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  1. "Exclusive" for comicon never made sense to me anyway. The people there are the public, so if it's not ready for the public why would you show them? If they were using it as a test screening, that seems like a really bad approach.    I see no reason not to use comicon as a avenue to release promotional material though and then just release it to the web the hour after or something. But yeah, what you show should in fact be ready for the public.
  2. Yeah, count me on the crazy skeptical side that they can actually re attach the spinal cord in a meaningful way.
  3. Determining whether entropy can ever be reversed.
  4. SpaceX wants to go to Mars by 2018

      Ah I read that wrong. Then that gives them a bit more. But still a highly ambitious goal. 
  5. XB1 2.0 already in production

      I think he's stopped doing that. Now it's about getting every VR solution.     Naa, he'll probably just do both.  
  6. XB1 2.0 already in production

        Maybe if you go 4-way SLI and insist on upgrading all 4 every year? But yeah could still probably sell your old 4 for a high price and still be less than 2K per year net as a result.
  7. SpaceX wants to go to Mars by 2018

    So they'd have to be launching at the latest by late next year, right? Ambitious for sure, but if their goal is simply to have something land (rather than have humans), that's not completely absurd given their current tech and rate of development. Might not land in one piece though  
  8. The Flash Season 2. OT

      Thanks for the info guys!   And regarding the spoiler    
  9. Since computers were a bit weak sauce, if I could choose, it'd be working for NASA as an engineer (assuming late 50s).
  10. The Flash Season 2. OT

    I'll see the episode tomorrow, but can someone tell me if he at least gets his powers back this episode?
  11. I believe it. I really liked their overall aesthetics and on PC with a high resolution and AA for super smooth edges, that can go a long way.   Actually how are the shadows on PC? The low-res flickering on 360 was probably the biggest visual distraction. Fixing that would also be pretty significant.
  12. The Flash Season 2. OT

    Yep, that looks white there.
  13. PC Build for Machine Learning

    In case anyone was curious, this is the build we will be buying. Pretty much the same with a few small modification. Mainly, we upgraded the CPU to one that can support full x16 on two cards, and it also has 32GB of RAM.   http://pcpartpicker.com/p/J9JmdC     I really want to take it home with me. You know, for home experiments. I couldn't possibly conceive of using it for anything else.
  14. The Flash Season 2. OT

        Maybe. Honestly I've never been able to tell. There a lot of shots where I think he looks black and then a lot where he looks white. Do you have further reason to suspect it's lighting that made them look black rather than the other way?