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  1. Warcraft Tomatometer Watch

    I just hope whatever movie Duncan Jones does next doesn't leave him wrapped up for another half decade. 
  2. I'm into this. I'm still fairly new into the world of comics, so I like getting to sample a bunch of stuff without investing a lot of money. 
  3. Favorite MS game by year: 2007

    Mass Effect > all That clip still makes me irrationally angry.
  4. I have three days off this week. While that means my next paycheck will be smaller, that's OK because I have Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, and Overwatch to play, so I don't need paltry things like money. 
  5. Is it safe to write valve off as a dev?

    They no longer make games for me, but that's fine. A lot of companies seem to be doing just fine without catering to me. 
  6. I don't know what's going on here, but I know I don't like it. 
  7. I think if I was Bran, I would never want to look back in time again, because look at how royally fucked it got him. Can he even do it without the Raven? Was giving Bran that power what the Raven meant by "you must become me"? My guess is we'll see one more Big Thing happen with that ability, but only after Bran is "ready".   
  8. Nymeria is going to have a lot of avenging to do when she comes out of hiding. 
  9. Oh, so that's why the episode was called The Door
  10. This joke is no longer funny. 
  11. Overwatch platform

    My PC is getting old-ish, but it still handled the beta beautifully, so I'll be playing it there.
  12. cool cool cool Finally put in my preorder, so I'll be ready. 
  13. I assume if I still have my install from the previous betas, that will just update, or will I have to redownload the whole thing? 
  14. SFULFAN, you may not close my threads.

    pretty sure he just did