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  1. As I said previously, this was the first battle of a cyberwar and the United States decisively lost, largely due to the inherent weakness of American institutions that are built upon a foundation of quicksand.
  2. I suggest you all can the Democratic primary nonsense right now. It's ancient history and I will make it a bannable offense. Stop dealing in unknowable, hypothetical hogwash.
  3. Let me look at my white collar-derived investment accounts...yep, continue to knock away!
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. They should be throwing Molotov cocktails instead.
  5. From the Guardian: There’s footage of Trump walking Obama through the Capitol rotunda. We’re not making this up. The camera catches a snippet of their conversation. Obama is heard to say to Trump: “Well as I said, we’ll be right around the corner.”
  6. United States of Russia. For Christ's sake, you decide to go literal NOW?!?
  7. Look at that confidence. Look at that Presidential aura.
  8. I guess Mexico wanted to get rid of him before that wall went up!
  9. I don't blame him. I would've dozed off during 3 Doors Down as well: