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  1. how much were pc's in 92, that's when i was born
  2. Phantasy Star was doing shit no other game was
  3. Am I an attractive man?

    psh, yeah, after i made her CUM
  4. Am I an attractive man?

    im also like super inexperienced, but i guess she thought it was charming? @kittykat
  5. Am I an attractive man?

    lol no we're not gonna just start dating, i think it was just like sexual tension every time we hung out and we finally just fucked. and it was really nice
  6. Am I an attractive man?

    you're ok, but yeah boyle's right, expressions are important, most interactions with people involve your whole face moving around and different kinds of lighting ive been told i have really cute smiles, and handsome maybe like one time in my life, nothing about my eyes except from girls i had romantic relationships with oh yeah btw @Boyle5150 , im finally out of my dry spell, and it's not a one night stand this time!
  7. I thought we were talking about slave morality in the christian sense, which if break it down to just the barebones from stories appropriated from pre-christian cultures it re-introduced individual morality which was counter intuitive to the Jewish tribal/societal morality of the many. Which to me is a better first step towards the morality he described as beyond the slave morality system completely. Judaism/christian morality of inclusive and simultaneously private morality. I guess the problem is the left/right mentality where each side has no problem taking a few steps back to make sure everyone is on board with at least a few obvious ideas of what you shouldn't do to other people. But I've only had like one philosophy class, i should probably take ethics.
  8. Oh, well my points still stand, I also thought you were implying Bernie was pandering to white racial anxieties in your statement that hillary was not
  9. yeah hillary literally just pandered to everything else, i'm not gonna say she pandered to minority anxieties either cuz the very fact that white racial anxieties were simply, unless you're seriously saying the motivations of the alt-right nationalist kkk nazi terrorists were a target in bernie's campaign, distrust of the DNC and all the red tape around the election process. in regards to voting restrictions like no independent voters. Intentionally under staffing voting centers at college campuses with people waiting in line in the middle of a school/work day for several hours. And that's if they even set up voting booths at your college, it wasn't a secret that Bernie had the young demographic. And it's not a secret what age group makes up most schools. But yeah that's just white anxiety, which is the only real paranoia i saw coming from the bernie bros since any sort of inkling amount of the white demographic voting for Bernie Sanders having societal issues that other racial groups weren't already being affected by. And nice subtle racist jab at Bernie for using populist rhetoric to gain a working class of voters like factory employees, gun owners, and farmers as the anxious white masses he was "pandering" too by saying they should be paid more, have better healthcare costs, and unionize more. Your definition of pandering isn't far from merely pointing at specific problems for a group of americans and addressing their issues, and work to fix them. In that sense, Hillary was pandering in secret meetings to insanely wealthy donors who were in the business of screwing over the average person to keep their assets valuable, and Hillary promising in secret to work for their interests while turning and saying the complete opposite to the rest of the country. This isn't even debatable, the DNC was egregious in their attempts to prop hillary as THE candidate, making sure Bernie had less and less opportunities to fight on equal ground, and has a very questionable paper trail throughout her entire tenure in the Obama presidency. Her corporate silhouette has completely obfuscated whatever I agree with her societal issues. That's why I voted for her over Trump, but seriously, Bernie isn't an angel or the perfect politician or even the perfect person. But in comparison to Hillary he's a morally superior and humble public official that doesn't stand up to face opposition in assurance of victory; even from your colleagues, even your opponents, but he was someone who started with a box, a mic, a dozen people in the crowd, and less than half of that running the campaign that ended becoming something more through positive public outreach. And whether or not Hillary has a point in how she lost by seeing what sticks after throwing mud all around her, that doesn't mean she deserved to win either.
  10. and then what do we do when people can't afford those fines they rack up, the current method is to issue a warrant for unpaid tickets and citations and then jail which is just the exact same thing but with extra steps!
  11. The pony bill is gaining traction in the senate https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/13/bernie-sanders-unveils-medicare-for-all-plan-with-16-co-sponsors.html
  12. Hercules Hates Fags

    i was being facetious? I literally said "teh gayz", and not white people, this thread was specifically white middle aged men I mean if we're gonna be getting down in the trenches with identity politics,I gotta say I'm inexperienced with that demographic