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  1. Could you be anymore dishonest? Like, it's been over the past year that he's been targeting drug convictions specifically under the mandatory minimum law for schedule 1 substances which MARIJUANA is a part of, and that these men were arrested 20 years ago. Not to mention how much of a FUCKING DISASTER the War on Drugs and the DEA has been in dealing with drug addicts, selling, and the outright falsified studies regarding most narcotics that aren't being pushed onto the general populace under a friendlier name by your multi-national conglomerate that throws money to keep the rhetoric in place as long as possible. So yeah, a disastrous drug policy that was directly responsible for the rise of the organized crime that turned an entire country into a puppet establishment state paid by the cartels and solely to prevent any crackdowns or regulation on their operations. SOUND FAMILIAR? What? Artificially making narcotics illegal is just more government handholding that we don't need in terms of a truly free market. It just inflates the price of these designer drugs anyways to hundreds of percent more than the cost it takes to make an ounce of product. btw im comparing american pharmaceutical companies to a drug cartel in practice and ideology 20 years ago. I think 20 years in federal prison is time well served for having a dispensary in Texas 23 years too early.
  2. He doesn't want you to read them at all apparently http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/314738-trump-i-dont-like-tweeting
  3. 40 would be fine, I think
  4. that's kinda what he said and kinda wasn't he was trying to say that he sees the flaws more clearly since he was a huge part in their development
  5. cities need to be prepared for natural disasters in general, no town is ever completely safe from anything it's bullshit that survivability has decreased per individual as our cities got more efficient at predicting the weather and manipulating it
  6. poor are poorer and footing the tax bill, rich getting richer and hiding their money in other countries to get out of paying any amount nothing wrong with that im so glad you're in canada and can't do anything besides sit and bitch like the other american economic and political experts that live outside the country
  7. So what's the thread about? Are you denying that this is happening at all, or that Trump has nothing to do with it?
  8. george lucas didn't either, so whatever as long as we get more star wars it's fine, KOTOR 3 is next
  9. see my edit i switched up some words
  10. That's interesting coming from someone in the military there's this great talk by Max Brooks to I think army officials about national security that was posted here that was really eye opening in terms of civilian life in comparison to military life. How america can be at war, and not at war at the same time it seems.
  11. so by law citizens can't commit traitorous acts? Wait i confused myself lol, i thought you said a civilian answers to a civilian government
  12. also Trump isn't a private citizen anymore, he's a public figure and started saying those shitty things as a nominee for public office
  13. I can see that, but isn't that what she's doing now? sorry meant to quote Occam
  14. That was another point I was going to make, endangering military lives overseas seems to just happen with every political statement in regards to muslims that comes out of Trump's mouth. I mean, is that the level we're going to define treason?
  15. I can be pretty darn cute tho, i mean it's not enough to get smothered in pussy like having an awesome body does but it gets me some