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  1. well to be fair the compilations of him being a lil bitch get way more exposure than he does since the editing is well done to show how clearly terrible he is
  2. well at least i can scratch off the OS as being potentially nonexistent on the console itself. im honestly surprised
  3. lol yeah, the term is made up, because it's a fucking word. You probably understand the word as mostly being used as a pejorative from a pundit. but since you probably didn't know the modern usage of the term neoliberalism was used by spanish speaking countries first to describe the economic policies of Pinochet and his regime in Chile, before being brought to english scholars using it to describe the radical market reform of the Reagan era in the US, and similarly Margaret Thatcher in the UK http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs12116-009-9040-5#Sec12
  4. Yeah, winning isn't always beneficial over being right in your principles, it's a short-sighted bulldozer that treats government as a stepping stone to personal glory, wealth, and when you have a majority of elected officials who have no faith in the political system that elected them then any issue becomes a point on a scoreboard. Cuz eventually they're gonna start redefining what it means to win, Trump is already doing it with his "rigged!" bullshit, which the only reason it's rigged is because of his ego can't allow him to have a smaller number in the "popular vote", pretty soon each and every election that involves a GOP candidate losing will invariably be considered the winner as the actual winner won't be recognized as legitimate by the other group.
  5. not everything is about videogames, considering the other 2 hours aren't filled with cutscenes of philosophical dialogue but instead are playbooks full of diagrams, spreadsheets, and statistics it was more likely designed by CCP Games it's a simulation of a sport, not an actual sport
  6. oh no shit, it's not about me? fuck off you dumb prick, you never have a problem talking about a topic like an expert so im gonna ask my question regarding something I don't know about
  7. Yeah I know more about my own political system than the yemeni-saudi conflict what are you sad about
  8. Could this have anything to do with the raid from last week? Or is it waaaaay too early to even think about
  9. oh well ill probably buy it lol, I dont have a lot of money now tho, when does it come out?
  10. yeah, corbidog is my xbox live name, but it wouldn't let me use it for uplay on my pc so I made corbipuppy with a different email I can log onto the site with corbidog using my windows ID, but it's blocking me from looking at the email and password for the account I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO