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  1. What is the most iconic physical feature on D1P?

    what happened to cmack?
  2. The D1P gym. (NSFW)

    Can you guys recommend a program for me? I'd classify myself as a novice. My main goals are aesthetics. I've been running a 6 day PPL for the past year and I kind of want to try something new. I have a lot of time on my hands and I love going to the gym so something that's 6 days or 7 days a week would be ideal. My 1RMs @ 5'8" 165lbs: Bench: 225 Squat: 238 Dead: 325 Obviously my squat is lagging far behind, and it's mostly because I hurt my groin about a year ago and had to go light on it. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks guys.
  3. NBA Playoffs 2016-2017 DISCUSSION!!!!

    I've watched pretty much every game of the playoffs and I don't think I've ever seen a worse playoffs. Holy shit this is boring.
  4. Discord is broke, wtf am I supposed to do now

    whats discord
  5. yeah the first ever state to legalize gay marriage is afraid of the gays. right. wrong
  6. you live in maine. you live "outside of boston" in the same way someone from california lives "outside of boston"
  7. What do you guys think happened to Mr Waters?

    im still here bro whats up
  8. What do you guys think happened to Mr Waters?

    we're barely out of february dude, you think I'm out in boston slinging dogs on a 33 degree day? lol
  9. What do you guys think happened to Mr Waters?

    lol shit yeah forgot about that
  10. What do you guys think happened to Mr Waters?

    thank you
  11. I prefer to think he came back as an alt.
  12. i been chillin, busy, coolin, hbu
  13. there is nothing boston about elizabeth warren. she isnt even from there
  14. lmao you're from tennessee