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  1.   I'm not sure since either since I'm not a social scientist, but good social scientists often have clever experimental designs for this kind of stuff and it'd be cool to see if anyone has studied it.
  2.   It'd be really interesting to see data on this kind of thing, but yeah, I think that's a believable reason.
  3.     There seems to be an interesting angle in that piece that there is some utility in Hilary becoming president because it will make it easier for future women to be president and do what they want. I agree that such an outcome would bear some utility, but I wonder how confidently we can say that will happen given she wins and what the effect size would be. That is, I can at least conceive of it being possible that the first woman president could make things harder for future women if they do a bad job (because it might strengthen the irrational bias sexist individuals currently have). But I'm not sure how sensitive the public would be. It might be that merely having a woman be president actually is so beneficial in making women be seen as more plausible that she'd have to do a really bad job to have a net negative effect. Or maybe the standards are even higher because people will be looking for reasons to justify their bias. Or maybe it's higher standards for current people to overcome their bias, but sets a positive precedent in the younger generations.   Perhaps there is related data we could leverage from Obama being the first black president. Does that data suggest that the approval he has is sufficient to make chances better for future black presidents? If so, we could use that to propose what might be sufficient.
  4. A charitable interpretation of the "special place in hell" remark is that there is a special place in hell for women who don't to help other women overcome sexist oppression. But even taking that as an axiom wouldn't entail that you need to vote for Hilary for president. And with the other remarks Gloria made, it does feel more like an unfortunate "us vs them" argument that does damage to the very cause they seek to advocate. 
  5.     Well, I think the reason it matters to people who don't have a Nintendo console is because the graphical power (along with some other important elements like online integration and backend features like accessibility of the SDK) affect what third party support will be and the 3rd party support informs whether the console can be used as a primary console. Because Nintendo has lacked the graphical power (and again, other reasons too), it hasn't had good third party support, which makes it at best a secondary console for people to play the (mostly Nintendo-made) exclusives.   Unfortunately, that ship has kind of sailed. That is, people have already decided on their primary system for this generation. Nintendo coming in at a mid generation interval has greatly limited their chance to becoming the primary system of choice for players. That means they have to offer something really unique with the NX to win that, along with matching, if not exceeding, current tech (or do something really really unique  ). We'll see.
  6. ~*The D1P 2016 Game Completion List*~

        A Story about my Uncle SOMA Wolfenstein New Order Rise of the Tomb Raider
  7.   I don't quite remember the mechanics of throwing stuff in HL2, but you can flick the camera like a mouse really easily with it and you can do very fast 180s with by using the trackball mode as well. If you were watching someone play with it and didn't know about the controller, you would think they were playing with a mouse rather than an analog.   I think a mouse is still a bit more precise than the touchpad-gyro combo, but the speed is there and the precision is a hell of a lot closer than an analog.
  8. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    I don't want to try clarifying again given the way you took it last time. I just wanted to try to make it clear that I wasn't saying things of you that you think I was.
  9. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    You're not following how specific responses of mine connect to specific responses you made and you're crediting claims to me that I didn't actually make. For example, I never said you're the same as a cheater, nor lumped you with them, nor does that follow from the argument I gave. I tried to clarify what the argument I was giving was, but it didn't work; instead it got worse with you assuming that things I said were a rhetorical trick (an odd thing to be accused of when my core argument was not to treat things as games where "winning" is the only metric) so I don't expect I'll be able to clarify the point I was making. Maybe this post will at least clarify that I was not claiming the things of you that you said I was; or not.
  10. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    You're making assumptions about my motivations and intentions, not what I actually said. That's an issue with your perception of my character that will persist in future discussions and something I'm not interested in defending against.
  11. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

    It seems you've convinced yourself of that. In which case if that's what you think of me, I'll leave you be in the future.
  12. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

        I'm not twisting anything. I'm starting with the premises from which we can build: cheating is bad. I then was examining how that relates to the arguments made. The claim that we agree that cheating is bad is nothing more than that specific claim. I'm sorry you seem to be interpreting everything as some rhetoric trick and it's a little disappointing that you'd assume that was my motivation.   I don't think you're accurately interpreting what I'm saying but since you're taking things rather hostile, I don't foresee us reaching an understanding and we can stop here.
  13. Bernie Sanders is a scrub

      We don't agree that cheating is not permissible behavior? That's what I said we agree on.