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  1. Hey remember when Trump had a gap behind Hillary with female voters and then the election showed that the biggest demographic of female voters actually voted for Trump at an embarassingly larger margin than pollsters predicted in every subdemographic like age, income, and education? Yeah, there's some sort of issue with white female voters and being unable to admit that they don't care about a candidate who spent his midlife crisis in a high school parking lot trying to lure young girls into his car to have his way with them. I mean I get it, I would be embarrassed to admit that to a survey as well and it would mean that I don't care about young women being coerced, preyed upon, and manipulated into a situation where some creepy power hungry city attorney wants to swing his lil old raisin dick around high school girls with no consequence.
  2. A veteran, father, son, uncle, and all around good human being took his own life earlier this week...they've already more than halfway reached their goal in a few days, but every extra bit helps the family that lost him so suddenly with almost no warning. https://www.gofundme.com/jesse-myers-vetfamily-relief-fund thanks, I don't usually post threads asking for money or things in general, but he was really important to my sister therefore this is important to me.
  3. oh yeah and sbl is mostly right, a police officer doesn't need probable cause, a warrant, or any other reason to check for warrants on any citizen. It's unilaterally recognized as a database for police to use at any time with no restriction. So his partisanship isn't the issue unless she was issued a citation or was threatened with legal action for the bumper sticker. He's wrong in trying to suppress her speech, but that's on the level of misconduct and would require disciplinary action on the level of a workplace seminar on protected speech. Not like he needs to lose his job, but yeah being pulled over, identified, and ran through a database was in the scope of his power. If he had gone one step further and initiated an arrest, or wrote a citation on the basis of the sticker then that would be a different story. But even on the basis of pulling over someone with the intent to issue a warning for political speech, and then ending up arresting the citizen for outstanding warrants instead is just called bad fuckin luck.
  4. you forgot the most important part of that article Seems like the only person not protected in regards to partisan political speech is the public official telling the private citizen that her political speech is less important than his own, and since his position allowed him the opportunity to suppress a political opinion he didn't like; it became the catalyst to breaking her 1st and 4th amendment rights as a private citizen unlucky enough to hold an opinion that doesn't mesh well with the political climate of Texas.
  5. He wasn't asking you anyways, GIMME MY FUCKIN KEYS
  6. uh i think midway through the second day
  7. idk if it's the superhero theme or what but im loving this game more than stick of truth so far, the jokes have also been making me laugh waaaaay harder than the first.
  8. yeah cuz they totally weren't praying before getting shot up
  9. wait, so he's a half-jewish Texan surrounded by racism and domestic abuse and built like a linebacker?? am i bj blaskowitz
  10. what position am i in for the next gpu you give away?
  11. Wolfenstein II impressions thus far?

    the litany of pc issues seem to be either Nvidia cards that are bad at running vulcan, or older AMD cards that don't support it at all. I was crashing a shit load every 30 minutes until i got the newest drivers, everything's maxed even TXAA on 8x, and I only ever dipped below 40 during the parade section that had tons of npc's on screen and geometry but no combat.
  12. I think it would be cool for world war 1, i think the systems for battalion morale, health, and terrain movement would make it the most simulated world war 1 experience yet. Trench warfare battles potentially lasting entire campaigns.
  13. 16 for stepee and 2 for u
  14. Newegg Seems To Be Involved In A Ponzi Scheme

    the computer im using now was built with newegg bought parts like 5 years ago now i think, maybe 4, I just upgraded the GPU and got a new heatsink both from amazon tho