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  1. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Since we've now hijacked two threads to talk about our daily gym/fitness progress, I am creating a thread for that purpose, if it becomes my own personal progress thread so be it. Slight shoulder pain with my anterior deltoid, taking tomorrow off from the gym, well, maybe I'll hit some legs and bis, to let it heal up. Holding at 255, not sure on BF% but I'd guess 13-17%. 25 more lbs to go, no way I am pulling that off before I get to Baltimore though so I will revise that down to 260-265 and that should, hopefully, give me enough size to start a slight cut on. Chest just hit 51 inches too.
  2. He failed into making acorewct choice so now he fucks it up. the best people!
  3. Blank thread

  4. As do men so what is your point? I might be the wrong person to speak for men, since I am a check mark for both men and women, plus my size and training (legit killed people) most are using me for a sexual thrill, but I do know how this behavior has made me feel. Which is why I understand the disgust women feel, more than most men ever will. I however am not the one dismissing sexual assault based on the sex of the perpetrator itt. I am a tall, muscular, trained, attractive male. I clearly can't be sexually assaulted though so I should just stfu. I mean, women get raped more so what men go through doesn't matter.
  5. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    I think you have to understand our perspective here. We hear this type of thing often, I am not saying your wife qualifies, and frankly shes white so who cares, but we do hear this type of thing either indirectly or directly frequently. A lot seems to be that women, and men who like men, are intimidated by us. Like I joke, I am a caricature of hyper-masculinity, and it's something that many repeat to me and therefore is why women "don't like us" as they assume we won't be interested or reject them. Our history colors our views, but again, #nowhitechicks
  6. So plants have to do it before humans?
  7. Witkwoski suspended for 10 games.

    https://www.nhl.com/news/red-wings-luke-witkowski-suspended-10-games/c-293051844 No brainer.
  8. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Scoliosis for time.
  9. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Or cross-fit to Bodybuilding.
  10. itt me saying big is an advantage means big always wins! The only guy who ever whooped my ass, literally nothing I could do, was smaller than me so I am not arguing that me being big=guaranteed win ffs, and why are we continuing to focus on that? But, guess how many smaller guys I wrecked?
  11. This is you being emotional and also what my pig comment was directed towards. You then expanded it to the suffering, I have no argument with that sentiment at all. I was directly responding to the ethnocentrism of placing the dog higher than the pig despite basing the metric on something that the pig beats the dog at. If you have altered the argument to suffering I take no issue with your argument, (see above for additional expansion on the rest of your points) also I am not eating dog because, despite my anthropological training and opposition to ethnocentric mindsets, I do extend special status to a dog as well, but I can understand why that is not a universal belief.
  12. You claim the dogs intelligence and loyalty as a main reason to oppose their consumption, guess where pigs fall on that spectrum? Cultures construct imagined areas of prestige for different animals, ours are no more correct than theirs. also lol you accuse others of being emotional where your entire argument is predicated on emotion.
  13. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    And hepatitis c is healthy if lymphoma is your comparison
  14. The Jews should never be listened to in relation to morality if your god has to tell you not to fuck goats just stop talking.
  15. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    To be fair I'd trade the entirety of my sexual past and whatever sexual future I have for a body that doesn't embarrass me. The opinion if women is utterly useless, especially when Chris, my firearms are as big as my arms Evans is considered muscular by them.
  16. Pigs. Dem poor stupid savage fucks need the white man!
  17. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Cough steroids cough Also I still want the Fable we were promised.
  18. Yeah, again dat western arrogance! our special animals are special, how dare you disagree!