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  1. http://m.huffpost.com/ca/entry/14986122? @apoc81
  2. Alternative fact with the left wing media screaming about nothing just to keep a good conservative down clearly. as dvd would say
  3. Did Ana hack your account?
  4. Begging the question much? coke rarely causes these types of issues but begging here. and here too. ffs you have no idea what you're talking about. You have no idea what this addiction is really like. I've treated people who literally have no skin left on their forearm, who are literally injecting into their exposed fucking veins on that arm because of their need for the opiod. But sure, drug war made opioids an insidious addiction, not the drug itself. When was the last time you actually saw people in the height of this addiction Jason? Baltimore is baltimore for far more reasons than grr drug war grr despite your assertions to the contrary. You're like the pot head saying "weed cures all illness including cancer but the man won't let it be sold cause they make money off of cancer!"
  5. It's not just fenantyl that gets mixed in for one. There are a variety of things as well, most recently we were having sons type of veterinary type sedative mixed in too. Opioid addiction has its own unique set of hurdles that are unique to it and not just grr drug war grr is to blame.
  6. ER nurse in the more hood part of the city. And yes? That's cause of the war on drugs? itt drug war responsible for: murders, gang formation, addiction, prostitution, bankruptcy, white flight, general steels bankruptcy in particular, unemployment, single parenthood, etc. I mean I'm opposed to the drug war too but Jesus Christ it's not this massive boogeyman responsible for all of our ills anymore than drugs are.
  7. Same to you. watching The Wire doesnt give you any actual insight into the city.
  8. Lolol please lecture me some more about the day to life of Baltimore. The drug war has become this boogeyman its insane.
  9. Yes this is totally an issue we need to fight about under this administration. Pick your battles cause we're not winning many over the next four years.
  10. Book: you can opt out of a combat drop in the tube but lose your citizenship rights movie: mixed gender showers they both win
  11. At least Trump pushes closer to this society. Service guarantees citizenship.
  12. My eight years are long over that fat fuck draft dodging bitch ain't getting shit out of me.