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  1. And for plugging bullet holes! I just want to see a character running around with strings hanging off of them everywhere.
  2. Unfortunately he pretty much has Homer Simpson levels of endurance the entire game. The cost of upgrading it at the sacrifice of weapon skills is too high, since ammo get frustratingly scarce in some places.
  3. I thought all the FEAR games were shit lol... Seriously, who would ever design a building like that? "We'll make this hallway with five turns and three switchbacks, so that you'll have to walk two miles to get to the room right next to you. Oh and you can get from the main lobby to the science wing by way of the women's restroom. This will be the most epic building ever built!"
  4. Okay, I remember quite a while back, when "the cloud" was a thing, they said the destruction was only going to be in multiplayer. The reason they gave back then, was that for multiplayer, the cloud could be used for the destruction since the players will already be online. The single player was not going to have destruction was to account for the gamers not connected to the internet. That said, they havent given a reason as to why the graphics look like ass.
  5. It should be a pack-in with the X.
  6. i played through the first one. The levels for the most part were pretty cool, but the story was a shitty convoluted mess. Its looking like the sequel will be more of the same.
  7. Larry Hryb mentioned something about them "putting some things together" for the launch of the pre-orders. I dunno if that's PR speak or if they really are still prepping something. Also, they're going to be at Gamescom this year, which I believe they skipped last year. That's in August, so that's when I predict the pre-orders will go live.
  8. Picked it up at launch on PS2 and played about 3/4 of the way through it. I definitely want to pick this up, but I have Horizon and about three other PS4 games I haven't even started yet, so this one's gonna have to wait.
  9. Can't wait. Still don't know how I feel about the white spider symbol though... i mean it looks alright.. but.. i dunno... But it IS Insomniac so I'd be really surprised if classic Spidey suits weren't unlockable.
  10. They'll be releasing behind Project CARS 2, and Forza 7 for the multi-console owners.. So they would do themselves a favor by releasing a complete game this time. I want it to be good, especially if the number of fantasy tracks is high. I always find them more interesting than the official tracks.
  11. Imagine his disappointment when she showed up wearing a blazer lol.
  12. hm.. nah. Something with more jumping.
  13. Any game I play with Kate Upton would be Kinect enabled.
  14. I'd be happy if developers stopped worrying about ports and starting making games with the Switch in mind. I have a PS4 and XBO for all the other games. I know it's not that simple, but once the install base is high enough, why couldn't EA bring back a dead series like Die Hard Trilogy? I'd buy a Switch if it had a spiritual successor to that.