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  1. FWIW, adding degrees of specificity to a hypothesis that already was infinitesimal in probability decreases its probability density. Though it's a little unclear how we should define the measure on the space of all metaphysical ideas. Algorithmic complexity is one of the better stabs at that.
  2.   We wouldn't know that we would never interact, and yes, such a discovery of other life in the universe would be life changing. The search, and preparations, for other advanced life would accelerate. It would provide insights to our own origins. Renew with greater strength questions about where life and mankind would be expected to go. And it would also have affects on various spiritual and religious beliefs.
  3.     It's exciting because the frequency of these discoveries tells us that one of the terms in the Drake equation is actually quite large given the cosmological scale. Moreover, that we can't visit in our life times doesn't mean we can't potentially learn even more. Close stars with habitable zone planets means there is better chance that we may yet (even in our lifetime) be able to develop new detection tricks to better analyze whether there is life—or some other term of the Drake equation—without going there. And if we find other life, well, that's life changing.
  4. Steam Controller is awesome

    Nice. I also took a dip into it with the steam controller, but prior to the touch menu and other additions. If I get back to it, I'll check out your new bindings!   Are you using gyro for piloting or analog?
  5. Now you're just taking away all the sport in it. 
  6. My cat is fucking huge!!

    I hate to say it because I know you hear it so often, but I've seen bigger. 
  7.     Do you know if there is any chance for hybrid missions? For example, it would cool if there was an ultimate science goal, but it was in dangerous space territory that required you to have players with fighters by your side to defend you while you tried to carry it out.
  8. That looks pretty great!
  9. Just watched the bulk of it. That was seriously one of the most impressive game/simulation I've ever seen. Really great stuff in the works here.
  10.   As I said just before you posted, last I tried it runs like poop on my 980, but that is almost surely because it's still early (and earlier builds without the city stuff ran much better). But you can get involved from here: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ 
  11. I'm looking forward to trying this some more when the alpha is further along. Last I tried a month ago or so, the loading was truly atrocious and the performance was also really bad.
  12.     Haha I guess he just didn't realize yet how amazeballs it was.  Now if he's still saying that in the next one...
  13.     Of course they're awesome. While I fully expect society to have people toeing the "we lose our humanity" line,  they're obviously wrong and dumb  As such, Deus Ex should have those people in the world, and they should similarly be wrong!
  14.     I'm pretty sure everything they do is legal, but my understanding is that they get their keys from sources that publishers did not intend to be used for this kind of distribution.