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  1. Do you hate anyone here?

    Pretty sure @darkness35 hated me a few years back because I kept mentioning him in posts. Sorry dude!
  2. kk i'm sorry to hear that i can definitely relate try out some retail therapy. at least for me that works a lot   E: OH SHIT IS THAT @beerham above me?! daaaaaaaaaamn he doesn't know who i am but duuuuuuuude
  3. Post your pic!

    sooooooooooo cute
  4. Post your pic!   there i don't care if i fucked it up that's for you guys
  5. I miss Dirty D

      you got fat
  6. I miss Dirty D

    yeah dude they're pretty good, gonna see the c's in next year's ecf doe
  7. I miss Dirty D

    jason why you gotta fuck up the thread with that shit, shut the hell up man   i do what i want marcelus -jason
  8. I miss Dirty D

    i love you
  9. first time in vegas!

    i tried to meet up, he got scared
  10. Which version of Uncharted 4 is everyone getting?

  11. Marclel trying to get a civil war copy

    Got my civil war leak no thanks to alex here   all love 
  12. Marclel trying to get a civil war copy

    where the fuck is my link alex
  13. Michael Jackson was a child molester

    this what it sounds like when doves cry