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      I decided that the time had come for some tidying up around the boards and I'm soliciting suggestions as to what else you'd like to see done at this thread on Development Central.  

      TF2sday: The "Filling the Void Left by the End of the Overwatch Beta" Edition   05/06/2016

      I know that the end of the Overwatch beta will leave a void in many hearts on D1P.  So what better way to fill that void and keep your class-based multiplayer skills alive than to participate in a stirring round of TF2sday on the "Prepare Your Anus" server on May 10 at 9:30pm Eastern time?  See ya then!  


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  1. GI Season 5: A Brave New World (GI CT)

    ayy what's up dorks lmao
  2. Newbie Here :3

    Welcome to D1P @Asterisk I'm sure if you're sweet, which you seem to be , then you'll be more than fine, you'll be beautiful
  3. GI Season 5: A Brave New World (GI CT)

    You think we give a fuck?
  4. GI Season 5: A Brave New World (GI CT)

    ayy I stole ya girl at that party then I disowned her when I found a girl with an even bigger ass lmao
  5. Free @johnny

    ayy that's the face ya girl makes when y'all bout to do the dirty. Followed by the dreaded "That's it?" lmao
  6. Free @johnny

    Don't "" me you Less Than, I'll molly whoop you dawww
  7. Free @johnny

    ayy @Nokra banned my boy @johnny smfh pussy ass bitch lmao
  8. Someone explain ayy and rekt to me

    ayy OP's too old for the Internet lmao #REKT
  9. 2013-2014 NBA Season Discussion Thread

    That wouldn't have happened if Wade didn't get injured at the end...
  10. GI Season 5: A Brave New World (GI CT)

    ayy when your nephew shoots up a school the police will know you're to blame lmao
  11. 2013-2014 NBA Season Discussion Thread

    >One of the most entertaining 7 game series in NBA Finals history >"please no!!!"
  12. What do you do when its 2am?

    ayy get head on a comfortable bed lmao

    ayy who gives a fuck post in the Football Board smh Bears fans lmao
  14. ~Aaron Board Community Thread~

    2005-2009 D-Wade :daydream: :daydream: :daydream: :daydream:
  15. ~Aaron Board Community Thread~

    ayy stfu loser lmao