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  1. Where do we stand on other examples of so-called self determination? Tibet? South Ossetia? Transnistria? The Confederacy?
  2. I think Manafort and Flynn are the only ones they're able to pin actions on. And then it'll be pardon-central.
  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/09/18/politics/paul-manafort-government-wiretapped-fisa-russians/index.html
  4. Part of what the surveillance picked up was Manafort discussing the campaign with Russian personnel. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/paul-manafort-surveillance-during-2016-campaign/
  5. He loves that the media and public are eating up his Rocket Man thing. It's positive feedback for him. Like Covfefe. "Rocket Man" shouldn't be the story. The entire media should not utter one word about the ridiculous insult and should instead focus on the overt threat of war towards North Korea.
  6. No one denies that the US has meddled in the past. I'm not denying it now. But it's a statement that is used to absolve Russia of responsibility. That shouldn't be tolerated.
  7. That's Russian propaganda. It's true, yes. But it's whataboutism to point it out in the current discussion. It has no bearing on the actions of the Russian government, which are the issues being discussed.
  8. Uday gives up secret service protection

    I'm with apoc. He's not running. 1) Where would Trump Jr. run to that he could disappear? 2) His legal team would be apoplectic if it even happened. 3) It doesn't make sense that he's a flight risk because he isn't formally charged with a crime.
  9. Oh, we should totally go to mail-in only paper ballots with automatic, compulsory voter registration.
  10. Uday gives up secret service protection

    You're right. Uday was smart, ruthless, and feared.
  11. I'm listening to Terry Gross' interview with Clinton now, and just got to this part. But I can say this now--the Russians didn't mess with any vote totals. They influenced the election in that they influenced the way people voted--which is bad enough. But the election was not fraudulent in that votes were altered by Russia. The result was the result, and any questioning of that in the absence of facts to the contrary is ridiculous.