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  1. Oh, it is legitimately interesting. I just tuned into your thread and read the 3 posts in order. It was just funny to me.
  2. This has been a fun thread.
  3. Muskets and flint-locks for all! Ban semi-automatics.
  4. The memo proposes letting the respective governors issue the orders to their National Guard troops. So I think this is how they get around it.
  5. And be struck down by SCOTUS because holy shit the actual words in the 14th Amendment. Of all the amendments that may be a bit iffy on the intent of the wording, this one isn't one of those.
  6. AP has the memo. That's confirmation. They sought WH comment and the WH refused to answer.
  7. It isn't adopting Russian media tactics. It's a simple tactic used by literally everyone to make the bad seem not so bad when compared to the worst. I just commented that I've seen Russia do this quite a bit.
  8. Maybe, but Posse Comitatus doesn't apply to the National Guard anyway. So even without Title X, I think it's more than possible to legally do this.
  9. Also, the WH refused comment to the AP before the story hit the presses. They did that specifically so they could deny that it was real and to feed the false narrative that the press is just making shit up.
  10. We aren't Mexico. We don't use the armed forces to round up illegals.
  11. White House spokesman was given a chance by the AP to comment on the story before publication.
  12. Here's the problem with this. Russia does this ALL THE TIME. They release/leak an absolutely insane proposal that obviously prompts quick and fierce backlash. What Putin/the Duma actually want is only a small part of the proposal. When that is "clarified" then the public compares it to what was initially released. The public decides "this isn't so horrible then" and accepts it. This is that.
  13. "Man, the media sure is talking a lot about this Russia stuff, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the anti-semitism allegations..." "I think I know what we can do... Let's draft an insane memo and release it first thing Friday morning."
  14. AP just tweeted this. I don't want to repost the tweet because it'll make the boards wacky. Here's the text: Now waiting for corroboration.