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  1. The Game Awards announces their nominees for all categories

    Nah, I played Horizon from beginning to end and Aloy was way overrated. I wouldn't say she was awful, I just think they played it really safe with her. She had zero personality and her "strength" that she was touted for made her pretty one-dimensional. Except for one or two small instances, she never doubted herself or showed any emotion other than "I WILL WIN!" The graphics and story in Horizon were awesome and deserves any award it gets for those, but the combat got old really quickly. I never even killed a Rock Breaker or whatever cuz I just couldn't get myself to mess with it. Oh, and for some reason, everyone's mouth hanging open after they talked really bugged me.
  2. Ugh.. you probably could've got the "complete" version digitally for only a few bucks more. I bought it for like, $7 during one of the Xbox Live sales. EDIT: The Evil Within season pass is $6 on Xbox Live, i'm sure it's comparable on PSN.
  3. So were they just publishing it at first? I thought THQ Nordic's name was on the Biomutant project from the beginning.
  4. That would be cool, but just getting the first one was a big enough investment. Maybe once I start getting more consistent work.
  5. I bought a Switch this month for a trip I had to take. I only own two games for it so far, Mario Odyssey and Stardew Valley. I made the mistake of letting the wife play Stardew for a little while and haven't been able to touch my Switch since.
  6. Don't feel bad. I played through the entire thing as well a while back and had no clue what just happened. I do need to go back and play the DLC's though. I was just so burned out by that gameplay by the end that I had to put it down for a while.
  7. Microsoft Store Digital Sale

    Major Nelson's list looks different...
  8. Yves is gonna get that stock price really, really high. Stupidly high. Then when Vivendi inevitably buys it out, he'll sell off his stock and bail, initiating his omega protocol to patch every game they've released in the past 5 years to show a laughing cardboard cutout of his face, right before they all crash and brick the console. Thus, creating a whirlwind of anti-Ubisoft sentiment and effectively tanking their stocks. Then Yves will be seen walking in slow motion down the sidewalk, where he magically grows five inches and turns into Keyser Sose.
  9. Forza 7 Will Have Loot Boxes

    I did it a few laps at a time. Thankfully no one else comes in this room so I can just leave it on pause for ten or fifteen minutes.
  10. Forza 7 Will Have Loot Boxes

    Taking a break from the Nurburgring endurance race. 40 minutes down, 40 to go!
  11. So I wonder.. what if EA had their Game Pass on multiple platforms, like they do on Xbox, but games like Battlefront only released on the Game Pass. They are free to play (outside of the pass sub) but retain their loot box structure? Or what if they just removed the standard price and drop the MSRP to like, $10? (which honestly is gonna happen anyway, they were practically giving away BF when all was said and done.) I'm really just spitballing at what possible workarounds/compromises/solutions the game industry is going come up with to combat whatever legal action might take place.
  12. I'll be buying it used. Plus I usually ignore loot boxes in games anyway, so EA won't be getting much money from me, if any at all.
  13. Do GameCube games hold up?

    how does the Dolphin work? I have about 15 Gamecube games in a case that are virtually unplayable in my rickety Gamecube. I think I downloaded it once but couldn't really figure out how to use it.
  14. Polygon Ranks the Core Mario Games

    I actually felt like NSMBU was the least memorable of all the recent Mario games. It was fun while it lasted, but there was nothing that stuck in my head after I was done with it. But I can hum at least 4 or 5 Super Mario World stage music themes off the top of my head.