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  1. D.Va and Mercy changes went live yesterday. I never got around to playing on the PTR, so they were new to me. It's going to take a while to get used to Mercy especially. I had several instances where a res would have been super useful, but I was still waiting for my ult to charge.
  2. Let's start some DRAMA

    I never loved you.
  3. Hearthstone General Discussion Thread

    Make sure you log in today for a free 100 gold! It's Pirate Day, apparently.
  4. PSN Down

    Hold on, contacting my uncle who works at Sony. I'll get back to you in a minute.
  5. That's a good suggestion, but I can't commit to grouping up with a couple people for a Destiny strike. The campaign for a game like this is what, 1200x more involved than that?
  6. Every time I see a game like this come out, I think it looks cool. Then I remember all the other games in this genre I've tried and that I never made significant progress in any of them.
  7. So, let's say I've never read any Marvel comics (which is nearly true), what should I be looking for? I would prefer something more or less self-contained, if that's even a reasonable thing to ask for. I honestly don't know.
  8. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    I hope this does well. I like Alicia Vikander and want her to succeed in leading a movie like this.
  9. A year from now, when this is on HBO Now, I'll watch it, have a beer or five, and enjoy it.
  10. Tried posting that right when the boards go down every night. I was never held back, but I may have started a year late. I dunno. The people I would ask about it are dead.
  11. Metroid: Samus Returns Discussion Thread

    Oh dang, didn't realize it was out. I'm a little low on game funds at the moment, but I look forward to checking it out sometime soon. Edit: actually, screw having money. Downloading now.
  12. Sophomore year of high school, working my first job at a movie theater, jerkin it. I actually had friends at that point. Most Friday nights a group of 4-8 of us would gather at someone's house, eat pizza, drink Orange Crush, watch a movie and play video games.
  13. I don't think I've eaten a single thing mentioned in this thread. It's probably because I'm supes racist.
  14. I'm very slowly making my way through Odin Sphere Lefitishifasdf.