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  1. I'm not Lady Gaga fan/follower but I think she did great. Full of energy and no scandal of any kind. It was fun.
  2. Hurdyb lives in Normal Illinois, I live in not Normal Illinois. I have no clue who FTM is.
  3. I'm surprised no pics of toilets
  4. Get her to game it'll be easier! Both of my girls game and my older one has her own ps4 and xbox one
  5. Well, it gets challenging ages about 10 and up. Pre teens think they know more and are all about their friends. So it takes little more effort than before. Important you spend time and remind them of those days. They pout now and complaint to their friends but do enjoy doing things with you once in awhile. Natalia the one on the picture is now almost 12 and it's been challenging at times but we make new nice memories but with school, her friends and my job it gets tough at times. My older one will be 18 in June and she is close with me but not her father. It's like they lost the connection when she turned 17 but then he is very strict and doesn't spend fun time with her. So you do have control how it turns out for you. Girls like to talk and you listen to them and give them support. Know when to be a friend and when to be a dad and you will be fine.
  6. I still use tinypic
  7. Can I be the godmother? Congrats!
  8. From my favorite movie of all time
  9. It's not a rock.. It's called life
  10. Cool that I can do
  11. I don't and I'm pretty sure not something I should hop on until after work
  12. I don't even know what that is
  13. I never started because I hate the smell and I don't want yellow teeth. Plus not wanting lung cancer is motivation enough. People I know that quit usually were marriage and kids or health issues. I know my grandpa smoked a lot and he quit cold turkey and when craving hit, he ate minty candies.
  14. Awesome to see you happy and yeah no need to sweat haters there always be few no matter what choices you make. Most important is you being happy
  15. She can finish me anytime
  16. I tried new recipe chili cooked with beer Chili Con Cerveza
  17. If youview ed my purchase history and searches with all the sex toys and video games, most would high five me for having awesome life
  18. And they do sell them on Amazon.. I just checked
  19. It's a sex swing and Emblazon and I have one and we got ours from a sex toy store
  20. Odd question Ones that are in plan of being made or ones that we hope to have one day?
  21. So things I've seen and I wanted to express my feelings thoughts on Facebook but once I wrote it down, I decided not to.. Decided to keep it short by saying don't be an asshole and if you want respect then give respect. But all that I wrote down is too hard to delete so I figured I will post it here: *** I like to observe and read, I'm people watcher. And lately there are moments that make me go "smack my head". People that demand people to respect our new President Trump and in next post and post before, show disrespect all over Obama or other things. You want respect yet you don't give any. People waste tons of time and energy each day looking for memes to insult each side. I'm not conservative I'm not liberal. I'm realist who sees wrong with both sides and isn't blind to what's wrong and disturbing. I am progressive because I do believe in improvement, growing and people being able to live lives as they chose to as long as it doesn't break rules where it endangers lives. Policies alone I am heavier on democratic side and that doesn't make me right nor wrong. I feel strongly about our planet, education and healthcare. And when my health hit rock bottom and I lost my job, it's the plans in place that took care of my medical bills and modify my house so I could keep it. I feel bad for people who are so angry that need to post over and over again about the same topic BOTH sides. That cannot be healthy for one and you are wasting time instead of doing something productive or be the change you want. People judging and forcing their ideas yet don't think it over or research it. People who complaint about BLM but are okay with KKK still existing (don't be a hypocrite they are practicing Freedom of Speech and as long as they don't hurt people and property, let them be). Our country is divided, you have 25% that voted Trump and most of them if you ask them (and I have) voted because they always vote that side. Some want change and are tired of what's going on but have a list of things that don't like about him and believe maybe it's better not to have a politician in charge but a business man. 25% + voted Hillary and most of them voted because they always vote that side but also because they saw her dedication for this country and others. But lies and corruption was ignored because of fear of Trump presidency. Then there is 50% that realized neither one is good both are corrupt. We as people need to stop picking sides and realize this is ONE country and we all live in it and we shouldn't follow blindly. I am a very happy person because I have friends and family off all colors, cultures, political views, religions, sexual orientation and all walks of life and I still know who I am and need to do in my life. Makes me smart and I can connect to people and understand who they are. I don't shove my ideas but I share my point of view sprinkled with love and respect because that's the best way to be heard. Learn to love and respect even if it doesn't go with what you believe and you will be a happier person. Let's all hope for the best for next 4 years and if it fails, we all lose. If it works, we all win. *** But honestly I am one sided and I find it hard to respect our new President to be. I don't say anything about it to keep peace. Emblazon brought up and good question to me, what will it take for them to admit Trump was a very poor decision? As in, what specifically has to happen for them to say, "yes, I wasted my vote and the country is worse off for it, possibly irreparably." A lot of people who voted for him won't ever see eye to eye with us--they don't want marriage equality, they think women and minorities are beneath them, they want abortion to be illegal, they want planned parenthood defunded, they believe climate change is fake, and a slew of other mindboglingly ignorant points of view. How do you heal with that?
  22. I just want the actor portray Han Solo good and have his mannerisms.. Speaking of that has anyone seen the fan made Han Solo?