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  1. @Lucian04 should update the OP. It's PoE2 (or something PoE related at least), not Fallout.
  2. I saw someone else point out that you'll recall that Eder's God was "killed" in PoE too (or rather its back story) so he fits the quote really nicely. Oh fuck yes. BRING IT!
  3. It's especially disturbing how homogeneously things were warmer.
  4. Yeah, I'm down to watch this.
  5. Oh there is no doubt that plenty of liberals are plenty stupid. People are stupid, on aggregate. It's remarkable to me that humanity manages to live longer than 10 years as it is.
  6. Yep, I'd totally be okay with if this was the reveal of what we knew was in the works PoE would have been my RPG of the year were it not for the multi-generation defining Witcher 3 releasing the same year
  7. PoE2 would be great! I feel kind of done with Fallout as it is, even though Obsidian might be able to do something better with it (strangely Vegas wasn't as enjoyable for me as I thought it would be so I can't quite use that as evidence). Although we know they're working on PoE2 anyway.
  8. Possibly. As philosophers though I would have expected them to state their preference along with what they think the true underlying aspect of it is. Hard to know though!
  9. Thanks, that doesn't sound terribly objectionable then. I might take some contention with any epistemic statement of knowledge of senses being "reliable" but it's not unreasonable to operate as if they are somewhat reliable, because if they're not, you're fucked anyway I'll add that the support for the awful deontology is disappointing!
  10. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to have to look up the operational definition of "non-skeptical realism," because I'm not sure of the implications of it. I'm pretty firmly in the skeptical camp, but if all "non-skeptical realism" means is acceptance that there is a ground truth reality, rather than what we can know about it, I'm okay with that. Non-skeptical epistemology would be a problem though.
  11. Yes, I played the first. I feel like I can guess more about this game's story from that than this trailer tells us. What exactly did this trailer tell us about the story?
  12. For a "story" trailer I know next to nothing about the story after watching it.