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  1. I want a puppy. I haven't had a dog for almsot three years.
  2. Ant-Man test footage

  3. Kentucky blows dick

    See Kentucky last year.
  4. Kentucky blows dick

    They'll win the national championship again next year.
  5. Cavs destroying heat

    Looks more like they're ahead than getting destroyed...
  6. Are you still a die hard fan of a particular team?

    The Blazers and Oregon State. I'm starting to become more of a Timbers fan even though they suck.
  7. I'm going to use the one you made and the one @sexyama made throughout the season.
  8. ITT: Post your previous icons.

    I'm probably missing some And others that I used for just a couple days while trying to decide my next icon.
  9. I want 2k to get deal with TNT