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  1. Pretty good, dude.  I recently opened up a music studio as a second job thing, which is rather nice!  How're things with you?  Last time we talked, I think you had just moved...or done acid...or moved while on acid.   @Blkm0nk3y92
  2. Ah, but how are you sure they're living if they're not necessarily present?
  3. So who's still living and present? [email protected]? [email protected]? [email protected]? [email protected] Penguin? [email protected]?  I'm quite [email protected] without a doubt...
  4. ITT we summon people who still post here

    I got remembered, too! Hell, even I had forgotten I post here.
  5. Where are you in Google Image Search?

    My linkedin pic is #3, and apparently I have a pinterest, based on #4 (or someone pinned a pic of me).
  6. Name EIGHT members.

    My icon is an empty mask, with empty soulless eyes When you look into them You see only yourself Congrats on your award, Boyle!
  7. Name EIGHT members.

    Macaroni Penguin Anathema Gazelle Marcelus johnny streamako Kyio blkm0nk3y92 What do I win?
  8. Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack 2

    Thanks for that! I've been wondering, as well... Just downloaded DLC2. & here goes...
  9. I am no longer a man...I had to shave my beard. :'(

    #4 really is perfect for you.
  10. I'll be in Texas next week

    Leon knows me much too well...this is accurate... Linda & Fatz eloped and moved to Dallas, I have it on good record... SA generally has pretty poor food, esp when compared to Houston or Austin. But I make it no secret that I'm not really a huge fan of SA...
  11. I let myself tan naturally. With sun, my hair gets blonde highlights...but the older I've gotten, the less my skin tans, even with prolonged exposure. Dunno why. My Cherokee roots coming out a little more, maybe...
  12. Should the "Kids" thread be pinned?

    No - the thread has too much potential for creepiness without being pinned. But with it pinned it's even worse... (Yes, I used the italics. #AlmostAutumn #FTM etc)