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  1. I disagree. I fucking hated the way my character looked in the Fable games. I don't wanna look like Palpatine just cuz I use magic to heal myself and throw the occasional fireball. I don't wanna look like Conan just cuz I put a few points into my strength tier. I think they should ditch that and go full customization. If it's MY story, let ME decide what I look like.
  2. LTTP: I REALLY liked Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    RE7 was probably the first game in a long time that I played exclusively until I beat it. And it came out in a time when I was seriously wondering if I was over gaming. It turned out I was just bored by all the same old shit that was getting rehashed over and over. I bought RE7 and I was hooked. I was hoping to have that same feeling again with The Evil Within II but i'm having a really hard time getting into it. That game has some serious pacing issues; and gets hard too quick. RE7 struck a pretty good balance with being a decent challenge but also giving you a little bit of wiggle room when it comes to making mistakes. The Evil Within II is like, a mistake equals almost certain death and a reload. And that gets a bit tedious after a while. I've been wanting to get back and play a New Game + of RE.
  3. The best controller out there is getting an upgrade!

    Yeah, every time I look at my PS4 controller I thank the heavens my XBO controllers have swappable batteries.
  4. Sure they were. They were good games for their time. The problem was, they could've been great. They were also victims of the Molyneux Hype Machine.
  5. I was thinking in terms of Fable Anniversary, but yeah, my comment was the original trilogy so Fable II would probably be the best of the three.
  6. I can see it being an Xbox One X game. I can see MS phasing out the S in a year or two, then we'll have at least another year or so before they release the Xbox One XL. Oh wait, they can't do that, Nintendo's got dibs on that naming convention...
  7. All the man-children will have their servers clogged. Screw the kids.
  8. But that's what makes me uneasy about this whole thing. MS doesn't have that long. I mean they do, but if they announce something now that's not coming out for three to five years, they're doomed. They've already been dismissed by large portion of the gaming community as having no games, despite my personal Xbox having about 160 installed and 130+ in my Ready list. Anything they announce needs to be a year or less away, and they know this. But I have a bad feeling all these leaks and rumors are going to force their hand, and a game that they could've taken their time on is going to get crunched to release while the hype is fresh.
  9. I can't really say I feel bad for Lionhead. They had three opportunities to turn that series into a massive success. The first game was the best out of the three, then it just kinda went downhill from there. Then the rest of the Fable games were reduced to Kinect junk and party games because MS was trying to keep the brand alive despite not having 6 years to commit to a fully developed title (which is ironic because if they would've just started one at the announcement of the XBO it would probably be out by now.) That said I still think the series has huge potential, but if MS is just now putting a team together for it, we're not going to see this for at least two or three more years. Phil Spencer has said in the pas that they were done announcing games so far in advance of their intended release, but the rumors floating around, paired with the ever-growing "no games" mentality people ahve toward the Xbox, they're going to have to announce at E3. EDIT: The success of Horizon: Zero Dawn and Zelda Breath of the Wild shows there are still gamers out there that want expansive single player experiences. Microsoft NEEDS that part of its library. They need a flagship RPG/action game.
  10. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I would be okay with remasters to the first two Splinter Cell games. I played them through again last summer and they don't hold up great. The lighting and stuff is still looks good, but the texture work and character models look really dated. Of course everything from Chaos Theory forward is fine. You'd be amazed how well CT holds up.
  11. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    I don't understand it. Is it the Clancy license? They've been shitting out HD remasters of Ass Creed left and right, and we'll soon be getting the fourth Far Cry in like, five years, and yet when it comes to Splinter Cell they say "we'll wait and see." It's frustrating because there is not only still a very healthy fanbase for Splinter Cell, but they're sitting on two of the best games of the previous two generations in Blacklist and Chaos Theory, and it's crickets... I'm hoping that this E3 will be a big announcement. They will have gone through all their big franchises. Ass Creed Origins, GR Wildlands, and their Mario Rabbids game all came out last year, Far Cry 5 will have released by then, The Crew 2 will be at/near release, and Rainbow Six is still going pretty strong. If they put off a Splinter Cell announcement for another Division or that BG&E sequel that's like, two or three years away, then I really wanna know what the deal is. EDIT: At least let MS make all the Splinter Cells BC for shit's sake.
  12. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Dear Ubisoft, while it's great that you're giving us all this wonderful access to your Far Cry and Assassin's Creed series via backward compatibility, we can't help but notice our constant pleading for Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon has gone unanswered. Why do you hate us, Ubi? Why?
  13. Xbox One Xbox 1 Backwards Compatibility Thread

    Also if you are looking for a fun arcade racer, Driver S.F. was pretty good. I'll pop it in shortly and see how it holds up. EDIT: Wow, there is a noticeable improvement in playing Driver on XBO vs the 360.
  14. Going After Cheaters in PUBG

    It was probably Counter-Strike or something.
  15. Rumor - Paragon shutting down in Feb

    Which one is that again?