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  1. NFL Divisional Round (2018)

    Glad the Falcons lost so we can avoid a super bowl rematch
  2. I think 2020 would be too early for Kamala Harris but I would love to cast a vote for my girl from the 510
  3. I think Oprah being President would be worse for the democrats than Trump getting another 4 years.
  4. It's only difficult because they give legacy nominations instead of who is actually the most deserving of a nomination.
  5. Me because it could potentially be a Marvel movie that’s less Marvel-ly which is a good thing.
  6. I’ll be interested to see what the academy does with Greta Gerwig. I was shocked she wasn’t nominated for best director at the Globes which was made even worse when they picked Ronan for best actress in a comedy and then gerwig’s movie for best comedy. I think a nomination is guaranteed but her and Jordan Peele have been getting screwed thus far so we’ll see.
  7. Paddington 1 was super charming so not surprised there. And as for The Post, what Wade said. Plus Spielberg, Streep, and Tom Hanks in a movie about journalism screams Oscar Bait so I think it’s great that they haven’t been winning.
  8. DayOnePatch's Most Anticipated 2018 games (voting closed)

    I’m honestly shocked that gamedadgrant even has a PS3.
  9. the only thing that's similar between those two is that neither should be President
  10. Oprah Is Gonna Run For President Isn't She?

    People on the right complaining about Oprah being "cool" with Weinstein literally dont understand any of the shit that has happened.
  11. This looks like it could be good. That accent tho.