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  1. The beginning's slow at the moment. Of course, it's a gorgeous looking game. Kat still remains the pretty gravity queen.
  2. Your opinion is noted and will be responded by calling you a fucking unhelpful fuckwit. Now, if someone were to actually give cause to a specific reason as to why the function isn't working as intended, feel free to let me know what's the issue. In the meanwhile, thank you for your gracious advice.
  3. Gravity Rush 2 League of Legends. What else is new?
  4. I still haven't finished Conquest and Revelations :\
  5. I wasn't expecting a sudden May release date for this year. I would have expected at least next year or something... I didn't hear anything about a new Fire Emblem until today ...
  6. Okay I can accept the Hell March remix
  7. For the love of god please do not make two separate versions.
  8. That's what happens when I click on the eye :\
  9. Skeptical. I didn't preorder the Switch, but if it follows the same logic with Fire Emblem Fates, it's a 50/50 possibility.
  10. I'm planning on getting it but not any time soon until I finish Gravity Rush 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 :\
  11. Unless I'm blind it's not there. Also in particular.... WHY IS THIS NOT THE SPOILER FUNCTION?
  12. Just finished the main story. Man, this is one of the weirdest and awkwardly written plot I've seen on Final Fantasy. I don't like the fact that they just added plot device for the sake of plot.