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  1. I loved Live '98. The last dunker was Latrell Sprewell.
  2. Do you think Mafia II deserved more credit?

    I was very pleasantly surprised by the game. I enjoyed the story quite a bit, and didn't mind the game's linear nature for that reason. In terms of overall package, it doesn't compare to GTA. But as a short diversion, it was great. On a related note, the game has a particular scene... I can't recall another recent game in which I've wanted a player-character to win so badly. That emotional investment has to be worth some sort of distinction. Ha ha.
  3. Two Worlds 2 - any good?

    If you read some of the posts in the linked Two Worlds 2 thread, you'll see many people were seriously addicted to the game. If you find a deal you like, I'd recommend getting it. I personally enjoyed Risen, but not nearly to the degree I did TW2. I haven't played Divinity 2 yet, so I can't speak on that.
  4. Just Cause 2 is the BEST open world game

    I suppose I could've expounded, but I was referring to the way you can interact with the world. Even though if offered a lot in that department, I feel it wasn't as varied as JC2, GTA, Red Dead, Oblivion or Far Cry 2. It's a personal opinion, and I fully understand some people feel differently. I'm not knocking it. I love Saints Row 2; it's one of my favorite games of the generation. The character customization was great, and the perks/weapon unlocks were a very nice feature. It may be the most sheer fun of any game on the list, but I think the others offer a bit more depth.
  5. Just Cause 2 is the BEST open world game

    The "lack of imagination" argument could be used for any game mentioned in this thread. Saints Row 2 may have the least amount of creative freedom of the games listed, but I can't think of many other co-op experiences that can match the sheer fun it provides. Personally, I'd probably go with the GTA games, but Just Cause 2 certainly is in the argument. As a single player experience, it's simply amazing. If it had co-op, I think it may literally be the best game ever created. Also, somebody mentioned the environments of JC2 looking all the same. I don't get this impression at all Desert, jungles, tropical islands, snow/ice, mountains, flatlands, the NW island, cities, small towns, farms, flying structures, structures in the ocean, etc. If anything, it's one of the most varied game worlds I can recall experiencing.
  6. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

    I was already sold on this game knowing it had online co-op, but that is great to hear!
  7. No one has tried Trenched yet??

    I played through the game in 2-player co-op. It was fun, but a little short. I haven't gotten to play with 3 or 4 people yet, but I'm sure that would be great.
  8. Fair enough. I understand that and totally agree with your earlier comment, "Duke deserves better." I've been fine with the game as a rental, but there's no way I'd think it was worth the full retail price.
  9. After reading this thread, I rented this game over the weekend. It already had an update. I'm not sure what it was for, but perhaps it cleaned up some of the issues people expressed. There were some framerate hiccups at the beginning, but I haven't really noticed them as I continued playing. The death load times are still probably 20-30 seconds long, and are the biggest negative I've taken away so far. It's not a great game by any means, but it struck me as an average to slightly-above-average shooter with Duke Nukem as the lead and numerous DN-style pop culture references. I've played many, many worse games.
  10. The Avatar Legends

    I've played maybe 15 minutes of the game, but spent numerous hours creating things. For 240 pts, this game is well worth the purchase (had I known what it was, I would've paid much more). I'm still learning some of the finer points of the Build mode, but I'm getting better. Maybe I'll have something good by the time you're back online, Fieldy.
  11. i just heard the tornado sirens

    I believe the applicable saying for this is "be careful what you wish for."
  12. In many cases, you could blame a lack of preparation for some of the death toll. But this was a mile-wide tornado with 200 mph winds. 2,000 homes were destroyed and they're still finding people trapped in those homes. Even people who were very well prepared are victims today.
  13. Where should the next Grand Theft Auto take place?

    I'm still of the mindset the vocal majority didn't understand the satire of Liberty City. I have no faith whatsoever they'd get Rockstar's type of allegory when it's set in a country where they don't live. A huge amount of GTA's humor is based on their skewering of American media, commercialism, self-indulgence and self-entitlement. There's plenty to work with there, so if the company is going to give that up, they'd better stick with a "familiar" place like London, Mexico or Canada. As much as they get in trouble for the edginess of their content, they've generally played it safe with their choice of setting. If someone's looking for a truly foreign experience, I have a feeling he/she will have to hold out hope for Rockstar's next non-GTA offering (a la RDR, LA Noire, etc.).