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  1. In your home, helping you, and learning new things you want it to do.
  2. Amazon Prime monthly price increase

    I'm also annual.
  3. Yep, I work with one of the founders of Kiva (Amazon Robotics).
  4. Boston might also have a shot because they already have people there--Amazon robotics came from it for one (Kiva) and there is a ton of AI talent in the area.
  5. If I had to place money on one, I'd say Austin. I think Denver would be a more interesting choice though.
  6. Looking at the work, their neural network model (for generating the image) seems to just be a feedforward CNN, which means it just takes a snapshot of the brain from the fMRI and then generates an image. That's a little puzzling to me. Maybe it's because it's inherent to how fMRI does temporal aggregation, but the brain is known to encode information temporally with lots of attention mechanisms as well. That would suggest to me that they should input an fMRI sequence and use a recurrent neural net to incorporate all the information from the time sequence in the reconstruction, not just a snapshot.
  7. Can't know for sure without more knowledge of how the brain works relative to what the fMRI captures, but I'd be shocked if it's not heavily bounded by fMRI resolution and other measurement issues associated with it. FWIW, this is also not the first time I've seen this done, but researchers are clearly iterating on the tech.
  8. Also, the AI's convolutional filter edges are showing!
  9. Not band considering it's going to be a very limited measurement. I also really like that the jet turned into what looks like an FF air ship
  10. So much this! This is the same response I had to the Kodak coin. What's the point? What is blockchain (and their coin with it) affording that otherwise was a problem? The answer always seems to be "nothing" and people are using it because it's the in thing right now. FFS people please have a reason to use something. Using something because it's "cool" rather than because it's useful is the kind of engineering design that engineers are supposed to look down upon, not embrace.
  11. There's something to be said for the artistic choices they make However, I really like the idea in principle because your mere appearance tells a story of who your character is. In general, I like consequences and system-driven RPGs. Following that, I would like the appearance to have impacts on how characters respond to you (they were really shallow in this regard in Fable where it was basically "scared" vs. "love.")
  12. IMO, they should do a Zelda BotW-like open world, but be more of a comedy and go deep on how your character is affected visually and skill-wise by how you play.
  13. Ah, yeah anniversary had a lot more polish than the original. I think I'd still pick 2 over it, but it's much closer.
  14. Your health is low! Do you have any potions? Or food?