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  1. I found a new hobby

    Paint by diamonds First I got the peacock which took me about 5 weeks after work and weekends This one was entire surface sticky and sticking tiny plastic squares Then yesterday I finished the Owl which took me 5 nights. It was easier since I didn't have to do the background:
  2. When was the last time

  3. I'm interested to see game play and the story (if there is one). Look dark and "arousing" but I hope there is more to it.
  4. Be Our Guest

    @Joestradamus congratulations! Are you having a wedding or low key? I've been married before but this is first time I'm having a wedding. It's a bit nerve wrecking but exciting. I'm just sad neither of out parents will be able to make it. But both of my daughters will and they waited so many years for me to find my piece of happiness.
  5. I love LOVED the reboot especially the first one. The second one I loved as well but not like the first one probably because it felt like I'm playing the same thing and it was missing something new or epic. I am totally looking forward to it, I've payed through all TR games since the very first one!
  6. @maddux4163 came in to pitch in $20 along with xbob but I see you have the game enjoy. Emblazon gave me $20 and I was able to put rest on Target credit card to get my copy. Yeah I really wanted it and we are cut off from spending...
  7. Hopefully you aren't driving.. I had that done few years back and wore these hilarious film glasses
  8. Be Our Guest

    My biggest worry is flight and having enough to pay for that for the four of us @best3444 best way is to my PayPal account [email protected] Wedding I need to pay off by 10/21 flight we will be getting as soon as it's available which is about 3 weeks from now I believe so whichever time is easier better for you
  9. Clitoris

    I have one!
  10. New car!

    Congrats! My daughter got a new car two months ago.. My dad co signed her and helped her with downpayment too. She pays $250 for the 2018 Honda Civic which is less than me and she drives better car than I do. Honda Civic looks by far better than it used to. With cars for me it's either Honda, Toyota or Nissan.
  11. Be Our Guest

    I hope you can make it in person it would be super awesome. So many cannot make it including our parents because of their health and finances. Can't wait until July/August as well.
  12. Well, his wife is pregnant now, so you're good. This thread became group therapy anyway