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  1. Suicide Squad Reshoots to Add Comedy

      Popular character. It might've worked better if you didn't do a CG suit. Audience don't hate CG but don't do it needlessly. 
  2. Not having watched anything other than maybe 10 eps of the original Dragonball, I wasn't really offended by it or anything. 
  3. Daredevil Season 2 (Spoilers)

      That would be an crossover talked about for decades...
  4. Wasn't there an article Clinton haters were passing around about how she was "money laundering" by giving too much money back to the DNC for downticket races? Holy shit, Clinton Obsessive whine about everything. 
  5. The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans

      Stuff like this makes me look forward to unemployment becoming "dangerlously low" again sometime soon. The notion that someone past a certain age can't contribute is asinine. 
  6. Too bad. I mean, if anything, leaked footage of Suicide Squad is what started getting me hyped for that movie. The cheer that went up in the crowd when Harley Quinn appeared on screen was amazing. But yeah, I get it. You can't stop the leaks because people can't be trusted, and it can easily turn into negative press because people can't be trusted not to be assholes (on the internet). 
  7. The Flash Movie Director Leaves..

    I hope DC/WB finds a way to make it work but wow, it really is falling apart at the seams. If Ezra is leaving, well...he didn't really grab me in a good way for the role but I was willing to give it a chance.    Who are the folks overseeing all of this anyways? Is there a Kevin Feige figure at WB? Or is it more done by committee?   Also, with Ezra already appearing in Batman V Superman, you'd think getting out of his contract would be tough. Heck, Warner Brothers is notorious for that anyways (at least in their music division -- Frank Zappa and Prince both hated WB).
  8. Anyone play Caves of Qud?

    Saw it on Steam and I liked the style of the UI (the pale green just evokes nostalgia of an old compaq phosphorous monochrome screen). Played a little and it might be deeper than your average Nethack derivative, even though it is still in development. Anyone else try it?      
  9. This has got to be a new low for Jason and IBT. What an utterly garbage article, lacking understanding of the world and our place in it. Equating anything Clinton has said or done with praising the Tianamen suppression and North Korea is such a false equivalency one wonders how it was written without the author's conscience strangling their brain. But then the answer is, they probably had none.   
  10. The Killing Joke Trailer

      Batman: The Killing Joke will premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this July. An official release date hasn't yet been announced.   Yeah it really doesn't look finished yet and that doesn't seem to be much time. 
  11. Any Pinball fans on the board?

    I like the Kylo Ren board well enough. I don't think I've posted 45 million. I've been focusing more on Pinball Arcade lately -- working on getting better scores on Arabian Nights (43 million) and Black Hole (2.1 million).   I did come back to zen for the Aliens boards. They seem fun...I dunno, the first one might end up being too easy. We'll see. The Alien V Predator and Alien Isolation might actually be better in the long run. Alien Isolation pinball is pretty tough to score on -- reminds me Black Hole in Pinball Arcade for that reason. 
  12. http://www.newsweek.com/2016/05/06/first-human-head-transplant-452240.html   As a bullied schoolboy, the man who now claims he can complete the first human head transplant was dismally aware of his pitiable social status—“cookie-cutter nerd”—and sought fictional escape. His attachment to Spider-Man’s Peter Parker, another dweeb, lured him deep into the comic book world of Marvel, with its dose of futuristic medicine. That fateful day, he bought Issue 51 of Marvel Team-Up, in which Dr. Strange boasts to Spider-Man and Iron Man, “I myself have surgically rejoined severed neurolinkages…. The nerve endings have been fused, the healing process begun.” This marked Canavero’s first encounter with the idea of spinal cord fusion. And he wanted more.   Three years ago, Canavero, now 51, had his own Dr. Strange moment when he announced he’d be able to do a human head transplant in a two-part procedure he dubs HEAVEN (head anastomosis venture) and Gemini (the subsequent spinal cord fusion). Valery Spiridonov, a 31-year-old Russian program manager in the software development field, soon emerged from the internet ether to volunteer his noggin. He suffers from Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a muscle-wasting disorder, and is desperate.    It’s a 36-hour, $20 million procedure involving at least 150 people, including doctors, nurses, technicians, psychologists and virtual reality engineers.   In a specially equipped hospital suite, two surgical teams will work simultaneously—one focused on Spiridonov and the other on the donor’s body, selected from a brain-dead patient and matched with the Russian for height, build and immunotype. Both patients—anesthetized and outfitted with breathing tubes—will have their heads locked using metal pins and clamps, and electrodes will be attached to their bodies to monitor brain and heart activity. Next, Spiridonov’s head will be nearly frozen, ultimately reaching 12 to 15 degrees Celsius, which will make him temporarily brain-dead.Doctors will then drain his brain of blood and flush it with a standard surgery solution.   Next comes the most critical step of all. Under an operating microscope, doctors will cleanly chop through both spinal cords—with a $200,000 diamond nanoblade, so thin that it is measured in angstroms, provided by the University of Texas. Then the rush is on: Once sliced, Spiridonov’s head will have to be attached to the donor’s body and connected to the blood flow within an hour.    The donor’s blood flow will then, in theory, re-warm Spiridonov’s head to normal temperatures within minutes.The lengths of the transected spinal cord stumps will be adjusted so they’re even, and the myelinated axons, the spaghetti-like parts of nerve cells, will be fused using a special type of glue made of polyethylene glycol, an inorganic polymer that Canavero says is the procedure’s true magical elixir. In this way, spinal cord function will be established by enabling the cytoplasm of adjacent cells to mix together.   Once he awakens, Spiridonov will start his rehabilitation, including virtual reality training. Canavero predicts his patient will be able to walk three to six months after surgery. So I guess it wasn't viral marketing for MGS after all...  
  13. The Flash Season 2. OT

      Yeah I liked that scene's writing too (though Clarke Gregg needs to work on his serious delivery -- he comes across as warm when maybe he shouldn't).    
  14. The Flash Season 2. OT

      Nah he died of old age. What could be more humane than that?
  15. They just put a ton of effort into making Limitless and it shows. I'm saddened it hasn't been renewed yet.