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  1. A port of Smash Bros will move systems. We know it's coming after what they did with Mario Kart.
  2. How can I find out what's causing my PC to randomly restart

    75% probability you need a new power supply.
  3. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    The writers of these movies need to not get jobs again.
  4. Disney pulls the plug on "Marvel Heroes"

    What the fuck. I actually paid money for that game, and I have credits left to spend.
  5. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Holy shit with those abs like that they don't need armor. But the new costume is indeed fucking ugly.
  6. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Couldn't agree more. It's not that hard before getting touched.
  7. The Battlefield unlock system has always been shit, and it seems to keep getting worse.
  8. Welp, now I have to clean cereal off my monitor.
  9. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    The trailers shouldn't have shown Mjoilner being destroyed nor the Hulk reveal. Those two scenes would have been so awesome and shocking to witness in the movie. Buuuuut, I watched Ragnarok for the second time today. And damn, it is still a lot of fun and hilarious. This will probably end up being my favorite movie of the year. There's no boring moment in this movie. Everyone acts their asses off, and charismatic as hell. I love all the callbacks and references to previous movies, and love the economic use of their jokes. The jokes are set up wonderfully, but more importantly make sense with the context of the characters.
  10. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    They should have left the Hulk reveal out of the the trailers. It's enough if we would have known that he was in the movie (through casting or an announcement) , but they shouldn't have shown his actual introduction. It made for a great trailer, but it would have been sooooooooooooooooooooo much more awesome within the context of the movie.
  11. So would this increase the chances of us getting the original, unedited, SW trilogy on Blu-ray?
  12. One of the best pizzas I've had was from the deli of the grocery store Fresh Thyme. It was also cheaper than PJ or PH, and it was on wheat crust!
  13. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    It's fun as hell on its own merit, but it also relies heavily on the work previous marvel movies have done to build these characters. It's visually stunning, introduces new elements, and the soundtrack is on point. They made it more like the Guardian movies, so it's a damn good time.
  14. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch [ Spoilers ]

    This will be my first test for the MoviePass card.