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  1. I've been busy playing this game during any spare time I have. I absolutely love it. Gorgeous game.
  2. I have been around reading here and there, kind of disappointed with lack of good topics. So I have been super busy since January 1st. As most of you know my 17 year old daughter, almost 18 lives with her dad and spends time with me whenever. January 1st I get frantic call from her dad he doesn't know where our daughter is and it's 1 am. I got a hold of her to find out after work she went to friend's house and ate a pot brownie. I appreciated she was honest and thought she should not gi home until she's not high. Her father was frustrated I wasn't making big deal out of the situation. Then in the morning I got a call she's being kicked out and if I want to take her. I was there in a heartbeat. I find out she's been driving not having driver's license and no insurance. I wouldn't allow it so I got her enrolled into driving school. So between full time job and her school and her job, I was driving everywhere a lot. She's officially staying with us. She passed her DL test and driving and she got her DL less than two weeks ago. In the mean time MY parents contact me that I haven't seen talked to in 7 years! @kittykat My parents miss me and my family and accept my decisions and no longer care I'm out of their religion. Emblazon met them which I thought would never ever happen. The day we went to see them last Saturday, they gave us $5,000 towards my daughter's car!! That's huge since all we had was $500 for down. Huge relief and help. So my daughter as of last Saturday has a nice car, a used Acura. This past week has been amazing not to have to drive places other than job and groceries. So our little family now is four of us with my parents being part of my life. Couple people here reached out to see if I'm still alive. But yeah that's what's been going on. My life is actually in a very good place and I cannot believe things are in place. My spine issues are still there but not as bad as last 12 months. What's everyone else been up to??
  3. My parents left to Germany for three days twice a year leaving me 10 year old and my sister 9 years old alone. We took care of each other for those 3days .
  4. That's what the cop told me that he knows 11 year olds that can be alone then 14 that you cannot leave. Even though my daughter started being alone before her 12th bday which is fine the cop told me he doesn't recommend leaving like 7-8 hours.
  5. Every state is different. Illinois there is no minimum age but if you leave a minor not capable to take care of him/herself you will get in lots of trouble. Ages range 12-14. My daughter will be 12 in August so I called local police to ask and I was told above. I started with 1-2 hours a day for awhile. She's very responsible so no worries there, she gets home off bus at 3:35 and I'm home by 5:30. Longest I let her stay alone is 4 hours.
  6. Super cute! Thank you and congratulations!!! Daycare is robbery. My youngest finally this year can be home alone so no more daycare!
  7. Pics of the daughters? I'd love to see hiw much already grown up.
  8. Thank you Johnny and yeah as kittykat said she feels little incomplete and hurt. She's coping with it. Emblazon and I do give her lotta love and attention and she loves it. That sucks. I will say part of me is little nervous. I have changed in the past 7 years and my life is different. I worry about judgments from them but try not to overthink that. I hope all works out for you.
  9. So I will admit I was a little nervous but he's been amazing with the situation and so helpful too. Emblazon made all of this such easier process.
  10. Sadly no.. Kids are expensive! Not anymore! I took care of all that
  11. Happy Birthday @Rev Happy Birthday @Siebzehn
  12. I'm not Lady Gaga fan/follower but I think she did great. Full of energy and no scandal of any kind. It was fun.
  13. Hurdyb lives in Normal Illinois, I live in not Normal Illinois. I have no clue who FTM is.
  14. I'm surprised no pics of toilets
  15. Get her to game it'll be easier! Both of my girls game and my older one has her own ps4 and xbox one
  16. Well, it gets challenging ages about 10 and up. Pre teens think they know more and are all about their friends. So it takes little more effort than before. Important you spend time and remind them of those days. They pout now and complaint to their friends but do enjoy doing things with you once in awhile. Natalia the one on the picture is now almost 12 and it's been challenging at times but we make new nice memories but with school, her friends and my job it gets tough at times. My older one will be 18 in June and she is close with me but not her father. It's like they lost the connection when she turned 17 but then he is very strict and doesn't spend fun time with her. So you do have control how it turns out for you. Girls like to talk and you listen to them and give them support. Know when to be a friend and when to be a dad and you will be fine.