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  1.   All good things come to those who wait. 
  2.     I'd ask what it is that you think I've misinterpreted, but then I'd have to try explaining my post again to you in even smaller words. So instead, I'm off to bed     Have a good one, kk.
  3.   It might seem that way if you fail at reading comprehension  
  4.   It's not about how they're different. It's about why the nature of autocorrect errors would result in greater motivation to explain the original intended meaning of the message and the events that transpired that caused the meaning to get scrambled. For example, maybe little betty meant to say "I love dogs" but autocorrect changed it to "I love dicks." She might feel compelled to explain what happened here! Under such motivations, it's not an excuse, but an explanation to clarify the intended meaning and why it may have been lost.
  5.   I fixed it, just for you since you already are struggling so much with perfectly fine posts.
  6.   That is an incorrect summary of my post. Wow, you're really bad at reading!
  7.    Not an explanation of not proofreading, an explanation of the intention of the message and events that transpired to result in the confusing material.
  8.   Not irrelevantly. The point is that what you call an "excuse" could very well not be meant as an excuse, but an explanation. I elaborated on what was meant by that. Try to follow along better!
  9.   I didn't say there was. Maybe you're the one with reading troubles?
  10. Generally, I don't see it used as an "excuse" so much as an explanation, because autocorrect can result in a sentence with a completely different meaning or substitution from which the original intent may be difficult to decipher. Typical typos, on the other hand, don't usually need such explanations because it's usually clear what was meant.
  11.   The term is often loose, but most conventional notions require that the artificial elements have a feedback control loop involved, so screws wouldn't be sufficient by that definition. See more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyborg
  12. Yesterday, I had caffeine. Today, I'll have more caffeine!  
  13. Justice League: official Comic-Con trailer

    Hmm. Didn't do much for me. The Flash scene was okay.