectacle and nostalgia and they'll leave more "story"-based trailers for later. It's working on me though
  9. I was playing the trailer for my wife, but I accidentally started playing the first low-quality video in the thread and I said "Oh, can we turn the quality up?" And my wife responds "to turn the quality up you have to turn it into a Marvel movie"
  10. Same ending as you, Chris! Yep, it is absolutely one of the most satisfying endings to any game I've played due to both the narrative itself and how your choices actually mattered and weren't a consequence of just asking you what you wanted to happen
  11. I like how they're really embracing the 80s vibe.
  12. Might just be for the trailer, but a little too much boom boom for what I want from a Star Trek series. Otherwise looks good.
  13. Was that Batman pontificating about Superman being a beacon for people showing them the best parts of themselves?