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  1. The Wolf Among Us 2

    Oh good Christ.
  2. PC Gamer article Federal charges have been brought against Tyler Barriss, the man who instigated a swatting that led to the killing of a man in late 2018 in Wichita, Kansas. The charges, including making false reports to emergency services, cyberstalking, making interstate threats, and wire fraud, come on top of state-level chargesthat were filed shortly after the incident. Interestingly, federal charges were also brought against the two Call of Duty players who initiated the hoax, Casey Viner and Shane Gaskill. Viner asked Barriss, a known swatter under the name Swautistic, to swat Gaskill over a dispute arising from a Call of Duty match; Gaskill repeatedly and knowingly provided an old address to Barriss, which Barriss used when he called in a false report claiming that someone in the house had murdered one of his parents and was holding the rest of the family hostage.
  4. It's Memorial Day weekend in the US which I happen to consider an absolutely pointless holiday because Veterans/Armistice/Remembrance Day exists on November 11. Anyway, that means it's time to give away some games. Let's have a little fun with this and post what you'd commemorate on this weekend instead of whatever the hell it is that Memorial Day is supposed to commemorate anyway! While every post in this thread will be eligible, if you put a little creativity into it, I'll put in two entries for you so that you'll have an increased chance with the RNG.
  5. ~*Official CEB Community Thread*~

    Unsurprisingly, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has registered for the site AGAIN!
  6. OK - changed your group to "booty lord" - you can pick your own damned title!
  7. That paraphrase totally confused me. The nonsense at Tesla overshadows a lot of the nonsense at Space-X?
  8. OK - do you want your title to be "booty lord" or do you want your group changed from "Inquisitor" to be "booty lord"
  9. ~*Official CEB Community Thread*~

    WONDERFUL! Thank you very much!!!
  10. ~*Official CEB Community Thread*~

    No, I'm not gonna actually do it
  11. ~*Official CEB Community Thread*~

    I tempted to just nuke this thread and start a new one.