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  1. Spoiler tags should just be for book talk, so it be easily avoided (he says, only kinda joking)
  2. Quick question: how easy is it to fuck up my class picks? I'm still super early (Balthier and Fran just joined me), and I don't have any idea how I should spec them, or even how soon I should be making these decisions.
  3. Damn, Euron knows how to make an entrance.
  4. "Siri, how much am I getting paid for this?"
  5. I went in with pretty low expectations (I don't exactly hold Fifth Element in high regard), and thought it was totally decent. The leads have negative charisma, but overall it's a fun little romp.
  6. Loved it, but I figured I would as a huge Nolan fan. It has a very Nolan-y structure to it that I found extremely satisfying.
  7. Get 2 more friends and play against each other?
  8. I typically don't enjoy the "so bad it's good" genre (MST3K doesn't do it for me either) so I haven't seen The Room. But I want to see this, so I should probably watch the original first.
  9. And of course, right after I posted that, I got in.
  10. According to this list, the nearest 70mm showing is in Columbus, an hour and a half away. I'm not quite sure I can justify that, but I'm getting close.
  11. I'm definitely going to see Dunkirk this weekend, and possibly Valerian as well if I get a chance. That would make 6 trips to the theater in 4 weeks (in addition to Baby Driver, Spiderman Homecoming, War/Apes, and The Big Sick). It helps that I have an awesome theater right around the corner from work, and I'm usually off in time to catch the earliest, almost empty matinee.
  12. I can agree that it would make sense that someone would still be hanging around the castle/island. But they wouldn't be anyone of consequence, so I can also see why they would shoot it like they did.
  13. The Sam montage stood out to me as really weird. I don't remember the show ever doing those fast, repetitive cuts.