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  1. Jeff Bezos is the amalgamation of the worst of techbro objectivist garbage culture and neoliberalism in one person. His company is refining Orwellian Hell fuel in the way it uses technology to track and manipulate its employees. His wealth his largely been built off the public's investment while he shares none of the profit with the employees and very little of it with the public through taxes. He is the epitome of how liberalized economies are failing. He has more wealth than anyone in history. Guillotine that bald-ass bitch.
  2. The sad thing is there are enough delusional people that want her to run in 2020 that are still gloating about how qualified she is that it's conceivable for this thread to have been created today.
  3. http://www.clickhole.com/article/jeff-bezos-just-tossed-nail-studded-baseball-bat-f-6857
  4. What is the point of marches?

    It gives those involved a feeling of solidarity.
  5. Minimally. Economic mobility has been in decline in the U.S. The current U.S. economy is a finely tuned machine that is adept at concentrating wealth for the elite few. No factor matters as much as what class you were born into.
  6. This is some galaxy brain liberalism. If you deport Americans and replace them with immigrants those immigrants will soon enough contribute to the same statistics as the Americans they replaced as their poverty becomes generational and the alienation and atomism of the new culture permeates. Nice job on also neglecting to mention the second oldest non-native race to which this all also applies. Did you intentionally leave black people out?
  7. That chart shows that 40% of SNAP recipients are white, not that 40% of white people are on SNAP.
  8. California is a welfare state for the rich where wealth is transferred from the working and middle classes to sports team owners and technology companies that bring in people that gentrify the lifelong residents that subsidized their employer out of their own homes. This is 100% the fault of illegal immigrants.
  9. Why do you blame largely poor immigrants for the issues in your area more than the growing presence of the ultra wealthy that are causing property and rent prices to raise exponentially while wages have stagnated?
  10. Why are we ignoring the real issue that 99% of DACA recipients are sleeper cell antifa super soldiers?
  11. If NVIDIA was really serious about this they would offer a shuttle service for retailers and polygraph equipment so they can ask every person trying to buy a GPU questions about Jordan Peterson and anarchocapitalism. Everyone that responds favorably and registers as honest or registers as lying while pretending to respond negatively gets sent on a one way trip to downtown Chicago and gets kicked out onto the street wearing nothing but cargo jean shorts and a Daily Stormer t-shirt.
  12. Who inherits the site when the cops accidentally get the address wrong for a drug raid and shoot you in the face while you're unarmed?
  13. Amazon Prime monthly price increase

    I was already planning to cancel and stop using Amazon because they're a piece of shit thieving company.
  14. Cryptocurrency is a cult and the FBI needs to go Waco on these pieces of shit. Meet the people that are making it so you can't afford a graphics card. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/13/style/bitcoin-millionaires.html