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  1. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    Lara Croft never suffered with lack of money even in the game she has a crew. She's could have signed the papers and fund the trip. I guess I'm too sentimental to me that necklace was worth more than money. Yeah I guess
  2. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    Ended up being a disease and Himiko was carrier of tbe sickness. Far from Supernatural. Just a tale to make look supernatural to become something that's not.
  3. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    Sell/pawned is the same thing And yes she bought it back but to sell something like that in the first place, something of sentimental value she had of her loving father?
  4. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    I liked how it started and where it was going but halfway through took a dive for me on the story sense. I actually loved they implemented some of the stuff from the video game especially What bothered me was her father thing which ok i can tolerate that. But lack of supernatural is the biggest issue for me. What I love about Lara Croft and Uncharted series is exploring, puzzles and the supernatural which there was no supernatural and exploring with puzzles was very little of. Visually it was great. Lara Croft was great. Fight scenes were great. Also I don't like how she got her iconic guns. And it bothered me she sold the damn necklace.
  5. Post your pic!

    I'm from Poland, came to US in 1991 My one sister that I grew up is still in Poland My youngest was born in Poland, lives in England
  6. Post your pic!

    I corrected it. Grew up with. I was 11 when I came to US without her, she was 10 at the time. Yes my little one we look very similar.
  7. Post your pic!

    I have reconnected with my sister today that I grew up with up until I came to US in 1991. Maybe one day us three actually can see each other. For now each of us are in a different country
  8. Hey, this place still exists..

    Bottle of lotion to a kid along with the ps4 but the lotion was completely accidental
  9. what happened to apoc?

    Maybe in time, all too fresh. I'm glad you handled it that way and encouraged him to come back. Absolutely! He is still the same person that loves his nephew and loves comics and things we all love. I would be with him no different than before
  10. what happened to apoc?

    I'd sell them for money because many would pay to see you nude Very good point We haven't talked in a while since I lost my job and I was dealing with stuff but I also stopped posting
  11. Hey, this place still exists..

    That really sucks. Please be careful with these meds. Xanax was too addictive for me, I ended up with Lexapro. Also tiny blue pill in the day that was ok. Xanax and this pink pill I cannot remember the name were almost my death. Please keep up with therapist and as hard it can be make friends (especially ones that will understand what you are dealing with). Keep up with hobbies and with physical activities. Those things will help so much because the meds are just a bandaid. Talking about it helps so don't bottle up stuff because it doesn't help and it makes it worse. Also don't lose hope because I currently for years don't take meds and I was on those since age 11 for many many years. And if not it's ok too my mom is 72 and still takes meds for anxiety and depression.
  12. Hey, this place still exists..

    This thread made me tear because I feel for you and I'm touched by the generosity as always by few on here. And your genuine emotions shock made it even more teary for me. And you weren't rude in any way.
  13. what happened to apoc?

    Possibly.. We did start talking because I said I don't find body builders attractive. And I went into details why not
  14. what happened to apoc?

    Never took it that way. He did couple years ago asked for naughty pictures and I said no. He still talked to me without flirting always asking about my spine issues and talking about his nephew.
  15. what happened to apoc?

    I don't understand why one would do that especially share family info where it's just online complete plutanic friendship. What's the benefit? To get my sympathy and advice? And if it's true why are we keeping it such a secret? I also sent you PM.