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  1. Since we've now hijacked two threads to talk about our daily gym/fitness progress, I am creating a thread for that purpose, if it becomes my own personal progress thread so be it. Slight shoulder pain with my anterior deltoid, taking tomorrow off from the gym, well, maybe I'll hit some legs and bis, to let it heal up. Holding at 255, not sure on BF% but I'd guess 13-17%. 25 more lbs to go, no way I am pulling that off before I get to Baltimore though so I will revise that down to 260-265 and that should, hopefully, give me enough size to start a slight cut on. Chest just hit 51 inches too.
  2. 0/10 if heath shows up Nobody is beating Heath, if Phil comes in slightly dialed in. Last year might have been the best he's ever been and Ramy was a few years off last years. Hell Dallas might challenge before Ramy. The sport is in this center stage of mass and symmetry preference. Today I doubt Ronnie beats Heath.
  3. It wasn't even his best body. Troy was easily the best physique Brad ever put on screen. Normal people are dumb.
  4. Asians can't handle their liquor clearly! But damn man you're lucky to have survived that shit you know?
  5. Good thing I'm moving home soon to join the New California Republic in a year.
  6. Man the Roman Pompey was so much cooler. We're getting jipped with this fat fuck.
  7. As if this fat fuck could get his sausage fingers into the trigger.
  8. You try to find those Diamond Jackson stepdaughter videoes on free sites, shit ain't easy or possible!
  9. Fake News! The GOP has a spine, they just have to lease it from the Russians.
  10. But steroids will destroy athletes! Sport is risk but at least pretend to be consistent.
  11. Don't care where else can I get a PS4, a book about Roman battle tactics, porn DVDs and water filters at the same time?
  12. Inb4 dvd says fake news cause he didn't outright say it. If a section head did this they'd get fucked, but hey we all know the GOP isn't in support of special treatment for the POTUS!
  13. So I just watched a youtube video that mirrored our debate here from the other day about the fans not liking the new look and Classic Physique will fix it. lolololol It exists and nobody fucking cares, why is this such a challenge for non-hardcore fans to get? You really think the athletes and IFBB and NPC is going to cater to people who aren't the legit fans? The people who go to the fucking regional shows? Who will call off of work to watch the Olympia, yes I've done that? Who spend hundreds of dollars annually on BB t-shirts? Sports do not cater to the fringe, and never will. As long as the mainstream fans and therefore judges, reward the freaks it will be pushed. None of us want to see pretty boys, enough of those exist in Hollywood. And their bodies aren't impressive, your average gym rat training for three-five years has a better body than all but the top actors, Cena, Johnson etc. None of us find Chris Evans' body impressive, I Dwarf that little man and all the top pros Dwarf me. Look at the purses for Olympia open vs 212 and classic, nobody fucking cares.
  14. I'm just happy we have another beast on the board. Anyway, strength and hypertrophy gains are a marathon not a sprint, even if you're on steroids.
  15. Cellulite=good ass?
  16. Alternative facts
  17. A Long Time Until Now. It's an interesting premise and so far rather accurate despite the whole two MRAPS with soldiers being sent back to the Paleolithic. https://www.amazon.com/Long-Time-Until-Temporal-Displacement/dp/1476781729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500868974&sr=8-1&keywords=a+long+time+until+now
  18. That's the point, farmer carries are deceptively difficult. I agree, carries are far better fro grip strength than all but maybe deadlifts.