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  1. It's not a rock.. It's called life
  2. I don't and I'm pretty sure not something I should hop on until after work
  3. I don't even know what that is
  4. I never started because I hate the smell and I don't want yellow teeth. Plus not wanting lung cancer is motivation enough. People I know that quit usually were marriage and kids or health issues. I know my grandpa smoked a lot and he quit cold turkey and when craving hit, he ate minty candies.
  5. Awesome to see you happy and yeah no need to sweat haters there always be few no matter what choices you make. Most important is you being happy
  6. I tried new recipe chili cooked with beer Chili Con Cerveza
  7. If youview ed my purchase history and searches with all the sex toys and video games, most would high five me for having awesome life
  8. And they do sell them on Amazon.. I just checked
  9. It's a sex swing and Emblazon and I have one and we got ours from a sex toy store
  10. Odd question Ones that are in plan of being made or ones that we hope to have one day?
  11. I just want the actor portray Han Solo good and have his mannerisms.. Speaking of that has anyone seen the fan made Han Solo?
  12. @Emblazon purve.. She's only 15. Bow arrow girl is Sofie Dossi she's only 15!!!