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  1. Movie Pass Lost ~$150M Last Year

    They've only lost about $200 on me.
  2. It sounds like Imperial Assault would be a big hit at my sisters house. I'm adding that to the list of games we might one day get around to buying/playing.
  3. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    TheLeon#1589 Hagatha was my free legendary as well, then I unpacked Houndmaster Shaw, Lady in White, Chameleos, Shudderwock, and Countess Ashmore in my 78 packs, which seems like a damn good group to get started with.
  4. Well shoot, I guess I'll have to stretch my gaming budget for the month.
  5. Any "Flat Earthers" here?

    I'm a fat Earthling
  6. So this one is for all bros out there still teabaggin' in '18.
  7. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    I'm out of town all week, and I forgot that you can't read flavor text on mobile! Day ruined
  8. I'm having this recovered memory of the spot on the counter where I would get my bread to make toast in the morning before elementary school and... yep, that bread was definitely in a box. I'm pretty sure the bread was still in the bag too.
  9. Solo: A Star Wars Story - New trailer (8 April)

    It's true. I just had a friend tell me "Yeah, I wasn't all that interested in this new Star Wars movie until I saw that it features a Droid that reminds me specifically of the Droid from Rogue One and no others, and I loved that character, so now I guess I have to see Solo."
  10. D1P's Best Indie Games by Year - 2007

    Puzzle Quest took over my DS for a very long time. Really loved that formula. Peggle is also great and charming.
  11. Everyone quick!!! Cull the herd!!!!!!!!!

    Someone call 911, I think Maddux is having a stroke.
  12. My viewing was a pretty ideal, I think: a mostly quiet audience, except for one loud woman who said "aw, damn!" every time something happened and "oh, thank Jesus!" every time something didn't happen.