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  1. The Iowa caucuses are today

      Correct.    http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/02/politics/hillary-clinton-coin-flip-iowa-bernie-sanders/   I really really hate how people are in this habit of engaging in argumentation without all the facts or even a solid understanding of the topic at hand. Not that I have a huge amount of respect for Jason to begin with but he isn't the only one doing this. 
  2. The Iowa caucuses are today

      So what? Should you only save lives if you can promise they will be good people and live happily ever after?      
  3. The Iowa caucuses are today

    Have people seen this (original source is NYT apparently):     Sounds very plausible. 
  4. The Iowa caucuses are today

      Especially considering the way Bernie talks about Single Payer, free tuition for all, and $15 MW for all like it is something he could get done in his 8 years. 
  5. Man who feared mass shootings brings gun to movie theater, accidentally shoots woman   Dane Gallion was so worried about public shootings that police say he committed one. Last Thursday, Gallion popped a Xanax, ate a pizza and downed a 22-ounce beer. Then the 29-year-old headed to an evening showing of “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” in the Seattle suburb of Renton, Wash. But not without his handgun.      
  6. Was just watching Godfather epic last week      
  7.   I'd say you were smarter than this but all evidence is to the contrary. If a peon drops a bomb on a building it is a crime, if a pilot does it in a sanctioned airstrike, it clearly is not. Context matters.  
  8.   I wonder how that'll look in live action...     
  9. "Keanu" Red Band Trailer

    Could be good or could be terrible but darn it all if that kitten isn't adorable. 
  10. Have you watched The 100? You should start

    Disappointed in the Season 3 premier but, eh, we'll see where it goes. Other people watch the show for different reasons than I do. 
  11. Krugman: How To Make Donald Trump President

    One interesting trend I'm noticing on reddit is r/politics is getting Fox News and Breitbart articles front paged. That isn't to say every single piece of reporting those places do is bad (though a lot of it is) but it shows a shift in who is posting there. Now whether that means right wingers actually support Bernie or just think he is easier to beat is an interesting question.    Generally I would say Trump is unelectable, but yeah, Krugman is right. If we sabotage ourselves enough with self-indulgence, the non-Republicans can find a way to lose this. 
  12. Have you watched The 100? You should start

    Love this show. The last episode of season 2 makes it look like this show is going some very interesting places.    I'd honestly have watched a whole show of just Jaha and Murphy and some apostles. That stuff is so great. 
  13. Out of curiosity, are any of the candidates veterans this time around? I'm not saying it matters...
  14. Nate Silver admits Trump could win nomination.

    Yeah, like I said in the thread with Nate's "Gauntlet" article about why Trump couldn't make it, I think he has a better methodology than most when it comes to turning polling into predictive data, but his process for making a prediction about Trump seemed faulty. 
  15. Bernie Sanders unveils his Medicare for all plan

      That sort depends on the employer. There doesn't seem to be any small business exclusion. For that matter, there doesn't seem to be a poverty exclusion either...