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  1. The fact that I've been running around killing stuff to get a random loot drop to upgrade my items and trade for better gear. For whatever reason, I'm having a hell of a time getting boar bones and rabbit skin. It's all fatty meat. I got enough fatty meat to feed the entire damn continent. If there is a trader that will sell me these items for shards or something else, please tell me where they are. I'm not referring to my level. I'm far above the current main quest level due to the side quests. But I'd like to upgrade to some purple gear, I've been running around with the same blue stuff for ages, and I'd like to have the additional ammo types at my disposal.
  2. Apparently cross-play is happening on Fortnite

    Bald faced is more appropriate. I never trust any guy who's perpetually clean shaven.
  3. Layers of fear legacy announced for Switch

    It was a cool game, but the frame rate was terrible on XBO. I hope they cleaned it up for the Switch.
  4. Oh i dont think the side quests are bad or unenjoyable, i just dont think theyre as fresh as others do. The grinding is terrible though. but i'll attempt the Hunting Challenges if they give me some good gear.
  5. I've been clearing the Bandit camps as I come across them, but I still have two of the Cauldrons to go. I did the first hunting grounds, but challenges like that aren't really my cup of tea. I'll try to get the blazing suns if I can, but I can't see myself stressing over it too much. I just barely finished the side quest for the hunting lodge that let me become an apprentice (forget the term they use). I had to clear a village of glinthawks and then deal with snapmaw hunters.
  6. Final Fantasy IX on PS4 NOW ($16.79 until Sep. 26)

    *looks at original discs sitting in case. Gives Sony the finger* That's gonna be my response to any of these that they release.
  7. Am I missing something? I've been playing HZD for a little while now (Aloy's lvl 31) and I have yet to see these "high quality side quests." I've been trying to do all the ones I come across and the majority of them are "go here, scan this" or "go there, kill that." It's all been pretty standard stuff so far. Not to mention the reward boxes usually have materials I already have too much of. I haven't really received anything of actual value. The best I've gotten are some mod weaves that were decent. I've been enjoying the main story quests so far, because they have actual plot development. As far as everything else goes, it's all average stuff wrapped in a very pretty package. Oh, and this grinding for materials so I can trade for better gear is really getting on my nerves. I wiped out an entire Trampler herd to get a heart so i can trade for a better bow. Wasted a lot of time and energy and supplies so i can kill all these Tramplers and not get a damn thing out of them. Whoever decided on the ability to upgrade being based on a damn dice roll should be fired. If I need certain materials, let me go get certain materials. Don't make me run around hunting 30 boars so I can get 2 fuckin' boar bones. That's crap.
  8. Zone of the Enders 2 coming to PS4 (and Steam) with VR support in 2018

    ZOE was that game they packed in with the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, wasn't it?
  9. Playing it now. The game looks great on the base Xbox One, its' gonna be downright amazing with HDR on the S and in 4k on the X. They did add a weird camera shake/bobblehead motion effect to the chase cam that was making me nauseous, but thankfully they have the option to revert it to old school shaky cam or just turn it off completely. I can appreciate the added effect, but I just don't know if i can stomach it. I also tweaked the assits to match what I usually used in Forza 6, but in the Nurburg race in the rain, I didn't notice any drag when hitting a puddle. In Forza 6 when you hit a puddle, you could practically feel the car lurch forward as it hit the resistance. I didn't notice that here, but I do know there were options for the puddles in the assists now, so I may just have to make sure I didn't turn it on by accident. I just did all three races in the demo. I loved the new Dubai track, which is great cuz I always felt the previous one was pretty boring. It's nice to have the new layout, even if they do keep the old one too. I've never been a huge Super Truck fan, so the rig racing was ok, but not nearly as exciting as the other two races. That being said, I can see the potential for some good old-school PGR2-style Cat n Mouse matches, if we can find a group that will cooperate. A few Pagani's weaving in and out of some super trucks could make for a fun time on the Top Gear test track lol. Personally I kinda wish they would've showcased a track other than Mugello or Nurburgring GP, but at least that just leaves us with some Maple Valley to look forward to. Oh, and dash cam is awesome. It's basically cockpit view but moved in front of the steering wheel. I like this because it cuts out all the (imo) useless dashboard junk and gives me a wider field of view. I no longer feel like I'm looking through a tiny window in the middle of the screen.
  10. Tomb Raider Movie Poster and Teaser. Trailer tomorrow

    That's either an awful photoshop job, or a terrible photo, or both. I'd really like to know how I missed the boat and these people get paid to crap out shit artwork like that. Also, that actress might be great and all, but she doesn't look the least bit like Lara Croft. Why not just use the actress that actually played Lara?
  11. I'll most likely get it digitally, since it's a Play Anywhere title. I'll just take a few shots of whiskey before I hit that download button.
  12. I like the POW angle. Here's to hoping that they can deliver a fresh campaign and not just Follow The Leader 3.0. I predict the player character will get knocked down and be dragged at some point. Possibly with muffled sound.
  13. Apparently cross-play is happening on Fortnite

    How am I supposed to corrupt innocence with this nonsense going on? C'mon Sony! LOL at the "glitch." I'm sure this was totally accidental. Nothing like giving the players a taste and then yanking it away. Phil Spencer is giggling over the phone with the Epic devs right now.
  14. I hope they use the haptic feedback in the triggers. So you can really feel the launch of the torpedo. Makes it more realistic.
  15. Guy cusses out his mom during stream, geez

    His stream should've abruptly went dark as Mom walked over and yanked his modem out of the socket. It's not the 90's, adults should know how to do that shit by now. I've done it to my nephew when he would stay at my mom's and give my mom shit when she's trying to get him to do something. All of a sudden *poof* THE INTERNET'S OUT!! It's amazing how nice and compliant they get when you hide the power brick to the Xbox too.