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  1. Hey @SFLUFAN, I know I'm not really in a position to change how things run around here, but it might be nice if Carl was included in your regular "Recent Mod Actions and the Reasons Behind Them" newsletter that the rest of us get. He makes a good point: he is always left out of the loop. 
  2. You can now live stream Blizzard games to Facebook

    Sweet, I can confuse all my aunts and uncles. 
  3. I would like to pile on the "make fun of kk" bandwagon, but this feeling is basically my entire life at the moment. 
  4. The President gets to kill as many people as he wants. It's called war bro. 
  5. At least they're assembling a great team for this unnecessary film.
  6. I just crafted Malygos, mostly for Rogue shenanigans. I haven't been able to pull off that perfect combo yet, but it's still a fun, ridiculous deck to play. 
  7. My hometown got hit by tornadoes yesterday. It's a little surreal to see places you know get destroyed. As far as I've been able to tell, nobody I know was directly hit, but there were close calls. 
  8. PlayStation Plus soon to be $60

    I could probably let mine go and be more or less ok with it. I've been playing my PS4 less and less lately, and most of the stuff I would want to play on it isn't online anyway. I like checking out some of the free games each month, but meh.    As for the sub-topic of MMOs, I could probably really get into one if I actually hooked up with a regular group of people, but that's just not how I play games.
  9. I can easily do 20+ hours a week. One benefit of the sad lonely boy lifestyle: plenty of free time. 
  10. BBC Top 100 Films of the 21st Century

    All I remember about Mulholland Drive is that it made me frustrated and angry.     
  11. I'll get Dragon Quest, but I'm going to make myself finish at least one of the many RPGs currently on my 3DS before I buy another one.
  12. Do you hate anyone here?

    One old poster returns and we're suddenly back in Sunday Drama mode? 
  13. Can I still make really lame jokes about not understanding pop culture?