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  1. God she's beautiful

    She was amazing in The Edge of Seventeen
  2. I respect women so much I completely stay away from them!
  3. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Also I think im the only one who thought Steppenwolf looked cool. Weak villain, but liked his look. I guess I don’t pay as much attention to CGI like some of you do? Idk.
  4. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    Ben Affleck needs to go man. Dude is checked out. I don’t wanna see that chubby face shoved into that mask again. Actually care about the role or leaaaaave.
  5. Because they don’t want to leave the comfort of their current job with security. But then you can’t really say it’s holding you back if you don’t want to seek something better.
  6. nope i could get it if the movie was polarizing, but the consensus is that BvS sucks.
  7. Hopefully he wasn’t stupid enough to publicly come out against the union unless there were a decent amount of employees who sided with him, right?
  8. Why would somebody spend over 80 minutes talking about why a bad movie is bad
  9. there was a customer at my old job who had like 6 anti-hillary stickers on his truck. Fuck hillary, emails, benghazi. everything.
  10. Do you tip your barista?

    Nope. I also dislike the tip jars where things get split amongst everybody. I could tip a dollar but the person who made my drink might only get like 10 cents of that. At least at a restaurant Im tipping my waiter and they can tip out other people.
  11. You can be touchy without there being a sexual motivation behind it. You can feel uncomfortable regardless of the intention. Idk Joe Biden so I can't tell you what it is and neither can you. Agree with cnut.
  12. I, too, am uncomfortable when old ladies like to touch me and kiss my cheek. Doesn't mean it's sexual. It can just be a personal space thing.
  13. Justice League Reactions and Reviews

    It’s right around 2 hours