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  1. Kids double tapped and gun nutters response was "the kids should've been armed." just fuck it
  2. The thing is most of these "war crimes" were accidents. They weren't infantry firing on unarmed Vietnamese civilians, it was mistaken identity, interpreting cameras as weapons etc.
  3. Walking back from the gym, took my sweatshirt off cause I couldn't stop sweating/overheating. Random guy asked me "you think you could toss me." I responded like that Rich Piana moment. "I'm a bodybuilder man not a fighter." Humor diffuses everything. Men are so catty.
  4. Since we've now hijacked two threads to talk about our daily gym/fitness progress, I am creating a thread for that purpose, if it becomes my own personal progress thread so be it. Slight shoulder pain with my anterior deltoid, taking tomorrow off from the gym, well, maybe I'll hit some legs and bis, to let it heal up. Holding at 255, not sure on BF% but I'd guess 13-17%. 25 more lbs to go, no way I am pulling that off before I get to Baltimore though so I will revise that down to 260-265 and that should, hopefully, give me enough size to start a slight cut on. Chest just hit 51 inches too.
  5. http://www.theonion.com/article/poll-1-in-5-americans-believe-obama-is-a-cactus-18127 based on DVD?
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.dailycaller.com/2017/01/10/poll-americans-want-to-repeal-and-replace-obamacare/?client=safari after DVD bitches about fake news all the while enjoying socialized medicine. You lack any convictions to your beliefs Canuck
  7. Like so. funny coming from the guy who backs a nation that routinely employs state sponsored terrorism to uphold their apartheid regime.
  8. No, I'd rather talk about getting fucked by a rich gay man who pays my way in bodybuilding than come to terms with in 20 hours Cheetos is POTUS. My body embarrassing me isn't nearly as bad as the embarrassment of that fact.
  9. There's an entire thread for you guys to go bash on each other in.
  10. President Trump
  11. No, why would we spend money on them. The military is just a photo-op for most politicians. They care not for the suffering that they've pushed. In this Draft Dodgers case, apparently a way to feel masculine and manly, it's not his fault bone-spurs are no joke.
  12. This thread is now about gay for pay. Its prevalent in the bb community, were all broke and steroids are expensive plus the food
  13. That'd the dream. Wonder how much money those "donors" would give me for a "personal posing session?" @apoc81 A nurse with combat experience? Hmm
  14. Unless she's actually a GOP plant. I mean ffs due partly to her we have President fucking Trump.
  15. So glad I'm working. At least I've four years of sole focus on bodybuilding, I'm opting out of political interaction.
  16. Shhh let him grr liburls grr its as close to personal fulfillment as DVD gets sans masturbating to apple concept art.