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  1. Voronenkov was shot in the entrance to an upscale hotel in Kiev. The attacker was also shot by Ukrainian police later died in hospital.
  2. It could very well be. He's decided to play chicken with the Freedom Caucus.
  3. This is the best show on TV now. By Far.
  4. Congratulations, Paul Ryan. You've successfully managed to create a bill that: (a) The Freedom Caucus won't vote for because it doesn't go far enough (b) "Moderate" Republicans won't vote for because it goes too far (c) The Democrats won't vote for because...y'know... That's quite the accomplishment, Paul!
  5. According to this Gamestop Italy poster:
  6. I approve of this. A LOT!
  7. How much longer does Paul Ryan survive as Speaker after this debacle?
  8. Losing the vote in the House is definitely the worse of those choices.
  9. Isn't it just until tomorrow that it's been delayed?
  10. I think @Boyle5150 is confusing the Peterson interview with the Harari interview. Psychedelics never came up during the Peterson interview.
  11. Schumer, you are one dumb sonofabitch.
  12. Declare health care (not health insurance) to be in the national security and economic interests of the state, and elevate health care professionals to the status of national heroes on par with military personnel. Health insurance executives are declared as "enemies of the state" and they and their families are publicly executed.
  13. A new year, a new thread for the games we completed in 2017!
  14. What I found amusing (and odd) was the fact that Sam asked Harari twice during the podcast if Harari had done any psychedelics. I think it took Harari a bit by surprise.
  15. ALL Jews are self-loathing, for they know the heavy burden of guilt their race bears.
  16. He's talking about them quite a bit on the podcasts now to the point where it appears he has "familiarity" with them.
  17. I mean, there really is no better expert on Marxism than a Jew, right? A race that has embraced its precepts like few others.
  18. The changes to appease the Freedom Caucus appear to be pushing away the moderate Republicans.
  19. The changes essentially ensure that the bill will pass the House, but fail in the Senate.