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  1. Kids

    She's beyond words adorable. So technically it makes you her dad now.
  2. Kids

    My girls are even more grown up lost looking innocent Natalia Sophia
  3. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    First is accepting it won't go away and that's now part of your life. Keep in touch with doctors continue treatment and physical therapy. Be open to surgery when it comes to it. I know a guy he just had surgery on his 8th disc and he will still go golfing. I stopped talking about the pain which currently is not so bad so people around me think I'm better until I need to bend to pick up shit and I cannot. I worry about old age but focus on just today. Easier said than done but as much as this sucks, not much we can do to change it. Surgeries are risky so don't until you need to or doctor says you have to. I know myself because pain and worry consistent is very mentally exausting. Find things to do that can keep your mind occupied find relaxation like I finally have a personal masseuse. One hour once a month $49 and it's so amazing. I honestly cannot afford it but I find a way. Gaming is my other relief. Reading. We have to wait it out until we have bionic spines.
  4. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    I agree but it is easier said than done. I avoid because my stupid head thinks if don't get it checked it's not there delaying finding out I need to do something. I have no time no money for which again is very stupid. @TheRealSmallville I told couple people privately and possibly you too I don't remember.. I don't care anymore I have come to accept it. My surgeon thinks it's due to physical abuse I experienced as a kid. I was adopted at age 11 but everything before that was bad. My adoptive parents we were talking yesterday they are upset because I had problems as early as age 13 I was in hospital lost movement left leg and arm and I had horrible back pains but no one ever done MRI just either said it's growing pains or gave pain killers. Nothing is aligned so walking any activity put extra stress on my spine. Lots of wear some areas surgeon said he has to double check he's not looking at old person spine. What happened your accident? Were you the driver or passenger? Details if you don't mind of course.
  5. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    L5 S1 they wanted to try that first before going spine fusion option as you know I'm sure the risks. I have very little left of the discs it's fusing itself. Only issue is whatever is coming out is turning into bone spurs but it's not as bad as some because I have so little left. It's either going to fuse itself or i will end up getting surgery for bone spurs. And yes C1 chiropractic and physical therapy. I think it's getting better it's been about 6 months treatment. What I was told your neck spine is shaped like a banana. Imagine taking banana trying to uncurve it the opposite direction. That's what my neck spine is doing its already past straight and opposite direction. And my middle back is misaligned. I really don't know what my future is I feel okay just aches and pain that I can live with. But what will happen when I'm older that worries me. So what did you dad do or is doing with his issue? I know many surgeons don't want to touch that area.
  6. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    @TheRealSmallville L5 S1 is my worst one and they trimmed the discs and partial bone so my nerve would have more space. And currently we are manipulating C1 it's going straight into my skull causing awful headaches. Talk about getting skull fucked.
  7. Stop killing shit, millennials -_-

    I'm doing better in a sense that epidural spine shots, chiropractic care and physical therapy keep me off the surgery table. My last MRI looks like rest of the discs haven't bulged more but I'm developing bone spurs from one after the surgery. I lost my job last week and health insurance stops end of this month so I have to wait until I start my new job for further treatment. My chiropractor/physical therapist she's for now taking from me $25 per visit without insurance. But I'm walking and even went to six flags couple of days ago. The minor pain I'm really used to it. And I want bionic spine!
  8. Stop killing shit, millennials -_-

    Don't forget about me!
  9. Ask a Guy Going Under the Knife Next Week Anything

    My thoughts are with you. You are brave to take on two. I'm fighting off getting one done. Recovery will be 4-6 weeks probably closer to 6 since you are getting two done. Make sure you do physical therapy as soon as you can. Good luck
  10. As a mortgage lender you have good months and bad months. Last year was a good year because refinancing business was going well but this year refinances dropped. In my area home inventory is low. There is more buyers than homes for sale. I lost two huge sales to competition because my lender would not match rate. So I have struggling and I was on 90 days performance plan through 9/16. And today my boss just let me go saying I'm not where I need to be and won't be by 9/16 Sucks because I was very dedicated and worked hard and love what I do
  11. Bye, D1P

    That's nothing new.. And if someone wants more content then contribute <insert shrug emoji> Sucks though he's been here so long and he was usually nice to me
  12. I was off yesterday Monday and I'm off today Tuesday since I have no job because I got fired but I still feel sexy as fuck
  13. Bye, D1P

    Why? What happened?
  14. Came here to post that. We have three of those full, queen and king. Love them. And Emblazon's family has purchased them as well. Come in a convenient box you would never believe mattress is in there. I have bad back issues and this mattress makes my back feel great. Buy from Amazon though got my daughter twin for half the price.
  15. Bye, D1P

    He's not really leaving right? People that actually leave never make goodbye threads
  16. Walking Dead only season one offers platinum, Wolf Among us is NOT easy platinum because requires two play throughs and you have to make alternate choices. Life is Strange is not simple just complete the game there are certain pictures you have to capture when prompted and I actually had to look up one trophy because if you don't do something in order doesn't let a bird out that you take a picture of. Btw Wolf Among Us is awesome and Life is Strange even better. Easy platinums are Batman and Game of Thrones and both games are awesome.
  17. I enjoy Telltale games.. Yes easy platinum for most of them but I'm not playing mainly for that. Bitter you got 0 platinums to my 12
  18. I played this game on our 133" screen.. That huge image added to the atmosphere
  19. She's been busy sexing a 25 year old.. She's new to this so she's like a kid in a candy shop...
  20. I was bored I'm going to start up Injustice 2
  21. Rumor: Dead Rising in Development

    I'm in. Dead Rising are my guilty pleasure and actually enjoyed all of them. Second one was best one i think. And as much people didn't care for 4, I enjoyed it.
  22. My oldest was born in 1999.. She turned 18 in June
  23. I haven't had a haircut in over 4 years

    Thread pointless without pictures
  24. Finished this morning Hellblade so tonight back to Friday the 13th