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  1. Veganism kills.

    I never said there was no evidence genius. I said there was no definitive proof that meat consumption was the primary cause of our increased brain size over time. And I'm not even the one who originally made the claim in this thread. Some other user did. I'm in agreement with you and the other bro-science meat head about how meat aided in our evolution, but it couldn't have been done without the use of cooking. Again, cooking allowed us to extract more nutrients and calories from our foods. Foods meaning meat and plants. Derp. Even with that said, ancestral evolution holds no relevance to veganism today. Once you get past the cognitive development of our ancestors, you really know next to nothing about veganism. You consume 600 fucking grams of animal protein daily. Any respectable doctor would plead for you to stop for your own safety, but you'd probably brush them off and call them biased. You completely dismissed any environmental argument that was presented to you and then claimed that ethics are subjective. If humans and animals both share the desire for food, water, shelter, companionship, and freedom of movement, but we willfully deprive another innocent being of those desires, that's a universally immoral action. Period. If you choose to remain ignorantly complacent with the way you're programmed to condition yourself, then you are weak. All the injected hormones and exogenous anabolic steroids won't change that.
  2. Veganism kills.

    There isn't definitive proof that meat consumption is the primary cause of our increased brain size. Perhaps instead of waving your degree in my face, you can share with me the magical component found in meat that makes our brains grow, and then explain why our brains have been shrinking over the last 20 thousand years as meat consumption has sky-rocketed. Again, cooking gives us more extracted nutrients from our food and allows us to eat in greater volumes. The brain uses a ton of our bodies' blood glucose, and cooking starchy vegetables helps provide a steady stream of glucose to the brain. Cooking both meat AND plants allows for a higher caloric intake, which probably played the biggest role in our ancestral development. Claiming that it was just the meat that made us develop and not the increased nutrients that is found in cooked plant foods doesn't make much sense. Also, claiming that a source is biased because the author is a vegan is ridiculous. Did it ever occur to you that the doctor went vegan because of the evidence that was available to him? Nah probably not, I don't think you read the cited research. Then again, I doubt you know the first thing about health considering you're masking your insecurities by consuming abhorrent amounts of animal protein. Person A and Person B both understand that their dietary habits are causing the suffering and death of billions of innocent animals, devastating the rainforests and oceans, and polluting our planet to uninhabitable levels. Person A decides to tweak their diet and lifestyle to cause the least amount of direct suffering and damage, but Person B knowingly consumes the bi-products of abused animals and prioritizes their own well-being and comfort above anyone or anything else. Person A is obviously more ethical. That isn't even a debate.
  3. Veganism kills.

    Are you insecurities and body dysmorphia that bad that you have to consume 600 fucking grams of protein every day? I hope you're being paid well for it.
  4. Veganism kills.

    Damn near the entire country consumes meat, so yeah the American diet is a meat diet. You call my source biased but won't explain why it's biased, and then make claims like "It's foolish to blame diseases on meat intake" without any sources to back your claims up. Try to not be a dumbass.
  5. Veganism kills.

    The arterial walls of sedentary vegans are still better than marathon runners who eat meat. Source. All cited research is linked for you to read as well. Also, our bodies' preferred energy source is carbohydrates, which meat lacks. Saturated fats and cholesterol is not an efficient source of energy for the body.
  6. Veganism kills.

    Got me there. Ethics: Vegans don't kill animals. derp Environment: UN report suggests animal agriculture is responsible for roughly 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions, putting it above the global energy sector or transportation. A WorldWatch report claims that animal agriculture can be responsible for up to half of all global greenhouse gas emissions, or 51%. Land grazing for agriculture is responsible for up to 91% of Amazon rainforest destruction. 75% of the ocean's fisheries are exploited and are in danger of eco-system collapse. There's a ton more shit that I'm too lazy to dig for. Nitrogen flooded deadzones in our oceans devoid of any life, outrageous water usage for cattle, desertification resulting in droughts that make lands infertile for crop growth leading to starvation/migration, etc. Health: A whole foods, plant-based diet has been medically proven to not only treat our number 1 killer heart disease, but it can also REVERSE the damage done to our arterial walls. Vegans also have lower risks of cancer, atherosclerosis, stroke, diabetes and more. Shouldn't a diet proven to treat and prevent our most chronic diseases be the default diet? Saturated fats and cholesterol (found in animal-based foods) have been shown to cause the same diseases.
  7. Veganism kills.

    Cooking had a bigger impact on our ancestors' evolution as it allowed us to extract more nutrients from our food (specifically starches), eat in greater volume, and substantially reduce the time it takes to chew. Sure we cooked meat, but there's no evidence that there's a correlation between meat consumption and intelligence.
  8. Veganism kills.

    Meat kills http://local12.com/news/offbeat/prison-for-parents-who-fed-hot-dog-smoothies-to-starving-boy-6-04-24-2016
  9. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    I don't remember asking you anything though
  10. Are there any vegans on D1P

    down with compassion down with the environment
  11. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Who the fuck are you laughing at my dude? I'm in better shape than you are...
  12. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    It'll be good for shoulders and most arm workouts though.
  13. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Anybody have those bowflex alternating weight dumbells? I might pick them up and cut my gym time by like 30-40%. Going there is annoying it smells like testosterone
  14. I get Vegetarianism but not Veganism

    You're not a lion though
  15. I get Vegetarianism but not Veganism

    Some predator you are buying ground beef from Trader Joe's