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  1. I'm at open bar, drinking till all this alcohol kills the bad things inside. Hopefully I find a nice basic white girl by midnight. #happynyepeople even you angry Mr Patel and sand bomber #peaceout #openbar
  2. Post your pic!

    so you're the default white variant skin on the sims
  3. https://discord.gg/BAUMNcX It's not ruled by an Ugly Old Balding White Man having a midlife crisis. Look we have to deal with Trump for 8 years or maybe forever dont deal with that on a discord You can talk about torrents and all stuff that is "taboo" on that discord. I dont care if you dont pay for music or your games its not my problem. Post streams whatever #NEWYEAR I only got 2 rules no Mr Patel and No sanborn You can have any avatar you want or no avatar your choice. You can talk all the shit you want about me, but it doesn't matter I don't value anyone opinion over the age of 30 that isn't on TV or in a Movie so you are talking to a really tan brick wall in skinny jeans @Jason welcome @johnny and the thot he was in love with 2 years ago is welcomed @foosh complaining about yahoo and his boring life is welcomed @Kyio and his boring westchester life
  4. Maybe the world won't be on fire by thanksgiving 2017, maybe justice league won't be a critical bomb. Maybe Avatar sequels finally begin to film. Maybe just maybe America will be great again
  5. Post your pic!

    it was on the private beach its a beach party and you are still not invited
  6. Post your pic!

    you're the one who thought I was lying with the 3 beach parties a year
  7. Post your pic!

    #beachparty #privatebeach
  8. Post your pic!

    It's still mine though
  9. Post your pic!

    1500 square feet with the view of new york city and MY POOL ALL I CARE ABOUT IS THE POOL AND PRIVATE BEACH BOYLE JEEZ GET it. Its all about the amenities
  10. Post your pic!

    http://portliberte.com/floorplan_photo.php?id=157 is the floorplans