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  1. this is fuckijn historic lmao, south korean pm annd north korean dictator meeting together to figure out a way to take to deny Trump's approach with Foreign policy when it comes to treating other nations like the people who work in his building. Trump is easy to flatter, you set up a meeting without his knowledge, and then you tell him you want his very very special input, tell him all his ideas are fucking great, and then reach out to Rex Tillerson to actually do the work involve. Bam, no Trump stream of conciousness and he'll absolutely forget the meeting entirely; there will be endless saber rattling, hypocricy, and boasting about the tough guy talkin he did to make Kim. Motherfucker is throwing out bluffs to emerging nuclear powers, Trump only considers the potential spectacle that dropping a nuclear device would cause on the internet, television, and all the entertainment/news media he consumes. Im positive the most concurrent though in his head is how am i gonna make my mark as president", but since nothing fuckin sticks to him no matter when it happened, or who reported it he's probably gonna start getting desperate.
  2. LTTP -- Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    my favorite series of retrospectives has been about the deus ex series by the guy who created Freeman's Mind
  3. i have netflix, hulu, amazon prime, vrv, youtube red, and giant bomb premium also moving into a house that will have 2 playstation 4s, 2 xbox ones, a switch, and a gaming PC I'm loving this new postcable/satellite TV world we live in.
  4. how are there already 5 seasons of voltron, it came out like 2 and half years ago are they all good I really liked the first 2
  5. Emblazon and Triage dilemma

    yeah they should probably think about dating longer and moving in, before straight up getting married and then moving in.
  6. OLED TV?

    I can't think of any downsides to OLED, at least not on the level of plasma
  7. depends on what chocolate mix he was using BITCH
  8. you know this situation was one of a few i had in mind when i saw trump wanting to grant bonuses to teachers who carried firearms at school. How long after that gets encouraged at the local level before we get headlines of teachers shooting kids for being dangerously disruptive(throwing shit, trying to swing on the teacher).
  9. yeah it actually was lol, i mean you could use any sort of drink mix honestly, dunno why he had to pick the brown one
  10. Joss Whedon flees the "Batgirl" movie

    i can kinda see his point, whedon is well adept at positioning himself and his projects with a specific hype that is almost always viewing him positively, whether its a story idea, a executive putting pressure on him creatively, or being told to finish a movie and inject his auteurist style he's known for into a setup of style, development, and multiple movies that cemented a tone that people only thought they wanted in an adaptation. But soon realized that it's a visual chore to sit through, and a complete miscommunication of a proper adaptation of these characters. From their personalities, to their relationships, to their motivations being completely subverted with no context or reasoning as to why besides the story requires it so we can make sequels where they team up. joss whedon wants to stay far away from that, even if WB tells him to do his own thing. Wait until the film shooting is finished and people get tired of the whedon cinematic style and storytelling being inserted into every Disney live action property, and you'll see WB/DC comics scrambling to get the next big hot director known for adapting impossible properties gets shoved upfront for the reshoots and complete lack of vision.
  11. Either way with whatever new regulations the general population can agree to create, the problem will be the nearly half a billion estimated guns located in the US. How are you going to enforce regulations on those individuals? Whatever requirements get drawn up should take special precautions in how to grandfather legal, lawful, and responsible handgun, rifle, shotgun, and other firearm owners in broader strokes to eventually allow a new system to replace our fucking irresponsible position on every citizen having an absolute needing a bunch of guns to be safe.
  12. I’m engaged

  13. Happy 25th Birthday, Star Wars: X-Wing

    oh fuck, that joystick, also me and xwing are the same age
  14. Yeah seriously, this is what valve decides to enforce upon? Their shitty community review service?
  15. Any hype for Kingdom Come: Deliverance?

    Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!