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  1. NFL Conference Championship 2018

    Well, that hope was nice while it lasted.
  2. NFL Conference Championship 2018

    Which happens to be owned by a Muslim from Pakistan.
  3. Let the next round of municipal humiliation and groveling begin in earnest! Atlanta Austin, Texas Boston Chicago Columbus, Ohio Dallas Denver Indianapolis Los Angeles Miami Montgomery County, Md. Nashville, Tenn. Newark, N.J. New York City Northern Virginia Philadelphia Pittsburgh Raleigh, N.C. Toronto Washington, D.C. Apologies to all those economically depressed areas that thought they had a shot!
  4. Somewhere, Mark Cerny's ears perked up.
  5. I just narrowly avoided a potentially SERIOUS accident that would have been ENTIRELY the fault of a cop. I was travelling eastbound in the center lane on one of the major roads in Fairfax county when all of a sudden, a white sedan charges from the right lane, cuts directly in front of me which forces me to slam on my brakes HARD, and then u-turns into the traffic heading into the opposite direction and only at that point does the cop activate their lights. I decide to say "Fuck that shit!" and then execute a proper U-turn to head back to where the traffic stop is happening. A Middle-Eastern guy in an SUV saw what had happened and pulled up beside me to say that he would gladly be a witness if one would be necessary. I thanked him and we exchange contact information. I park in a shopping center parking lot and proceed on foot to the traffic stop where I identify myself as the driver of the vehicle that nearly hit them when they made the U-turn. Because "Blue Lives Matter" or some such shit, I clearly show the officer that the only thing in my hands is my cell phone which I am going to use to take a picture of their license plate which I will provide to the Fairfax County Police dispatch in my report of this incident. After I make the initial call to the Fairfax County PD, the officer hands me a card with her name and the name of her immediate chain-of-command (her sergeant and her lieutenant). I ask her exactly what was she thinking in executing that U-turn on a busy stretch of road. Her response was, "I'm sorry, but I didn't see you." I inform her that if I didn't stop in time, both of us would have been seriously injured and that "Sorry, I didn't see you" is a completely unacceptable excuse. In case your wondering, the officer in question looked as if she couldn't legally drink alcohol yet. Yes, she looked to be THAT young. Because I'm a chain-of-command kind of guy, I left a voicemail for her sergeant with the information from the incident with the admonition that the officer obviously needed more training for doing something that constituted a threat to the community. If I don't hear from the sergeant in a reasonable period of time, I'll elevate my report to the lieutenant. "Blue Lives Matter" - my fucking ass.
  6. Turkey Bombs Kurds in Syria

    The area that Turkey is hitting is isolated from the other main Kurdish enclaves in northern Syria. Turkey doesn't want it to link with those and form a Kurdish belt on its border.
  7. Mueller and his staff are continuing to work.
  8. Rian Johnson Didn't Want the Knights of Ren in The Last Jedi Because He Would've Murdered Them
  9. Yeah, it doesn't look good for Gainesville, Florida's most famous son.
  10. Now where did I store those Molotov cocktails from the last time this happened?
  11. 2018 the WINNING CONTINUES!

    Just a couple of hours until the United States government embarrasses itself. Again.
  12. If you see an awesome tabletop gaming crowdfunding project that you think is worth of support, go ahead and post it here!
  13. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Here, have some leaked Lego set images to hold you over: Now, use your imagination to make a trailer in your head out of those!
  14. @ort - here's the full transcript of the interview. Feel free to commence the tugging but I really don't give a damn
  15. It strikes me as being another step on the progress toward being able to "upload" human consciousness?