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  1. lolol Roid rage, lololol. Considering I have been off of my cycle for two months and just a trt dose for two months, aka maintaining basic health function. Please explain endocrinology to me more you theater owners, state employees, and Hollywood shills. Ever even sat through an endocrinology lecture, let alone a patho course? it's more of I am sick to death of dick pic sending fat fucks excusing sexual assault on my person due to my gender. Of all the ways I can spend my time, being called a liar by sexual assault excusers is the least appealing. I'd rather spend time with my abusers than you all. Fuck you wade, fuck you skillz, fuck you dick pick sender. Oh wait, that's inviting sexual assault right and I deserve it I am sure. Enjoy your failing video game message board assuming you're the only one with capital Wade. I'll enjoy my most recent inheritance and capital gains sale. Can you delete my shit now? Thanks to the people informing me of you sexual assault poor excuses for human beings. Want to rage on @Fuhrer D again wade for excusing less than what you all just excused you disgusting fucks? @SFLUFAN
  2. Have another donut you dick-pic-sending fat fuck sexual assault apologist. and I already made Wade's job easy, you whiny bitch, last person who I was waiting on a PM from responded so I'm gone; he can delete my account for all I care.
  3. Well hi thar

    Taking another break, probably permanent this time. Keep getting drunk ya'll.
  4. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Good luck with fitness pursuits everyone.
  5. Just cause rape culture supporting shit-lord wants to call me a liar. Go fuck yourself. Since you have to send dick-pics to get anyone else to see it which is clearly why that was an issue to you. Don't bother responding. I am gone and you get the joe treatment if I ever return fatty. @SFLUFAN Before the whiny bitch tags you again.
  6. I want to be a kept woman

    Marry me so I can escape Trump land and you shall have it!
  7. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Insomnia hasn't been much of an issue yet. I liked the focus, it reflects the changes in the industry quite well imo as the social media bros and hoes are bigger than the pros now. Plus can you not relate to the "failed aspirations" angle? I agree but it never will. In men's bodybuilding they've made the distinction that it's not about being hot, with women they don't want you unless you are. It's a fucking joke and it's why I refuse to watch bikini, figure etc.
  8. Pot kettle. And not like you brought up females being sexually assaulted in a discussion about men being sexually assaulted as if it was relevant to the discussion. inb4 rape pivot. but yeah, worse for women so fuck it.
  9. Best response I've seen to this. "those guys are invading 50% of your followers."
  10. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Get sick gain 6 pounds. gains! well actually bloat but I love seeing the scale that high.
  11. Well I mean nobody knows about military service like the dotard.