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  1. Good TV for gaming?

        That I don't know, but if I had to put money down, I would say any increase would be negligible since it shouldn't be doing any processing of the signal, just passing it along.
  2.   You say that now but just wait until you see  the grape!
  3. Good TV for gaming?

      Yep. You can get them pretty cheap from monoprice:   http://www.monoprice.com/category/promo/cpc/hdmi-switch-matrix?mode=grid&gclid=CPvCoPKXrs8CFYdufgodq10Dwg
  4. I must admit, that evidence is pretty decent.       Agreed!
  5. Arnold Palmer has gone to that 19th hole in the sky

      I've heard the name, but I probably wouldn't be able to tell you why prior to the news.
  6.   I also expect they'd tear up the house. That is the usual result, no? My point was that tearing up the house wouldn't be the end of her if she kept her money in the bank. This all followed from Boyle saying it didn't save her life, but her stuff, and misftit countering that for chinese, it's their livelihood because they typically don't use banks.   Again, I'm not wholly opposed to gun ownership, but the stakes being so high that gun ownership and going out firing is required doesn't have to be the case and therefore isn't an argument for guns in itself.
  7. Arnold Palmer has gone to that 19th hole in the sky

      I do not. I don't know many athletes in any sport though.
  8.   I'm not imagining her charging out and attacking them like she did in this case. Did I miss something and these guys have not only been breaking into homes, but killing the people in them?
  9.     Whether she would be the target wasn't what I was addressing. They may have still broke into her house all the same, but the stakes that were justifying her need of a gun would not be. You can make other arguments for why gun ownership is still reasonable (and I'm not 100% against gun ownership), but this reason wouldn't be among them.
  10.   Lets assume that's true. Then all that means is that she needlessly put herself in a situation where her livelihood depends on her personally protecting her buried gold. She could, you know, simply put it in a bank.
  11. Official Sam Harris R&P Thread

          Yeah I feel similarly about a lot of people. It's like the words they say are just running off a Markov chain simulation that they hope "sounds good" instead of having any deliberate meaning.
  12. I enjoyed it a lot. Show goes surprisingly dark.