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  1. and being fused only lasts for so long and runs out when they drain all their ki, and their ki usage gets basically tripled in ssj3 mode
  2. yeah it's a weak reason, especially since 17 and 18 only have the experience of winning initially and then immediately being surpassed in battle strength a few episodes later
  3. they've also been pretty sheltered in comparison. their first real fight was majin buu, which is a pretty serious fight but it was pretty much established that they weren't the ones to beat him since the supreme kai took gohan to his planet
  4. we're all towels, and I thought the reasoning that having more experienced fighters was good enough. I just wanna see the turtle hermit back dammit
  5. look at my rank lol, everyone else is over 25 and Im a lil 8
  6. some new things I learned about the complete mods is that they apparently make the game waaaay easier than you would expect from the claims that it was only bug fixes and gameplay enhancements like hotkeys
  7. you're always talking about the left, when it's anything you disagree with it's leftism, that's always your argument it never changes
  8. so yeah you're sensitive saying most men arent as sensitive about specifically the things you want them to be sensitive about is a complaint I could have about most women in my life that's all anyone was trying to say and you freaked out saying you were being microoppressed and btw you didnt clear anything up by using vague statements. What are the 2017 standards for intelligence, empathy, and compassion and who's rule are you being put under ITT? Is the alternative your rule?
  9. no all doctors are right the health system in this country is perfect it doesn't vary in skill and professionalism state to state, city by city, or county by county; we're not learning anything now that medical students weren't learning 40 years ago fuck stop asking me
  10. Christ lol That turned around fast, you sure do like turning the conversation toxic
  11. Yeah I took film theory and film criticism, the one thing my teacher specified is that film review is a creative writing career that is only as interesting as you can write; you can have some of the shittiest opinions in the world yet still make bank if you attract people to read them by your writing skill. btw Im studying game design too and we go in depth on game theory so I don't know where the "unlike videogames you can study films" came from
  12. she gave them to me
  13. Hi Im also a lobster here
  14. productive to what, you don't believe in anything, they can be doing fuck all with their time and still call it productive like you