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  1. I'm going out as Doc Brown from Back to the Future, because everyone will be out as Marty and nobody gives the doc any love
  2. "Mmm I think you underestimate how ludicrously rabid and loyal Final Fantasy fans are. The PS3 hasn't even gotten the game yet, and there's where 90% of Final Fantasy fans get their fix. ...So, yeah, expect it to tell shit-tons once it's on the PS3. Guild Wars 2 and TOR aren't gonna be on the PS3. Everyone is looking at this from a PC-only perspective, they LITERALLY HAVE NO COMPETITION ON THE PS3" Edit: Quote system kept giving me error. Yeah I can see your point here. I guess I'm only looking at it from a common sense MMO player perspective haha. Don't get me wrong, if they fix the UI and those graphics look THAT good, I may plunk down money to play it on PS3, especially if they add new classes and lots of new content. If by changing the landscape they mean making things closer together and more accessible, I may be all over it. However it needs to be some miracle to make me come back for good.
  3. They didn't listen to us in Alpha, all of this would have been done before release if they had listened. There were thousands of pages of forum posts about the things that needed to be changed and not one mod post EVER. They didn't even listen. Sure they are doing wonders for the game now but by the time it's finished and finally playable it'll be 3 years old, and Guild Wars 2/SWTOR will already be out. They need to let this game die and stop wasting their money, it is unsaveable.
  4. The logitech keyboard I have works seemlessly through the wall, the desktop is literally right on the other side
  5. Really? I know none of them will work flawlessly, but 15 feet through a wall is not doable?
  6. I'm looking to purchase a wireless gaming mouse that can do approx. 15-20 feet through a wall flawlessly. I'm not opposed to any brand, but I do have a logitech unifying receiver already installed, if there's a good enough wireless logitech gaming mouse. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
  7. Most people who played XIV torrented the client. The download service was atrocious. Torrenting should not be what we have to resort to, but it is probably the best option for downloading clients. The client itself is always free as far as I'm concerned, you're merely paying for your account to be unlocked and allowed to play so I see no problem with torrenting in this case.
  8. They won't let you keep a beta character
  9. Anyone else have a problem with those videos taking like an hour to load on 720p? I hate youtube sometimes.
  10. Just have them call you, they pretty much take care of everything almost instantly. Their customer service is top notch on mistakes.
  11. For PVP? Or are you talking about gear in general? Link me if it's about PVP I'd like to read that
  12. I like when PVP is balanced as well. However.... I have to admit I was one of the guys in Vanilla WoW who hardcore raided. My guild was 1 of the first 3 to clear Naxx and I was rewarded with the best 2 hander in the game (Warrior). I gladly spent weeks smashing everyone in PVP (the next week another war got the same weapon, and then the next another, you could only imagine us queueing together with 2 healers). While this was "fun" for me I can obviously see how awful it is for everyone else. The gear balance is definitely needed and something I welcome. The only thing I am not a fan of is how they just slap oboxious red and blue on your characters. At least make it stylish. I don't want to feel like I'm in the original Tron when I'm PVPing.
  13. Definitely agree with what you're saying. I would love to hear a release window too. They'd make me the happiest guy Christmas morning let me tell ya haha. I know it won't be that soon but I can dream.
  14. Hearing "when it's done" makes me feel better than hearing December 17th no if's and's or buts! And then me playing an unfinished game because they can "put in DLC later".
  15. MMORPG.com: Where are you with the game right now? Colin Johanson: We're currently in closed alpa for friends and family. Closed beta will happen before the end of this year. Release date is 'when it's done' .