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  1.     For some apps, hololens will ask you to move around the room for it to scan it; same could potentially apply here. When I tried hololens its tacking of where i was and stably projecting things to fixed points was impressive. I think there is a decent chance it will work well enough here.
  2. Sexual Assault in Virtual Reality?

      I don't think most people here think online harassment is acceptable. The biggest pushback against this article was the idea of labeling it assault. In regards to the discussion with you, disagreement was with your proposed solution. However, disagreement with your solution shouldn't be confused with endorsement, nor acceptance, of harassment.    As far as ideas, I offered ideas on the first page of the thread about how to deal with these issues, and others did too.
  3. When did you first use the internet at home?

    93 or 94. Hard to pinpoint. I remember the first time when I saw my dad connecting the phone cable across the room to the computer and being like "wtf" (in the equivalent words I'd use back then  ). Once i started using it myself I was pretty hooked. Then we got Comcast cable internet right when they first released it in 96. Was pretty amazing.
  4.   Speaking as someone who is critical of religion, Ana is possibly the most critical of the religious critics on this board. That sentence sounds confusing , so to put it another way, Ana very often speaks in defense of the religious here (not necessarily in support of their beliefs, but the way their beliefs are criticized). 
  5.   No, I read it just fine; read it again and still feel the same. If you have a more comprehensive analysis that you're not expressing, then great, but what you said looks like your reasoning is fraught with confirmation bias and ignores the realities of a rapidly changing society.
  6.     Of all the times you noticed something became more expensive for you, it became more expensive. Therefore, all changes make things more expensive and it's impossible that changes prevents things from becoming worse in an evolving society.
  7. You know how I know I'm getting old?

        You don't see other animals doing it, because it's non-trivial for them to do it, not because they wouldn't if it was available.
  8. Did anyone here play the Dishonored 1 DLC?

    Hmm. I played the DLC, but didn't realize that's how DH2 is framed.
  9. This is tremendous progress.  I can imagine the possible development of privileged routes on which trucks are allowed to forgo the driver in the semi-near future. Being able to go without the driver at all will be an interesting challenge since it's the less common events that still require one. I wonder if one possible avenue is if restrictions can be safely reduced when truck can be remotely operated at a high-level. Naturally, if communication goes down, it might have to pause though if that's the reason for relaxed constraints.
  10. You know how I know I'm getting old?

      Is it any weirder than eating their flesh? At least the functional role of milk is to nourish organisms.