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  1. THOR: Ragnarok - RT Watch

    It's awesome that the "he's a friend from work" line is from a Make a Wish kid. Unless that's fake news.
  2. And now the narrative is that "he knew what he signed up for" and was still brave enough to complete the mission. These idiots are now saying that Trump was complementing his bravery.
  3. They were paid by Soros to make Trump look bad. (This is actually being said in the comment sections of articles about this)
  4. NFL Week 6 - Happy Trails Tracy Porter

    At least UGA is still trucking, and United FC (If you are into that).
  5. "It seems to me, Golan, that the advance of civilization is nothing but an exercise in the limiting of privacy"
  6. I cant even play right now. I was just stuck with shit DSL for so long that I wanted to see how fast my fiber connection was. This would've taken me over a day on DSL. lol BOTW took about 26 hours to download, for example.
  7. Im fluctuating between 90 and 900 KB/s down lol. Edit: 15 minute download. Not bad considering the servers were probably getting smoked.
  8. Boy Scouts of America to allow girls

    They've changed a lot over the years. They now even offer badges in robotics and engineering, and have an entire stem program. Kids can also be wait listed because there aren't enough leadership volunteers.
  9. Own goal keeps USMNT out of the World Cup

    Agreed. I'm glad Atl United is doing well. That's where my focus has been anyway. Still disappointing but I'm over it. So who replaces Arena? Just promote the U-20 coach?
  10. Own goal keeps USMNT out of the World Cup

    There is apparently talk of appealing some phantom Panamanian goal that could move the US through. Everyone is basically saying 'no chance in hell though.
  11. Trump vs Goodell...

    Didn't the league office give up tax exempt status in 2015? All of the teams pay taxes. What's left?
  12. I'm sure there is a universe where those things are similar. It just isn't this one.