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  1. "component shortages" Meaning, they're just gimping production because people will buy them at any price Nintendo sets them at.
  2. Why do I get a feeling this is going to be an important tidbit for FCC's ruling....
  3. I'm probably one of the few people that actually liked Lords of Shadow 2. Yes, I do believe the present-day locations and the stealth mechanics hindered the game, but for all it was worth I enjoyed what I played, and adding Gabriel Belmont as an underappreciated protagonist within the realm. So far the gameplay footage we've seen doesn't look too bad. I'm not a fan of the counter mechanics, but at the same time adding some of the Chozo lore that wasn't included until now is probably a right step. If anything, I'd say Nintendo would have a closer surveillance of what's being allowed and what could be changed. I just worry that it doesn't retcon anything that was already established.
  4. They also love cockblocking people with out of stock bullshit.
  5. I'm curious to see how the game plays when the PC beta comes out. If it still is boring and plays like ass, then I'm going to pass on this one again.
  6. Metroid alone isn't going to have the Switch sell like hotcakes. Making it Switch-only is going to kill sales further, especially when the system itself has been out of stock consistently. Unlike Metroid Prime 4, Metroid 2 isn't enough to convince people to buy a Switch. Aside from the new 2DS, I don't even think Nintendo is pumping money into the 3DS other than using its long-standing userbase for consistent profit. Until the Switch breaks 3-4 million and/or has a revised hardware that makes it more attractive to buy a Switch, Nintendo isn't just going to axe 3DS production any time soon.
  7. People are more incline in buying a new game from a system they have versus a game that they don't have the console for. If we're talking in statistics, there are far more people that own 3DS vs people that currently own a Switch. Alienating a market demographic is only going to result in a net loss of profit, and that would be fucking terrible.
  8. We're talking about Nintendo here, not rocket science But on that same note, the only time Nintendo did something with simultaneous releases/joint-releases was with Smash. What other games have they honestly done where two games were released on different consoles? Edit: Okay, nevemind, I forget that Twilight Princess and Breath of Wild were released in different consoles.
  9. For Prime 4, it's reasonably understandable that it's going on switch. Metroid 2 remake going on 3DS would not only pay tribute to Metroid 2 on a handheld, but it would be significantly more successful than it going on the Switch as more people actually own a 3DS.
  10. Famous words were shown today at E3 Sony Conference "Capcom Presents"
  11. Famous words were shown today at E3 Sony Conference "Capcom Presents"
  12. Lukewarm conference. They could have done more.
  13. Who would have thought to see a Nazi drink a strawberry milkshake It'll be Level 2 of Wolfenstein 3D
  14. Stop running away from your problems and actually address them. You've been trying to put them aside with drinking and thrill seeking that you never really bothered to figure out what's wrong with yourself. You're just only now dealing with the repercussions of what you put aside for a long time. Get help.