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  1. Ultimate Deletion

    That is the greatest thing I have ever seen
  2. Post your pic!

    This might be the best picture in the whole thread
  3. what happened to apoc?

    my guess is he posted his pof account
  4. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    Tomb Raider made 128 worldwide. @sblfilms what do you think they need to reach to warrant a sequel?
  5. ah yes, the top 6. Truly prestigious territory for the marvel films.
  6. what happened to apoc?

  7. what happened to apoc?

    If kab was lying about anything it’d probably be about how much sex he had.
  8. I think it really just boils down to the fact that the majority of the jokes in the film suck. It’s a marvel film so it’s not shit (Thor 2 is though) and it’s entertaining and easy to sit through. But lol at the crazy praise it gets. It’s a movie I can watch multiple times but I wouldn’t rank it as top tier marvel.
  9. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    That shit is supernatural. What happened was not in the realm of reality.
  10. Avengers Infinity War trailer!

    They could have done a lot better with Thanos but I’m not offended by him.
  11. Anybody going to see Tomb Raider?

    The Himiko stuff is supernatural but yeah you barely get any of it.