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  1. That's not going to make the word problems easier to understand! But again, you can shift the age to 12 if you don't think there are efficiently wordy word problems in 4th and 5th grade
  2. It being sarcasm doesn't clarify the confusion either
  3. I have no idea what point you're trying to make
  4. I actually tend to enjoy tinkering, but the amount it has to be tweaked per game is definitely not the way it should be. Tinkering should be an extra thing to do, not effectively required. This is an issue related to my comment about how the lack of native support holds it back.
  5. Hopefully his comments are based on really good hard data and a proper analysis of it! But it's hard for me to judge it without personally seeing explicit and strong evidence one way or the other. It's pretty common even when some data is available for people to reach wrong conclusions from it or misjudge the importance of what they're claiming. And without strong analyses, it's very common for what *seems* to be the case to not be the case. So until strong analyses can be provided, I can't say whether his comments are warranted or not.
  6. 10 year olds are in 4th or 5th grade in the US. Pretty sure they've done more complex arithmetic by then and probably word problems and I'd imagine the same goes for Chinese kids. But if you really want you can change it to a 12 year old!
  7. You're probably better at math than a 10 year old (or at least lets assume you are ) But if that 10 year old is Chinese and the exam is in Chinese, you might find yourself going slower when you have to translate the word problems with a Chinese-English dictionary.
  8. How exactly did he estimate the casual influence of RT specifically and what is the effect size?
  9. I'm not even sure what they think this means exactly. What's "really" happening is a bunch of neurons firing and no amount of meditation is going to lead me to a clear picture of the neuronal activation map.
  10. Yes, I will play this!
  11. I think I've seen where this goes But I must end it here anyway. It's been fun, Spork.
  12. Yeah regular gaming controllers are pieces of crap compared to the steam controller.