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  1. what happened to apoc?

    I'm impressed he could keep it up that well. I never saw his bragging outside of being a chick magnet musclehead, but every lie starts with some truth. I remember he would say he had a six pack without ever doing ab workouts because his diet was so perfect. And as a result of that plus his muscle mass he was always hungry. Hmm.
  2. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Even though I'm not that huge I like the feeling of a hot chick calling me Hulk when I wore my green tights yesterday.
  3. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    It might be folley for me to avoid it now because I plan on seeing some movies before it comes it, and no doubt the trailer will play during the previews.
  4. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    Resisting the urge to watch the new trailer.....
  5. Is it a full prequel? The fat Baker is in the trailer.
  6. Also Harry Potter. And Lord of the Rings?
  7. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    Reality stone
  8. Ironic and expected this has happened. He talks and jokes about his weight and his paranoia of having a heart attack all the time. He tries to eliminate stress to reduce his risk, but after this I hope he tightens up his diet. I don't want to see him go young.
  9. Man this sucks. I listen to all his podcasts.
  10. Joss Whedon flees the "Batgirl" movie

    Batgirl and Zatanna!
  11. Bare minimum: Avengers 1 Guardians 1 Avengers 2 Other movies focusing on the Infinity Stones: Thor 2 Doctor Strange Captain America 1 Movies prior to Avengers 3 giving us the latest where-a-bouts of the important characters (as relating to Thanos/Infinity stones): Civil War Thor Ragnarok Guardians 2 Black Panther So I would say the essential list is: Avengers 1 Guardians 1 Avengers 2 Guardians 2 Civil War (where Black Panther makes his first appearance, and since your mom loves him seems like a good place to start) Followed by: Thor Ragnarok And then: Doctor Strange Lastly: Thor 2 But you would have to also consider if your mother really fell in love with T'challa, then she would probably also really love Captain America. In which case show her Captain America 1 and 2. And if she really digs the first two Avengers movies, well to appreciate them to the fullest you do have to watch all the movies leading up to it. Especially the first Avengers; it's so satisfying when you see the team gather for the first time after going through their individual journeys.
  12. ~*Black Panther: The Official Thread*~ [mark spoilers]

    My mostly white theater of millennial males also clapped.
  13. Cobra Kai (Karate Kid requel/seboot) teaser

    As long as Jaden Smith stays far away.