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  1. lol at this fanboy
  2. Floyd can probably have a shitty camp and still handle Conor with ease. Lol at "woke up a monster".
  3. That makes me worried about the price haha. But damn. Im test driving that bitch for sure.
  4. That thing looks shitty honestly. Seems like they would have to catch a dragon to be able to actually use it on one. If they use it to kill a dragon the logic behind it better not be stupid.
  5. I'm sure Dany would have been very happy the way she told Tyrion to write to Jon Snow and have him bend the knee to his Queen only to find out he sent his sister. I think it's clear Dany is gonna listen to her counsel less after what happened on the sea and from what Olenna Tyrell said to her. But maybe what happened will cause her to let it slide if he sent Sansa. I think his biggest risk from leaving is Baelish pulling something. Sansa doesn't like him but she might agree to something if he can convince her of it. Hopefully Arya ends up killing him.
  6. @skillzdadirecta what did Jon do that was wrong this episode? They NEED the dragon glass.
  7. Pretty sure she's dead. I think Euron will keep her around for a little bit though so I could see some shit happening where she gets out.
  8. The wolf budget had to go to Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke.
  9. Cara Delevingne should only be cast as the bitchy girl who always gets killed in horror movies.
  10. if you know her and have been intimate why are you taking her somewhere so expensive? sounds like this will be easier than some random girl.
  11. Gonna grab Trine 3
  12. First of all, they broke him up with Gable? What? Second. Gable is the way better wrestler and personality. Which actually doesn't make it TOO bad because Gable can still have a future where for Jordan this is fucking awful. Way to ruin Jordan's career, Vince. Fuck this.
  13. I love Portman and the movie so I would be there day 1. Not sure if it would live up to the original though.
  14. the fuck? None of my other shirts have a stretched out collar but this one is fucked after washing it one time. I take it out of my dresser this morning and put it on and it's a BIG HOLE. I paid THIRTY DOLLARS for this thing.