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  1. Hopefully you aren't driving.. I had that done few years back and wore these hilarious film glasses
  2. Be Our Guest

    My biggest worry is flight and having enough to pay for that for the four of us @best3444 best way is to my PayPal account [email protected] Wedding I need to pay off by 10/21 flight we will be getting as soon as it's available which is about 3 weeks from now I believe so whichever time is easier better for you
  3. Clitoris

    I have one!
  4. New car!

    Congrats! My daughter got a new car two months ago.. My dad co signed her and helped her with downpayment too. She pays $250 for the 2018 Honda Civic which is less than me and she drives better car than I do. Honda Civic looks by far better than it used to. With cars for me it's either Honda, Toyota or Nissan.
  5. Be Our Guest

    I hope you can make it in person it would be super awesome. So many cannot make it including our parents because of their health and finances. Can't wait until July/August as well.
  6. Well, his wife is pregnant now, so you're good. This thread became group therapy anyway
  7. I'd like your thoughts on this story

    @ohioguy24 So what the heck happened? Are you OK? You can PM since last time we talked you were trying to make the marriage work. How have you been otherwise?
  8. I'd like your thoughts on this story

    I can be sweet.. Sometimes At least I taste sweet...
  9. So most of you know I was married before and my ex husband cheated on me when our little one was 18 months old. He was sleeping with his teller that was only 18 (he was 32 years old). He got her pregnant (with twins) we got divorced, they got married. His wife made my life difficult for many years being mean and not most understanding with my daughter. For many years if I spoke up she would attack me by saying I need to move on even though I was over my ex husband about couple months after the divorce. 11 years in my ex husband and I get along despite him being a jerk sometimes. He has made many attempts to let me know he wants to get back with me, but each time I politely declined. So he calls me yesterday and tells me he got caught cheating on his wife. And he is worried he pays me child support and how much will he have to pay now for the twins. And now he is days away from 43 and the girl is 22 People say once a cheater always a cheater but I believe some learn their lesson and don't repeat same stupid mistakes (obviously not in this case) I was also thinking what goes around comes around but only person that it affected the most is his wife who found herself in my shoes 11 years ago (and of course the kids) And worst part my daughter isn't taking this well at all. It's affecting her emotionally and I don't know what to say to make it better
  10. The little one.. The good one. Well... At least she's still the good one for now
  11. what happened to apoc?

    He was major trolling about anything he could come up with I don't remember the details it was so long ago.. He also trolled people whenever someone didn't refer to him as "she". We supported him wanting to be referred to as she and even modded people for that...
  12. what happened to apoc?

    I banned his ass because twice in a row on Sunday he went nuts on football threads attacking posters and I spent hours on a Sunday cleaning his mess.. We actually let him come back but he only continued.
  13. Disappointed for one. Today she mentioned she feels bad for her sisters because she remembers how hard it was for her. She needed therapy and even speach therapy. She got used to the step mom it's been 10 years plus. Plush she's super sensitive.
  14. No but it hurts me seeing my little one take this so badly. She even canceled her trip to Washington DC to go Easter egg hunting at the White House with him and the family. You've seen her and had to practically stand on your head to cheer her up this weekend. Karma for the wife not really him though.. I guess other than he will have less money paying all that child support She knew for the longest time. I think she's just super sensitive. She did say to me today her biggest pain is that her sisters have to go through this and she remembers how hard it was for her. Plus I think she's really disappointed with him.
  15. What do you miss most about your childhood?

    Absolutely nothing I had horrible pile of shit and misery of childhood I hated school because I was bullied for being Polish and honor student I love making money and being financially independent and cannot don't that as a kid If I had to pick best age to be again anytime between ages 25-32
  16. This well said @Emblazon we need mic drop emote
  17. It does not. At least not in my eyes. She did say it reminds her of the time he did it when she was little but she was so little I don't know how she remembers. In a way she cares for the step mom despite issues and those twins are her sisters. So I guess that. Plus I think she's disappointed in him. Her and I had a rough time for awhile after he left.
  18. So what do I do with my daughter who is taking this bad? She has me and Emblazon. Emblazon and my youngest are so close she calls him dad but yet she's devastated with the news.
  19. I'm pretty sure he would if he could score one.
  20. I feel like a horrible person for getting some satisfaction out of this woman's misery because she did that to me.. Then I feel bad for the kids...
  21. Currently most normalish people but we had our shit hit the fan couple of years ago What's frustrating is watching my past mistakes still creep around and remind me. I'm on this awesome road with butterflies and rainbows riding a fucking unicorn and random stupid annoying shit popping up Also my entire family and past is dysfunctional
  22. Which user should kittykat out next?

    From that list I went with Biggie
  23. I got my mail and I get a letter from college my daughter goes to that I owe $1200 for her dropping classes and I have to pay back the grant money. I call her and she admitts she dropped ALL her classes because going full time was too hard. Last two weeks she was leaving the house twice a week and doing everything but being at school. Fucken life everytime I make a headway, something happens. I'm more upset she lied to me just last week she was running late and she said that she doesn't have her first class because the teacher canceled.