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  1. ayy what's up dorks lmao
  2. Newbie Here :3

    Welcome to D1P @Asterisk I'm sure if you're sweet, which you seem to be , then you'll be more than fine, you'll be beautiful
  3. You think we give a fuck?
  4. ayy I stole ya girl at that party then I disowned her when I found a girl with an even bigger ass lmao
  5. Free @johnny

    ayy that's the face ya girl makes when y'all bout to do the dirty. Followed by the dreaded "That's it?" lmao
  6. Free @johnny

    Don't "" me you Less Than, I'll molly whoop you dawww
  7. Free @johnny

    ayy @Nokra banned my boy @johnny smfh pussy ass bitch lmao
  8. Someone explain ayy and rekt to me

    ayy OP's too old for the Internet lmao #REKT
  9. 2013-2014 NBA Season Discussion Thread

    That wouldn't have happened if Wade didn't get injured at the end...
  10. ayy when your nephew shoots up a school the police will know you're to blame lmao
  11. 2013-2014 NBA Season Discussion Thread

    >One of the most entertaining 7 game series in NBA Finals history >"please no!!!"
  12. What do you do when its 2am?

    ayy get head on a comfortable bed lmao

    ayy who gives a fuck post in the Football Board smh Bears fans lmao
  14. ~Aaron Board Community Thread~

    2005-2009 D-Wade :daydream: :daydream: :daydream: :daydream:
  15. ~Aaron Board Community Thread~

    ayy stfu loser lmao