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  1. Thing is, Valve owns a lot of the tech and is licensing it to HTC. I'm not sure how much HTC can actually claim ownership of.
  2. Last Saturday my friend (with whom I cooped DOS1 EE) and I started a coop. He really wanted to try it hard since by the end of DOS1 we were blazing through, so we did it on tactician mode. God damn was it hard. Basic encounters were effectively super hard boss fights that you have to retry over and over, often using resurrect scrolls (which are in limited supply) and you really had to do every single one you could find to make sure you're leveling up as fast as possible, because fighting an encounter 2 levels above was effectively impossible on that difficulty. At least that's how it was for us. We spent all of Saturday playing and made little progress because of how many tries each battle took. Since he and I only really have some of the weekend to play, I convinced him that we start over on classic difficulty (because you cannot drop the difficulty from tactician mode). We did on Sunday and made it back to where we left off after a whole day in no time I'm hoping the classic difficulty will be a better mix where there are still fights that require a lot of work, just not every single fight
  3. You're required to date me and carry our illegitimate child to term!
  4. No, but not too far. Providence. Incidentally, I've been toying with the idea of moving to Cambridge (my company is distributed so I can live wherever I want and a bunch of people in my company are in the Boston-Cambridge area too), but haven't yet pulled the trigger because I hate fucking moving
  5. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    Yeah that's fine. I'm glad you shared it I was just commenting in general about how despicable this person is!
  6. My wife sometimes does the Folgers instant when she doesn't want to make a pot (even though we constantly have good "proper" coffee beans in the house).
  7. I'm pretty sure they must spike it with something because I can't put my finger on why I love it. I'm also in NE where it's impossible to avoid.
  8. Yes that might make things tricky The commitment for DOS2 is potentially much more, but depending on what you do maybe similar. That is, the campaign for DOS2 is probably 60-80 hours. That's a serious commitment! However, they also have a pretty cool "Dungeon Master" where people kind of make up their own quest on the fly and could be more self contained. But getting a group for that mode might be harder because you need a dungeon master to "drive" it.
  9. I'm starting to think that Volta will be a beast

    Holy shit at DL training time compute increase.
  10. Try it in coop with one to 3 other people. That will ease you into it better and after that you may find you're interested in these kinds of games even solo!
  11. It's true, but Quake seems to be early access in a way that really is early access That is, I frequently hear that the net code is abysmal and that's at least stopped me from bothering with it right now. It might still get pretty mediocre numbers when it releases for real, but I wouldn't call it off yet. For example, R6 somehow managers serviceable numbers despite the existence of PUBG, Overwatch, and CSGO. Even Paladins, an Overwatch knock off, does decently. So it does seem doable despite these mammoths.
  12. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    What a garbage human being. The chocolate milk is funnier (to me) because it's clearly a younger kid (early teens at the oldest), but this guy it too old for this shit, maybe college age even? It makes him more annoying than funny.