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  1. People complain every Steam sale now but they're still a good opportunity to get games that came out earlier in the year for 25-75% off.
  2. With NeoGAF gone I no longer have a place to discuss video games with a primarily traditional conservative core user group. I'll never forget posting there during the 2016 election season with so many people that were as equally enthused about the PlayStation 4 Pro announcement as they were about Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign.
  3. I was promised tacticool and that knife isn't even all black let alone does it have a light. You either go full mall ninja or you don't.
  4. I mean you can defer the non-security, feature updates. You'll still get them eventually but it'll be at least a few months later when they've had a chance to hopefully patch out some things like breaking all webcams. If you select the defer upgrades option you won't even be prompted for them but you will still automatically get security updates and may be automatically restarted if you miss the notifications. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/instantanswers/20a98a29-df85-b9e9-f04e-e7812bc903f6/defer-upgrades-in-windows-10
  5. Pretty much the only advantage update-wise is you can defer upgrades and let the home version users be the beta testers for non-security updates.
  6. Brazil's job is legit.

    Do you have a bowling alley in your house?
  7. It feels like I was playing a game show and they revealed to me that behind door number one was a mountain of skunk corpses slowly sinking into a valley of shit and I decided to see what's behind the other door even though it looked kind of sketchy and some rankness was seeping out.
  8. Do you guys actually discuss religion here or is this the atheism club?
  9. If @Anathema- backtracks any further in this thread we're going to start hearing Satanic messages.
  10. I don't agree with Trump on crime. I occasionally read the news past the headline. I however find it hard to consider gun ownership in the U.S. to be the cause of our violent crime rates when violent crime is at historic lows at the same time gun manufacturing is at a historic high and the number of guns per person has steadily risen as the gun homicide rate has declined. The rise in number of background checks does correlate though. Rights are intrinsic, not granted. We don't just hand them out to whomever we decide needs them more than others. Gun violence is trending downward. There are no facts to back up your idea that the Internet is breeding bogeyman that are shooting women, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. If anything, if you want to protect blacks from gun violence statistics show you should disarm black people. You could maybe try to argue the federal government could take ownership of corporations through eminent domain but the Fifth Amendment has always been interpreted to refer to land and real property. Since the Constitution doesn't explicitly grant the federal government the right to take ownership of industries and corporations we fall back on the Tenth Amendment and it has no such right unless granted to it by the states.
  11. I feel this list has been made too exclusive. They should allow open sign ups.
  12. It has nothing to do with being OK with gun violence. I'm just acknowledging that overall the trend is actually downward in the U.S. and there are some key differences between the U.S. and these culturally and ethnically homogeneous other first world countries people harp on about. Obviously just heavily restricting access to guns is not the sole fix or Chicago would have similar gun violence rates to Australia. While those states may be over 80% white, this doesn't account for how many of those gun murders come from areas within those states that are not over 80% white.
  13. Cool. To be fair we'll only compare the gun violence between those countries and parts of the U.S. that are also culturally homogeneous and over 80% white.
  14. But can I 3D print multiple copies of my brain and create a RAID array so if I get Alzheimer's I can just replace my piece of shit brain and rebuild my memories?