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  1. I never said Zelda was bad. Game looks amazing. Has the original music. Only thing I found boring was shrines test of strength. And wish the weapons didn't break so fast. And you @Emblazon made killing final boss look like a walk in the park.
  2. Touché Watching great sex though wants you to have sex. Our last couch sex was because I was watching porn while you were working
  3. Same here what an amazing game. I watched Emblazon play through Zelda looks amazing but I prefer visually Horizon plus Horizon had side missions that weren't boring. Either way @best3444 can't go wrong between the two choices
  4. Yes I always knew that about you
  5. I love Walnuts
  6. 1. Pistachios 2. Walnuts 3. Peanuts That's it And yes to sunflower seeds but those ain't nuts
  7. Haha well done Me too!! And I too was disappointed In one words best thread in a long time
  8. Didn't you just say you have hard time finding people to co op? Idk I have yet to have that issue on PlayStation network. Actually opposite so many people to play with that I feel bad rejecting.
  9. I'm sharing this so it might help others to be aware especially parents with kids About 6 weeks ago we found out my youngest (age 11) has cut herself and has had suicidal thoughts. We went through panic and found safety pin in her room she used to cut herself and a knife under the bed. We seeked out help and support. Immediately found a therapist but before we got to first appointment, I got a call from school that I need to come to school because my daughter wrote a dark suicide note. Police was involved and I felt so lost. I got to the point I was afraid to leave my daughter alone. Things have gotten better since then. She's going regularly to therapy once a week for an hour. She's no longer going to her dad's house for nights which were part of problems since she felt excluded there. We changed her diet to more healthy food, more family time, less social media. Kids these days are bullies found out she's having rough time at school with few girls. Peer pressure and social media are poison. We did not see this coming since she seemed like a happy kid for the most part. According to her doctor kids cutting themselves and having suicidal thoughts is on the rise starting as early as ages 10 and up. I thought I would share since many of you have kids.
  10. Was awesome! I'm actually surprised with the not so great reviews. Story flows and brings other movies together. Visually awesome and action from start to finish. Anyone else see it?
  11. The ONLY thing the movie is missing is an epic sword fight.
  12. Please please best get help before it's too late. And thank you, we are doing the best we can with my daughter including a lot of talking and putting things in perspective. If you need to talk to me let me know as well, I attempted suicide age 22 when my life was at its worse and I saw no way out, no point of going on. I was too weak to ask for help and I barely made it and I'm so happy I survived. Maybe you can focus some love towards your niece? She will need you. Therapy, eat well, physical activity and hobbies.
  13. Too late for me My oldest is graduating high school this Sunday! But yeah they bring germs, pink eye, strep throat, lice and more from school. That age is the worst.
  14. This is horrible news My condolences
  15. I'm huge Alien fan and this was a disappointment. Yes there were some great parts (all spoiled in the trailer). Visually it was great but awesome characters made stupid choices. Story was all wrong. And it wasn't scary. We went home to watch Alien and Aliens to cleanse ourselves.
  16. I'm not impressed but I want to play and have fun like I did with the last one minute like 500 hours (so half).
  17. That sucks sorry to hear that Back in 2005 my and my ex husband's best friend committed suicide. We saw him couple days earlier. I still remember I was pregnant with my youngest when he called one night and my ex talked to him over the phone. I didn't ask what's up it was late and I was not feeling well. Next morning I asked my ex what did Lester need. He told me he called to say he appreciates our friendship and to please for my husband to take care of me and be the best father he can be. I went into panic mode because that sounded to me right away a goodbye call. I couldn't get hold of him so we called the parents and they found him hanging. To this day i wish I was the one that got the call.
  18. See below
  19. Hated that one. Finished the game. That ending. I will say the special armor was worth searching the cells. It was very useful for final battle(s).
  20. Speaking of Gamestop. Mine was robbed last night two gunmen... Someone playing too much GTAV.. And hey they have been robbing consumers for a long time.
  21. My least favorite enemy is the one that hides under the ground. I got the last cell yesterday and got the new armor that glows. I actually had to back track to find the one I missed which was on the very tip top of the world. Climbing back up without a mission active was very boring.
  22. I'm close to the end. I've been very thorough with this game not wanting to miss anything. Side missions don't feel like a chore. So many weapons/options. My favorite game this year so far by far.