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  1. Scenario: You're getting married

    They're dead, so it probably wouldn't be a good idea.  
  2. I need a quick recap of the last year of GI Drama

    We get it. You're happy and in love and all that shit. Good for you. 
  3. How many books do you typically read at once?

    If I put down one book to start reading another, it's unlikely I'll go back to the first one. I can have one regular book and one audiobook in play at the same like, because those are different enough to me. 
  4. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    This game!  For maybe the 10th time, I started the game back up after a long break, it loaded right back at the puzzle that had me stumped, and I immediately saw what I was doing wrong and solved it. And it feels amazing every time. 
  5. That does sound like a pretty severe medical condition. 
  6. Make sure your kid makes a lot of friends. One of those friends will have a stay at home parent. That parent instantly becomes a babysitter for at least half a dozen kids each day off. My mom was that parent when I was in elementary school. 
  7.   Aw man, you got my hopes up. It's only on Hulu if you have a cable login. 
  8. Doctor Who is gone from Netflix.

    Oh yeah, I read that was going to happen. I hope it comes back, but at least have the last several seasons on Amazon, which is how I watched as it aired.
  9. How was The Last Witch Hunter

    I think of them as incentive to check my mail at least a couple times a month.  
  10. Star Wars: Battlefront - The Reviews Awaken

    $30 price point is what gets me to jump in, I think. 
  11. The Witness -- Reviews are coming in

    I'm up to five beams, really close to a sixth. I'm really glad that I can still get the "holy shit I'm a GENIUS" feeling in this game 15+ hours in. 
  12. I feel like I'm definitely missing a joke here, and I'm not the only one. 
  13. How was The Last Witch Hunter

    Some people still have a disk subscription. 
  14. Good thing I'm never reminded of ex-girlfriends...