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  1. Supporter of ferengi like capitalism becomes unhinged with private property owners restricts and dictates his own property cause grr liburls grr. I thought only snowflake liberals needed safe spaces?
  2. Don't you mean by the aliens?
  3. It's jigs though so he drives the bus. Also we're such an echo chamber which is why me and @Lucian04 argue, just to make it seem like an echo chamber. dont start the day with whiskey kids.
  4. Paid troll bro paid troll
  5. Leastvyou don't tear your pec benching weak ass weight. Plus you know, you can read.
  6. A Canadian troll should be more concerned with Trudeau being his pm. How much do you get per troll you weak ass pec mother fucker?
  7. We should be happy with this choice, it could've been far worse. Pick your fucking battles dems, this isn't something to go all in on.
  8. While I broke my celibacy with a white girl I've since gone back to fucking superior black women try again sheeple lover
  9. YOU'RE ALL SHEEPLE!!!!! SHEEPLE I SAY!!!! GRRR SHEEPLE GRRR!!!11!!one Approaching dvd level of troll. And until you're outed as a paid troll you can't be dvd.
  10. Market ain't got time to read his kinks bruh! Edit:yeah I'm not fixing that typo makes it better.
  11. Old man yells at cloud
  12. Since we've now hijacked two threads to talk about our daily gym/fitness progress, I am creating a thread for that purpose, if it becomes my own personal progress thread so be it. Slight shoulder pain with my anterior deltoid, taking tomorrow off from the gym, well, maybe I'll hit some legs and bis, to let it heal up. Holding at 255, not sure on BF% but I'd guess 13-17%. 25 more lbs to go, no way I am pulling that off before I get to Baltimore though so I will revise that down to 260-265 and that should, hopefully, give me enough size to start a slight cut on. Chest just hit 51 inches too.
  13. I'm not a huge believer in intra training nutrition or supplement use, at all, water is the only thing I swallow during my workout. As far as supplements. There are some interesting studies out there showing results with creatine, but none in advanced training populations that I am aware of. So it's a "it probably wont hurt for a cycle or two and it might help." And common wisdom and studies say to cycle so just follow one of the common routines for cycling creatine. As far as bcaa, I am again meh on most supps, again some evidence showing it does help and certain bcaa are vitally important to mtor and mps, leucine etc, but those can also be gleaned from your diet. @GoldenTongue will have more specifics here than I. Again my advice is food is best but the supps can cover nutritional gaps, assuming you have enough to counteract for the bioavailability issue so you're not just pissing money away.
  14. pffft I've been gloating for 12 hours.
  15. And double posting websites
  16. So no more of that "out of the family" videos for me I guess. But still got raceplay.
  17. Ah yes let them eat cake why do you respond to him? Anyway, enjoy your increase cost to access healthcare since this lovely thing called emtla exists.
  18. He did above trump isn't to blame our most anti Trump poster everyone
  19. Lololol no that's not what cuckholding is