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  1. Have you ever had a biopsy?

    i had a bone marrow biopsy two years ago it was to determine if i had leukemia they sedate you pretty good, so you don't necessarily feel any pain. a pinch if anything.
  2. No gaming for me for a little bit

    what the fuuuuuuuuck
  3. @kittykat with all due respect fuck off for a sec your forehead too
  4. Hehe I'm at work

    adidas originals
  5. it's getting old because you're getting older change your shit because mtv dreams are gone
  6. biggie said some shit he knew would rile some people up so he got what he asked for
  7. that's just trying too hard. but you're used to doing that aren't you
  8. Post your pic!

    This place needed a cute face
  9. just wanted to say that i love you all. well not all of you. a good number of you
  10. shut the fuck up @brazil201 your gimmick is trash your post game is trash
  11. Jason, please explain this!

    california here we come right back where we started from
  12. Why is poutine so amazing?

    who in their right mind decided to call it poutine tho