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  1. How many times do you shake per pee?

    That's called masturbating
  2. Gifts for Kids!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

    She's obsessed with Hamilton and knows all songs by heart. She's never been to a Musical, she's going to see Hamilton in January. She's researched the whole story, letters etc all about Hamilton and listens to the songs daily.
  3. Overkill's The Walking Dead trailer

    Yes! I'm always eager for more zombie games @Emblazon
  4. Destiny 2 Discussion

    @Emblazon with 5 hunters
  5. It's usually a bad idea and from personal experience it never goes well. Now I have to keep in touch with my youngest daughter's father since he is somewhat involved and still picks her up every other weekend. My oldest father we don't since now she's 18 plus he abounded her. Now I did see him talk to him once recently since his father was dying and died. I was there for the family and my daughter since that was her grandfather. But exs I don't have kids with I don't keep in touch with, why would I?
  6. Gifts for Kids!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?

    My kids especially the youngest games sp video games My 12 year old got from me Hamilton tickets, her first musical. She's obsessed.
  7. Do you dip sausage in mustard?

    Only way to eat a sausage.. I love spicy mustard or horseradish mustard
  8. That's a terrible argument
  9. So they know what happened and maybe you regret it because the trouble you got in or the embarrassmet or that they know even if you fuck up doesn't mean it's the end because look at you now?
  10. I know that's the only part I very much fluffed
  11. Here's the thing @apoc81 why put limitations on what can be and what cannot be discussed. Why leave them wondering and possibly causing harm to self or others. Was it awkward to have some conversation, yes. Mom what are your thoughts on having sex during your period, no risk of getting pregnant. Our relationship is so strong that other moms and her friends envy us. Her girlfriends ask me for advice because they are uncomfortable to talk to THEIR mothers. Am I saying my way is the only correct way? No. Has it worked for us amazingly? Yes. My daughter knows even how many sexual partners I had and what I wish I did didn't do. She has to make her own choices and live with them but I wish I knew some of these things when I was young. Would have prevented many unpleasant things. When I talk to my mom and tell her some things from the past she asks why I didn't tell her when I was young. Because I didn't know what was ok or not okay to discuss because there were things not up for discussion. To me that's damaging per my personal experience.