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  1. @Bebop driving that traffic!
  2. I've heard they have teeth, so I've stayed away.
  3. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    There was a meme going around years ago about how no matter you start out in Skyrim, you wind up becoming a stealth archer. In my experience, this is all too true.
  4. Boys & Girls, its all over!

    If I must die, let be at the hands of a flipping robot.
  5. New Site Theme: Retro 2600

    This is exciting?
  6. Play now for the rare of the experience of people fighting over who gets to be healer! Moira seems good.
  7. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Eh, I'll see it. I have a Movie Pass and I have plenty of free time.
  8. Skyrim Switch Discussion

    Haven't you already owned like 6 other tablets for this exact purpose?
  9. I'm taking a stand against these awful practices by not buying Battlefront 2 or Shadow of War! Also, I got bored with their predecessors pretty quickly and I have plenty of other games to play. But I'm voting with my wallet! (that's pretty empty at the moment, so it's easy to skip these games)
  10. I'm really liking Persona 5. Let's talk about it!

    This game just came out at a bad time for me. I only played a few hours of it at launch, then wasn't able to play it for a few months and I've had a hard time getting back into it. I really adored Persona 4 Golden, so I was excited for 5, but I actually ended up playing way more Final Fantasy XII this year.
  11. At that price I'll grab Disgaea and LEGO Worlds if I can, but I won't lose sleep over it.
  12. Where the hell did Fizzzzzzle go?

    See, fizzy, you're missing all this great celeb talk. Plz come back.
  13. The Orville: Official trailer

    I held off on this show for a while because I haven't been a fan of anything Seth MacFarlane's previous work, but after hearing that it's solid, I gave it a try. I've watched the first 5 episodes so far and I like it. I don't have many shows that I'm following right now, so I'll definitely keep up with this one. Oh, and I guess petite aliens that could completely overpower me is my thing, because I'm developing a crush on Alara.