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  1.   It might narratively work better after, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to play it that way. But I don't really know. I'm basing this off of memory of fairly old discussions and that memory could be entirely fabricated     IIRC, there are multiple points of "no return" in the main game. You think you're done and then there's this whole huge story afterward, because it's not actually no return, but just a significant event that will close off some side quests if you didn't finish them.
  2.   HoS is also level 30+, but you can still play it during, and some things even change depending on where you are in the main quest. I think BW is similar, but I'm not sure.
  3.   HoS is all implemented within the base game, and I believe BW is too (aside from taking place in a whole new area, it's not like you're forced to do it all at once).
  4.   One of the funniest sets in the game. I did all of the same     HoS has a similarly hilarious quest.
  5.   Well we certainly shouldn't be deliberately obtuse! But in this case, not being an anthropologist, I'm part of the lowest common denominator! I didn't think you were in the crowd that thinks atheism prescribes moral beliefs, etc., because I know you well enough, but your usage did come across as unclear to me and possibly others, so I sought clarity  And while some people are beyond hope, I do think there are lots of honest people who simply don't know the language and whom we should try to reach.   To be sure, I realize I'm incredibly guilty of frequently using technical terms, something I usually do because they're precise and compact, allowing me to shorten my otherwise already verbose comments. I then try to maintain the contingent policy of expanding the meaning for anyone who was interested enough to ask  
  6.     I fully accept that within academic contexts what you said was perfectly fine, which is why I sought clarity. It's a clarity that I felt important to make in a non-academic venue because there are many people who do argue and frame atheism as a religion in itself that entails conclusions about common culture and philosophical elements like morality. Many atheists may indeed come from a common place, and given their interaction with society as it is, there are cultural studies you can perform, but it's not this monolithic entity that prescribes cultural, ethical, or even metaphysical claims. So what you said academically may very well not imply that, but for people who are not anthropologically focused, that may not come through and I wanted to avoid that.
  7.   My statement wasn't derogatory to them at all though! Only by removing the context that follows does it appear so. Nevertheless, I still forgive quote context misrepresentation on account of humor, whether you asked for it or not!  
  8.   I will forgive the quote context misrepresentation on account of humor  
  9. Is this going to be on PC? I found it hard to find solid platform details; looked like it will be on Xbox/PS though?   EDIT: derp. It's one of the first lines that it will be on PC. I guess that's what I get for scanning the site for bullet points when I was in a hurry  
  10.     I guess the story enjoyment is going to be very subjective. But if you weren't happy with the combat and bosses in HoS it seems like you should have at least equally had the same problems with the main game. Is it that the main game's story is the only thing that did it for you?
  11.   At least you're now admitting that you did dismiss it! But your dismissiveness regarded whether it can be a viable VR platform for the public. You ignored it when asking if PS4K is "VR compatible," which is not the same as the obvious "it's not as capable as a PC." Then you shifted to "full VR" and then to "true VR" and now that you don't have those, you're back to the worthless "not as a good as a PC." You're all over the place. This is why your statements were not meaningful and at best serve fanboy agenda.