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  1. Lol at dvd. Insert my exgfs family story here. Also, es we should totally just turn the Marine Corps loose onto American streets to enforce the law. Great fucking plan. I for one long for the day when Marine Corps firetimes are serving warrants for crimes. The fact these idiots see no issue with using the military to enforce domestic law is hilarious and troublesome. But herp derp grrr lubrls grrr herp derp. Also I served with two illegal immigrants in my unit. Put up or shut up BA.
  2. Yep im also sick so ugh
  3. Since we've now hijacked two threads to talk about our daily gym/fitness progress, I am creating a thread for that purpose, if it becomes my own personal progress thread so be it. Slight shoulder pain with my anterior deltoid, taking tomorrow off from the gym, well, maybe I'll hit some legs and bis, to let it heal up. Holding at 255, not sure on BF% but I'd guess 13-17%. 25 more lbs to go, no way I am pulling that off before I get to Baltimore though so I will revise that down to 260-265 and that should, hopefully, give me enough size to start a slight cut on. Chest just hit 51 inches too.
  4. Methinks California wouldn't activate the guard for this considers Browns "fuckyou Trump" state of the state. but youre the one one talking about early practices and intent of the founders; dont let me down here.
  5. Kept in armories to be used when the state militia is called up for the defense of the state.
  6. At least we got rid of those nigg....
  7. Friend tried to leave the friend zone. i explained I'm celibate and thecreasins for it, she said something about "never had anything like you." I reiterated my celibacy due to Shame etc and was cordial. Well she lost lost her mind about guys being birches for not wanting to fuck and how she could get any dick. I replied that well "you clearly can't get mine" and that I was fucking a lingerie model when I went celibate and she isnt one so if I dropped that why would I break it for her. That guys aren't just about sex and we have goals that aren't just sex. All in all good times.
  8. Well if it is legit a lie from the administration I guess lies and fake news works.
  9. You are the expert on that. and if there's anything we can trust; it's this Whitehouse to be truthful. most anti Trump poster.
  10. Not the brown ones doe. wonder if this is real if engel would care.
  11. Yep, that scene in Jericho where they talk about killing American soldiers. Thats what this would force many to consider. But her emails.
  12. Women are so pathetic when they get rejected.
  13. In four years "Russia is our biggest geopolitical enemy to." Since it's not illegal for an American politician to collude with our greatest enemies intelligence networks to influence an election it's fine. Keep spinning.
  14. Somehow Iran somehow Obama ignore the Russian intelligence connection says the guy who masturbated to Romneys "Russia is our greatest geopolitical foe."
  15. The most anti Trump poster everyone. Trying to apologize for this is hilarious.
  16. The lost legion was a better story than I anticipated.
  17. But Iran guys. lol dvd