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  1. The real shame is that a proper Fire Emblem would be perfect for mobile, but I can't imagine Nintendo actually doing that. It'll probably end up being some sort of dating sim.
  2. Renolock is becoming my favorite deck. It's flexible, fun and challenging to play, and has given me some of my favorite moments. The matchup against other Reno decks is fascinating (who gets the best Dirty Rat play, who gets Brann+Kazakus first, do I save my Ooze in case this Mage has Medivh?) I just played against a pirate warrior and was barely able to hold him off with my early drops, topdecked my main man Reno Jackson on turn 6 to heal for 27, warrior conceded before I could end the turn.
  3. I'm feeling much the same way, but without the drugs, promotion, romantic prospects, or dead friends.
  4. I've had to admit this to myself recently. It was a pretty big bummer, because I enjoyed the remakes on DS a lot, but VII just doesn't do it for me at all.
  5. My preorder of Zelda is like $48.
  6. I just watched this a few days ago, and I felt the same way. It was entertaining enough watching Affleck jump from super nerd to super soldier though.
  7. Breath of the Wild - WiiU edition
  8. Thanks, although I think it's mostly just a sign that I just play waaaay too much of this game. I'm kinda glad that there's not a total number of game/hours played, because mine would be embarrassing.
  9. Cnut is leading one hell of a life.
  10. As long as Lando gets to drop a couple verses, I'm good.
  11. I just hit 500 wins with Rogue, making it my 4th golden hero (after Hunter, Priest, and Druid). I'm a little surprised at how much Rogue I've been playing lately (I'm pretty sure you could find me earlier in this thread saying I didn't play the class much). It was after I got a Malygos that I really started to learn how to have fun with Rogue. A lot of those combo decks seem too slow now, unless you're up against a Priest, so I've settled into a jade deck with some pirates for the early game.
  12. I would love to talk Switch, but if kk and I are on a call together, it's gonna get weird fast.
  13. It'll look like a dud for most of this year. After a price drop and the first real Pokemon game, it'll pick up and be a modest hit.