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  1. I got it couple weeks ago thank you though for thinking of me.. I haven't been on lately recovering from a whiplash and my awful spine has been acting up so gaming for longer periods of time are tough
  2. Hmm for me it has been a positive experience in Iron Banner. Matchmaking most of my games I have been in a winning team with the biggest shocker me usually in top two with 15-23 kills. Or matches where I occasionally get stumped into the ground like I'm nothing. My Hunter has all gear minus the helmet. I love the cloak and the Iron Wolf shader. It's not much of a challenge since level advantages are turned off but for me it's perfect since I can actually hold my own. But I get why people are upset. I'm not pvp player but this makes me want to play pvp for the gear.
  3. Sometimes it's not about what's the best weapons but which weapon the player is best with. We found that out the hard way twice. And one of our 6th in the final boss fight was struggling lasting week, he switched to Midas and we beat it just fine. He was having hard time with adds. His secondary was a quicker firing gun. @therockdltj now if everyone ran Midas it be hard. Merciless, Cold Heart and good auto rifle are most important.
  4. I'm glad you came along and got the final boss with us! We ran the mission for the shot gun this time around and got the shiny
  5. Thank you though for the links and I just posted those and I will leave it alone. I just don't want people to eat it up follow blindly because that happens a lot.
  6. I should have deleted her long time ago but she's my business partner and people are eating this shit up like candy. She's a HUUUGE Trump supporter.
  7. No kidding. But it makes me upset and I want to educate them why those dates are there the obvious reason.
  8. Serious question I saw discussed today that when you search the shooter's name in Google, use search tool and do date range, it shows dates 9/24 through 9/29 when you click on article says updated and October date. Some people are trying to figure out some conspiracy and I'm curious what could be the reason for the article dates on Google will dates before it happened.
  9. Same here. Bad cheap sushi is nasty and not good for you
  10. What is your favorite type of pie?

    Pumpkin pie then warm apple pie with ice cream
  11. I woke up around 11 am after going to bed at 4 am. Watching football with Emblazon and drinking coffee. I'm hungry but I don't want anything that's in the fridge and I'm too lazy to go get something.
  12. What do you get from starbucks?

    I don't do Starbucks and I LOVE coffee If I ever go it's to have seasonal Pumpkin latter or Smores Frape
  13. What is your favorite apple?

  14. I did too but in silence On the positive side we all gave you lots of tips on leveling up and weapons plus weapon mods. You know what you need to do We talked about that yesterday because all we have been doing lately is running raids and lots of explaining because we want players to experience the raid. But we will want anyone that joins going forward know the basics and have the load out they need to be successful. Like @NeoJoe said he is at the light level, weapons and doing his research. Time zones, full time jobs and families make it hard for us to help everyone. I would run everyone through gladly if I could.