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  1. I miss Dirty D

      you got fat
  2. I miss Dirty D

    yeah dude they're pretty good, gonna see the c's in next year's ecf doe
  3. I miss Dirty D

    jason why you gotta fuck up the thread with that shit, shut the hell up man   i do what i want marcelus -jason
  4. I miss Dirty D

    i love you
  5. first time in vegas!

    i tried to meet up, he got scared
  6. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

  7. Marclel trying to get a civil war copy

    Got my civil war leak no thanks to alex here   all love 
  8. Marclel trying to get a civil war copy

    where the fuck is my link alex
  9. Michael Jackson was a child molester

    this what it sounds like when doves cry
  10. Inhumans pulled from 2019 release schedule!

    Agents of Shield is essentially the Inhumans show.  This is one of the main issues with announcing your film scehdule for the next half decade or so. No one would be up in arms if they never did that.
  11. no i do too almost exclusively
  12. Who the fuck is this Pikachu person/moderator?

    chill the fuck out rev, who is it though   NVM
  13. Fastlane thread

    this thread is already such a downer because of you
  14. Jeb! drops out of the presidential race