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  1. Romney announces run for Senate in Utah

    Expedient in that he's sucking up to Trump so he doesn't torpedo his campaign.
  2. Usually these tweets are followed by an AP article with more substance. Be on the lookout for that. Because "gun modifications" is a pretty wide net.
  3. Romney announces run for Senate in Utah

    Both. Mitt is a consummate politician in that he can bend to whatever position is most expedient, and make the people buy into it.
  4. Not at all. The soldiers that ran up on Crimea were Airborne and Naval Infantry without their squad or national insignia. You're thinking of the soldiers fighting in Eastern Ukraine NOW. They are the ones who are "contractors" on "vacation."
  5. The point of talking about gun bans, etc is more than just to get rid of mass shootings. Mass shootings are not the only evil to be addressed. Mass shootings are just a concise and effective example of just how deadly these weapons are and can be.
  6. I'm with sbl on this one. I don't think that 3D printed guns/receivers are going to be the next wave. But I do think the production and sale of gun pieces would need to be banned just to head that off. I'd take a country with no semi automatic guns and a few hundred people selling AR15 receivers on their stealth etsy store over 100 million semi-automatics being in circulation with new models on sale.
  7. Plainly because "Executive Time" means that the Chief Executive spends that time on his knees with the Highest Executive.
  8. I didn't say he'd serve 10 years. I meant that's going to be what he's sentenced to. I bet he doesn't set foot inside jail.

    Holy shit it's 2 minutes long? That's like twice the limit for the anthem. Also, damn, that was godawful. Rosanne should be brought out to give a proper rendition.