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  1. One's a coastal/shoreline town. The other is a state capital city with neglected infrastructure. It's like saying the Dominican Republic and Haiti are the same thing.
  2. Gentrified, so maybe getting better. But then again most of the shore towns are like that. Stay away from Lakewood or Brick or something. Idk. Yep, it's a lot nicer since moving away from that area about 5 years ago (due to college and circumstances). Though personally not a fan of boardwalk, and prefer Ocean Grove within a walking distance.
  3. If they weren't in bumblefuck nowhere.
  4. Trenton is a shithole of an area anyway, not surprised. The more south you go, the trashier it becomes.
  5. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 / Starblazers English Cast Dub

    Whoops looks like I was wrong about the length xD
  6. What Anime Are You Watching?

    HELP ME.
  7. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 / Starblazers English Cast Dub

    Okay so interestingly enough, it seems that the BD versions of 2202 have been released for episodes 11-14. I'm probably going to check them out, but if episode 14 is the final episode with the current adaptation, then I can see why they announced the dub that early. Also, if anyone's interested Production I.G. is doing the remake of Legend of Galactic Heroes. I'm rather enjoying these space operas
  8. Honestly I'm kind of in agreement with this. It's how US and China were able to initiate some kind of mutual relationship back then with Deng Xiaoping and Nixon. Saber rattling can only go so far unless one willingly (but cautiously) offers to talk.
  9. Dark Souls Demastered Impressions from PAX

    Honestly, it's not more of to each their own, but it's more about what is convenient for players in general. While I'm sure playing Dark Souls on the go is a nice touch, I wonder how much of the online is going to suffer, given if Nintendo has still remained the same with their online functionality (which I still imo think it's horseshit unless the Switch improved it otherwise).
  10. You necroed a fucking 4 year topic. What in the flying fuck is wrong with you Dean
  11. FFTA was okay without the horrible plot that was part of the game.
  12. Any "Flat Earthers" here?

    I'm Asgardian.
  13. BREAKING: Paul Ryan NOT running for reelection

    The motherfucker will come back one way or another, just like a fucking roach.