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  1. My wife didn't mention this. I'll ask her if she received similar instructions.
  2. No worries man. I knew I was playing with fire everytime I came into this thread. And having that spoiled didn't diminish my enjoyment at all. There is a lot to unpack here, but as someone whose first theater memory is ROJ (though my parents say I saw ANH and ESB in theaters also) I thought it was fantastic. The franchise needed to get turned on its head. I do kind of feel bad for the backlash that Johnson is going to get from this, but something tells me that he is expecting it.
  3. He looks like a hairy thumb. I don't know what he sounds like either.
  4. I settled on a C level theater to see it Friday morning because every other theater in Atlanta is sold out.
  5. Doesn't that mean that the dems are down a vote until then?
  6. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    American Assassin - It's really stupid, but it's my kind of stupid. 5/10
  7. How us that possible when she failed to pay her water bill 75 times??
  8. The lesson is don't get blown out by Iowa. Watching UGA in the Rose bowl (last appearance was 1943) against OU (never played each other) is going to be odd. I'll take it all day though!
  9. The article says 141 times further away. Am I misunderstanding what you are saying? It's said the signal took 19+ hours each way.
  10. Yep. The language of the law was written in order to prevent what just occurred (according to a Georgetown law professor). The intent was to force the President's nominee to go through confirmation. Apparently the original language of the bill included the vacancy clause, but was intentionally rewritten to exclude it (again, according to the same professor).
  11. Yep. I tried to get tickets but even the upper decks are going for $400+.
  12. NFL Week 11 - Blaine Gabbert is an NFL Starter Again!

    I hoping they keep it to one Atlanta implosion tomorrow.
  13. Navy Pilot Draws A Penis In The Sky

    Discovered? Hell, it's my 4yo son's favorite part.