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  1. Halo: Online (Eldewrito)

    Okay I'll check it out. Hopefully this gives it a push. MS is so fucking stupid with the Halo property these days.
  2. Halo: Online (Eldewrito)

    I see now. Is the community large for it? I would absolutely play this if it has a decent community and so would my friends.
  3. Halo: Online (Eldewrito)

    How do I get this!?
  4. It sucks. I'm one of the few who enjoyed the game a lot. It had a lot of BS filler in it, but there was also a lot of fun content that you could focus on instead. I absolutely would have bought DLC.
  5. The Magicians

    Nope still haven't gotten around to them yet
  6. Yeah, I agree he'll deny it anyway. The question is in what form will his denial manifest?
  7. The Magicians

    I thought this was the best season of the three. They seem to have found a similar groove to Supernatural (when it was good) where it's a good mix of not taking themselves seriously and having a story to tell. Highlights for me were the mosaic episode, the Under Pressure sequence, and the finale.
  8. Phew. This is really pushing me to get a PS4. So, what's the list of non-remastered PS4 exclusives (or rather games that are not on PC) that are really good? GoW HZD UC4? ?