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  1. I'm not Lady Gaga fan/follower but I think she did great. Full of energy and no scandal of any kind. It was fun.
  2. Hurdyb lives in Normal Illinois, I live in not Normal Illinois. I have no clue who FTM is.
  3. I'm surprised no pics of toilets
  4. Get her to game it'll be easier! Both of my girls game and my older one has her own ps4 and xbox one
  5. Well, it gets challenging ages about 10 and up. Pre teens think they know more and are all about their friends. So it takes little more effort than before. Important you spend time and remind them of those days. They pout now and complaint to their friends but do enjoy doing things with you once in awhile. Natalia the one on the picture is now almost 12 and it's been challenging at times but we make new nice memories but with school, her friends and my job it gets tough at times. My older one will be 18 in June and she is close with me but not her father. It's like they lost the connection when she turned 17 but then he is very strict and doesn't spend fun time with her. So you do have control how it turns out for you. Girls like to talk and you listen to them and give them support. Know when to be a friend and when to be a dad and you will be fine.
  6. I still use tinypic
  7. Can I be the godmother? Congrats!
  8. From my favorite movie of all time
  9. It's not a rock.. It's called life
  10. Cool that I can do
  11. I don't and I'm pretty sure not something I should hop on until after work
  12. I don't even know what that is